Dream interpretation

Interpretation of the meaning of the name Andrew: how it affects fate


The meaning of the ancient Greek name Andrei is man, man, manly. There is also a female version of the name - Andrei - courageous. If for Andrei his name is more likely a good sign of fate, then a woman named Andrei will face many challenges and difficulties, will be forced to make hard and even cruel decisions, to suffer hard until she becomes truly masculine, tough and inflexible.

For his part, the man Andrei often and with great pleasure plays the role of henpecked. This allows him to achieve good career heights, not least due to the favorable female views and the selfless help of the beautiful half of humanity. The position of a loyal and devoted family man allows you to flirt absolutely safe without fear of the rapid development of passions.

As they call Andrei

  • The diminutive name is Andryushenka. Neglect - Andrejka.
  • In the yard and teenage companies - Dron, Andron, Android, Galaxy.
  • In creative circles - Andre, Drew, Dre, Ray.
  • Variants in other countries - Andre, Andrzej, Andris, Andrii.

Derivatives, especially affectionate, on behalf of, you can find an incredible set, do not try to be creative - any gentle nicknames he has already heard.

Famous Andrei

Apostle Andrew the First-Called - a former fisherman who became the very first apostle, enlightener, peacemaker and destroyer of empires. The Russian fleet carries the flag of St. Andrew in his honor.

Konchalovsky - the director.

Tarkovsky - director, author of cult films.

Rublev is a Russian icon painter who had a hand in creating a special new Russian icon painting canon. The character of one of the brilliant films of Tarkovsky.

Tupolev - aircraft designer.

Voznesensky - the poet.

Lazarchuk - writer

Other famous carriers named

Arshavin, Sakharov, Gromyko, Citroen, founder of the famous concern, Platonov, Myagkov, Goncharov, Makarevich, Bely, Mironov - actor, Sapkovsky, Ampere, Celsius.

Name day

Name Day Andrew meets in accordance with the calendar, in which a lot of Andreev - Pervozvanny, Cretan, Rublev, Bogolyubsky, Stratelates and a few dozen more names. If you do not know in honor of what exactly Andrew is named, celebrate the name day on November 30, in honor of the First Called.

Name Compatibility

Andrei is the best choice for any woman, because this name means just a man. Soft female names - Tatiana, Natalia, Elena, Agafya are suitable for him. But it usually leads to bright and tough names - Larissa, Marina, Diana, Karina. Perhaps you should give preference to feminine and sophisticated natures - Anna, Alice, Svetlana, Nadezhda.

Main character traits

The main poles of the character is directness, secrecy, readiness for action and the desire to postpone any activity as far as possible.

As a child, Andrew - the main bully and fidget, fighter and bully. With age, the behavior changes to prudent.

Andrei is extremely frank if the interlocutor asks direct questions or in a situation in which Andrei is forced to speak. But without need, Andrew will not express his opinion. And not because he considers it unimportant.

The same applies to actions. Forced to act, he quickly becomes the best, shows incredible efficiency and ingenuity. If there is no urgent need for action, Andrey will prefer to devote time to entertainment and recreation.

Subtle sensuality, the ability to empathy. Andrei usually has a developed intuition, they can predict events, read people like an open book. In moments of take-off, this knowledge helps to soar above others. In the period of apathy, the understanding of people increases the desire to stay below and not to move, to avoid unnecessary meetings and acquaintances.

For women, Andrew makes very serious demands. The main qualities of a woman from the point of view of Andrew - chastity, wealth, a high level of intellectual development and beauty. In order to engage the novel, any two qualities from the list are enough. By marriage, he is serious, the future wife must meet the highest standards.

How is fate?

Andrey's fate consists of a series of ups and downs. If the ups are usually dizzying, it will not calm down until it becomes the very first and legendary, then the falls are soft and comfortable. Having fallen to the very bottom, he does not fall apart into a flat cake, but perfectly adapts, gathers and rises again. The main thing for Andrei is a good woman nearby. It is the presence of an inspiring woman who believes in him, allows him to spread his wings again. Usually he loves comfort very much, but his life is such that he often receives inspirational kicks from fate and as a result is forced to soar.


  • Excellent health and good figure. Women literally hunt for him, because externally and internally, Andrew usually corresponds to the classical male ideal. Fortunately, a sober mind makes him look at assault with a great deal of skepticism. In marriage, Andrei strives for equality, enjoys cooking, making crafts, repairing and messing with children. May remain on maternity leave and housekeeping if the wife earns more.
  • Hardness in the decision. If he decided something - he does not talk about his intentions, he simply acts. Change his decision does not work.
  • Fidelity. If you received a declaration of love and become an official wife, you can not worry - he will not leave. There will be anything, and secretaries on vacation, and models in clubs, light holiday romance and bachelor parties. But the wife is the anchor of life, to which Andrew always returns, with relief shaking off other people's kisses. If you are not officially a wife - beware. As soon as Andrew finds a more convenient option, he will move without hesitation and will not hesitate to pick up all the presents. Andrei invites women home to herself rarely and for a short time.
  • Directness Ask directly - and you will be answered absolutely honestly. Andrew will not humiliate himself to a direct lie. Unfortunately, in order to properly ask a question, you need to know most of the answer.


  • The main disadvantages are perfectionism, snobbery and maximalism. Failing to succeed with the help of pressure, pressure and good information preparation, he easily falls to the bottom and comfortably relaxes in anticipation of the next breakthrough. Comfort is provided by beautiful nymphs, with pleasure fussing about and surrounding with care Andrei, who lies on the sofa, who gush forth with creative ideas, start-ups, sometimes moves to the sports ground to keep fit.
  • Andrew is convinced that the absolute champion in sex, and very upset if a woman does not experience a violent orgasm from one glance at his manhood. Andrew considers such women frigid.
  • Andrei does not know how to save money, although he is known as a greedy one. But he does not mind if the woman he loves is completely in control of finances and is grateful for getting rid of the need to make decisions.

Name Talismans

  • The name corresponds to the capricious Uranus and the dazzling Sun.
  • Color - dark lilac, a mixture of blue and noble purple.
  • The talisman corresponding to the name - amethyst with a good cut, amber.
  • The plant is an anemone.
  • Tree - fir, larch.

Andrew is a wonderful name for a lucky and restless boy, a successful man, a charming, cheerful lazy boy and a lovelover, an excellent family man who is always ready to achieve fame and success with the support of his family. The most important thing for him is love. It is important for him to be loved and for the sake of love he is ready for anything. The only problem is that no one can love him as much as he loves himself.