Dream interpretation

The value of the line of the heart on the hand and decoding features


The lines on the hand reflect the qualities of a person and the direction of life events. This relationship between lines and the fate of man was noticed in ancient times. Lines on the left palm show the past of a person and events planned by fate. The lines on the right hand show the current state of events and the changes that have occurred in a person's fate. Consider in detail what the heart line shows? Palmistry claims that it is associated with human emotions.

Location and shape

Where is the heart line in the palm of your hand? It is located right under the fingers and crosses the palm from the little finger to the thumb. Palmistry examines two types of heart lines - spiritual and physical.

The physical line originates from the little finger and ends at or between the middle and index finger. It has an arched shape. People with this sign on hand are able to express their feelings in a beautiful artistic form, they are able to notice the beauty of the world and do not lose their presence of mind even in the most difficult circumstances.

These people do not know how to hide feelings, they always act openly and honestly. They can not be broken by life's adversities - internal energy reserves help to recover in a short time and once again feel the joy of being in full. They are sensitive to others, may have empathy and even the ability to telepathy. These are charismatic and energetic people.

The line of the spiritual heart runs in a strictly straight direction, without forming roundings. These are closed people who are not able to openly express their thoughts and feelings. They will never emotionally sort out relationships, create scenes of jealousy, or openly conflict with ill-wishers. People with a spiritual heart are also capable of romantic feelings, but are not able to express them in a beautiful form. From this often there is an internal conflict that can lead to insane acts.

What is the significance of the ending of the line of the heart in the palm of your hand? It can end at the middle and ring finger, and can last up to the little finger. Consider the options:

  • the line ended between the middle and index finger - a person is a realistic warehouse, his inner world is balanced;
  • near the index finger - a sensitive and vulnerable person capable of making an elephant out of a fly;
  • about the middle finger - in front of you is a complete egoist who does not know how to take into account the interests of the people around him.

The split line of the heart denotes a complex spiritual organization of man, contradictory nature. If the line has three processes in the fingers, there is a loving and emotional person in front of you. If he can remain faithful to the chosen one of the heart, it will bring great luck in life.

The double line indicates the presence of a caring and faithful partner in a person’s life. Are there signs of partner compatibility? Yes, this is a complete coincidence of the direction and shape of the heart lines of both partners.

Line icons

Ideally, the heart line should be clearly visible, straight and deep. It should not be signs and intersecting tickers. This characterizes a happy fate, harmony in relationships with the opposite sex and a healthy circulatory system.

However, the emotional sphere of a person is always subject to change, feelings and instability. This will tell signs located directly on the line of the heart, or nearby:

  • islets;
  • chain;
  • breaks;
  • crosses.

One of the signs is an island or a whole chain of islets: they indicate problems in the emotional life that a person has experienced. Islets of large size indicate periods of deep depression and emotional instability.

For example, if the islands were located at the beginning (at the little finger), this indicates a violent and unstable love sphere in his youth. Sometimes the line can even out and become clearly delineated at the middle finger - this shows that in adulthood, the emotional sphere came into balance and bursts of turbulent emotions were left in the past.

The chain is a sign of a rich and intense emotional life. A person reacts violently to any problems and can make his life unbearable. Interrupted in several places, the line indicates the loss of love and separation from loved ones.

Islands can not be confused with the chain. The chain consists of small links and resembles a real chain of metal. She points to the emotional mobility of a person. For people of this type, it is characteristic to quickly get involved in something and quickly lose interest. The islands speak of a penchant for dramatization of events — they look like large links in a chain.

Belt of venus

What is this sign, and what is it about? The belt of Venus is another line running parallel to the heart and fingers - it is between them. This sign indicates the delicate sensitive nature of the creative type. If the belt of Venus consists of several parallel thin tickers, it shows the hysterical and flimsy nature of a person - he is unbearable.


Is it possible to determine the character along the line of the heart? Yes you can. To do this, you should carefully consider the direction of location and the end of the line:

  • straight and straight - a kind, open, generous man;
  • goes down from the hillock of Mars to the line of life - an irritable nature, always eternally dissatisfied with everyone;
  • connects with the line of life - a person is too trusting;
  • connects with the line of the head - the person is not sufficiently astute and intelligent;
  • goes up to the hill of Jupiter - a person is prone to lofty ideas;
  • short and deep - cold and stubborn nature;
  • very bright and deep - the person is ruled by feelings, not the mind;
  • thin and barely noticeable - a person does not know how to enjoy life.

If thin shoots go up from the line of the heart, this indicates an unserious attitude towards love relationships - a person is more attracted to flirting than devotion to a loved one.

If the processes are directed downward, the person does not know how to build love relationships and is wasting his strength.

Is it possible to determine the propensity to homosexuality by the line of the heart? For this, the hillock of Venus must be well developed, and there are several islets near the middle finger.

Studying the character of a person by the signs and lines on his hand will help him find the right approach to him and avoid conflicts.