Dream interpretation

Sign: itches the right or left ear


The ears are a very sensitive organ. With them we can perceive speech, voice, intonation of another person, enjoy the sounds of nature and music. What scratches the right or left ear by signs, we learn in popular sources.

General interpretation

Since the times of paganism, people have tried to make the connection between strange tickling or scratching in the ears and events that occur next. They began to believe in these laws, turning them into beliefs. Many of them have survived.

In many interpretations, itching in the ears signifies significant events that may affect a person’s fate. This may be due to conflict situations, the intrigues of competitors, confrontation with opponents, large cash expenditures, the search for new sources of financial resources.

In many cases, you will become the initiator of various situations. But this does not mean that a series of difficult circumstances can drag you into a routine of problems. This can contribute to the fact that you will have to take an active part in everything, changing your life for the better. This can especially favorably affect those who are lazy and not accustomed to try and rest against the welfare of their own careers, high social status.

What to expect if your right ear is itchy

The right side is considered to be leading and can reflect your active position in everything. It was combed inside the auricle - those who for certain envy the successful state of affairs and the ability to make money easily and vigorously discuss you for a long time. So that gossip and intrigue do not harm your own business or in work for hire, try not to share plans for the future with those who position themselves as good friends for you.

I want to scratch my right earlobe - it's worth preparing for tough negotiations in the field of work or for a scandal in the family circle. In any case, you will need elocution and diplomatic skills. Your ability to keep yourself in hand and in time to present the necessary arguments will help the winner to exit even from the dead end.

Slightly pricking and itching the edging of the right ear - expect a surprise or monetary reward. For girls, such a sign may herald a meeting with a wealthy and decent person who will become a good companion in life.

Married woman to be worried about itching inside the auricle means to be wary of exposure. Some information that you carefully try to hide will soon become apparent. You can avoid this by leading an open dialogue with your spouse and other households. The less secrets and mysteries, the less mistrust and tension in the family.

What does it mean if it hurts your left ear

They tinker inside the shell - they are trying to slander you. To tell lies about you is peculiar to those who are trying to divert attention from their own mistakes and problems. You will find yourself in the spotlight of a large number of people. We'll have to prove that you really are. It may happen that you do not have enough arguments in favor of justification. But unfairly losing something does not mean losing everything. For you open up new opportunities. Do not miss the opportunity to start something very unusual and unusual for you. This venture will have every chance of success.

I want to pinch the left lobe - a serious conversation can turn into a quarrel and a protracted conflict. Do not contribute to its development, it may adversely affect the future career or personal life. Women in this situation can easily lose a partner. The separation will be painful and tedious for you.

The contours of the ear are slightly disturbed by the itch - they will require timely repayment of the debt or fulfill their obligations in time. For women, this can be a harbinger of unforeseen expenses, which greatly shake your financial situation.

If both ears are itching

This can be a prediction of bad weather that will take you by surprise. It is better to cancel scheduled trips and business trips in the near future. Holidays to distant countries may also be spoiled due to sudden disaster.

The earlobes itch in turn - someone scolds or condemns you. You should analyze the past day and then, perhaps, the reason will become obvious. Removing claims in a timely manner means avoiding unnecessary frustration.

The outer side of the ears itches to the news. If the right one prevails, expect good news. And the left - to the unkind news. You can avoid bad predictions by pulling the ear twice.

Scratched ear - how omen can affect women and men

For women who are not used to being often interested in the financial situation of a spouse and are easily spending his money, itching in the ears can be a hint at the critical state of financial resources in the family. During this period, it is worthwhile to postpone expensive purchases that are not your first necessity. It is better to set aside savings for that crisis day when you are in dire need of them.

The inner side of the ears worries those who have long forgotten about their close relatives. Perhaps right now they need your help and support. Pay attention and ask about the fate of their close sisters and brothers. They clearly have something to say and share.

It is unmarried to experience discomfort in the ears - to be afraid of slander from rivals. You have long been the main topic of their discussions, and they long to take you off the love pedestal.

Men feel irritated about ear itch - it means they will have to talk a lot in everyday life, proving their point of view and listening to the opinion of the apposition. Those days when you can lose peace for a while. But often it turns into its own good. There will be a good opportunity to learn how to control your own actions, actions and influence the behavior of other people. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, insist on your own, and then you will play the role of leading you and not being led by someone.

Tickle earlobe - it is possible to experience a tender feeling of love. A chance meeting with a charming stranger will set you up for a romantic date. Remain mysterious and attentive, so you quickly endear young person.

The edging of the ear reminds of itself with a tingling - operations on the distribution of cash flows are possible. Your profits can quickly leave you these days if your earlobe bothers you at the same time. Try to keep yourself in hand and do not succumb to the insidious temptation.