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Signs and rites for the Annunciation - popular conspiracies


The memory of the people keeps many traditions associated with church dates, including signs on the day of the Annunciation. Despite the fact that such superstitions are denied by religious canons, people use rituals, conspire to find a happy and rich life. The centuries-old experience should still be trusted or at least listened to.

The story of the biblical story

The name of the significant event described by the Bible means the "good news" that the Virgin Mary Archangel Gabriel notified of this day. The celestial being descended from heaven brought the news that the righteous woman would soon be the mother of the savior of the human race - Jesus Christ. The Son of God was to appear on earth for the purification of humanity from sins.

What is not done according to omen during the Annunciation

  1. They do not work on the land, so that the harvest is not lost, and life was rich.
  2. They do not give anything away from home so as not to lose their happiness and well-being.
  3. Do not do any business, because the work will not please a good result.

For girls on holiday there were strict restrictions, they could not engage in needlework, so as not to confuse fate. Also, the taboo was imposed on the fitting of new things, otherwise the girl will not marry this year.

What to do on the day of the great feast of the Annunciation

  • According to Christian traditions, believers must go to church for morning service. Upon its completion, parishioners are presented with sacred unleavened bread. The crumbs from uneaten mallow were mixed with planting seeds and salt of the Annunciation to await a rich harvest.
  • On the day of the holy holiday, according to tradition, it was supposed to prepare some Annunciation salt. Therefore, each family member had to throw at the bottom of the bag on a handful of salt (the usual cooking). After calcination in the fire, it was kept in a secluded place for use in special cases.
  • For a happy life, the Annunciation day should have been devoted to creating good and merciful deeds, staying with the family. Following the signs, on the Annunciation Day, white pigeons were set free. Birds that have flown into the sky will notify God of good human affairs.
  • The solemn date, which the Orthodox Church marks on April 7, was timed to the beginning of work on earth, associating with fertility. Therefore, the corners of the garden showered ash mixed with salt to protect the land and future harvest from the evil eye.

Interesting restrictions associated with the belief in evil spirits. It was forbidden to be near the water so that the mermaids did not enchant and did not pull under the water. The omen associated with the house forbade that day to be far from home, so as not to anger the house-snake, who regularly recounts the household. Superstition prophesied death to the absent person.

The code will take associated with the Annunciation

People's memory has preserved many rituals belonging to different spheres of human existence. Signs related to the Annunciation, predict future events and weather, attract money and good luck, foreshadow a rich and happy life.

How to draw luck

Signs on the day of the bright feast of the Virgin associated with the hair - they can not be combed so as not to scare away good luck. Girls with long hair were recommended to braid a tight braid a day before a significant event. According to other signs of luck attracted as follows:

  • rituals for young people - jumping over the fire on the festivities for purification from the negative with a flame of fire;
  • Ritual for adults - wash with the last snow, gathering and melting it to get rid of sins.

According to the signs, you cannot get drunk in the Annunciation, otherwise people in the family will drink heavily. It was also impossible to kindle a stove on a holiday, as it is possible to call a fire instead of a rich and happy life.

How to predict the weather

Signs of the weather today are more interested in people working on the ground. Previously, they were relevant to the peasants, who were the majority. Superstitions on the Annunciation are closely related to the arrival of spring:

  • if the swallows are not visible until April 7, they expect a cold spring;
  • morning fog on the holy day - to the high water of the rivers;
  • what the weather for the Annunciation, the same will be on the day of Holy Pascha.

Good weather on a clear day for Mary to receive good news, associated with a warm summer, according to the harvest will be good. Rain on a holiday promises a dry summer, but grasses will disfigure well. According to signs, a thunderstorm on the Annunciation predicts a rich harvest of nuts. If the evening sky is strewn with stars - cannabis spoils well.

How to attract money

On the days of church holidays, rituals for improving the financial situation are especially strong. Therefore, to gain a happy and rich life, do not forget about the signs of money. For those who work in the office, it is important for Blagovest not to lend anyone money, but to sprinkle their workplace with holy water and voice a request for prosperity.

An interesting sign is connected with the holiday. In the morning, go to church and buy as many prosphora as there are family members. In one of the loaves, hide the coin and give each household a loaf. Anyone who finds a coin in the prosforus will be rich and happy throughout the year.

In order for life to be prosperous, and love reigned in the family, during the bright feast of the Annunciation it is impossible to quarrel with the household. For the whole day you should repeat at least 40 times the word beloved or beloved; this is akin to a conspiracy to love and a happy life.

Popular conspiracies to the Day of the Annunciation in 2018

  • The most commonly used plot on salt. Refried and conspired salt is stored for a year, if the patient is at home, they put it at the head of the sufferer. If everyone is healthy, on April 7, a year later, the conspired salt is burned at the stake to save the family from all problems.
  • On the day of bright goodness at home do not light candles, so as not to show their sins to Archangel Gabriel. By candlelight, only sinners are visible, the righteous go unnoticed. Before going to bed you need to plot, relieving adversity, referring to the Guardian Angel.
  • To attract a happy and rich life, there is a honey rite. The palm of the right hand is smeared with honey, combined with the left palm, then the hands are bred and fixed the ritual with a conspiracy, bringing good luck. She will stick to the person like honey to the hand.

The feast of the Annunciation is considered so bright and kind that no special magical rituals are needed on this day. To realize the desired rather sincere prayer to the Lord or the Most Holy Theotokos. If there is faith, a miracle will surely happen.