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Is it possible to keep tsiperus at home - signs and superstition


Marsh Guardian or tsiperus came to us from Africa. Signs and superstitions associated with tsiperus partly due to the origin of the plant, its sacred meaning. Images of tsiperus on ancient papyrus prove its use in medicine and in magical rituals since ancient times. Bundles of plants were sacrificed to the gods, edible roots served as a treat for children seeking knowledge. Take the time to try the roots and chew the leaves of the indoor flower - some species are poisonous.

The plant is equally effectively used in the treatment of infertility, and for fetching, regulating the cycle, as hygiene products. Some signs point directly to the positive influence of the plant in the house; some, on the contrary, advise not to keep tsiperus at home.

Useful properties of the plant

  • Cyperus effectively destroys putrefactive bacteria, has a mild general bactericidal property.
  • Neutralization and dispersion of a negative, bad emanations in average quantities. One large plant is enough to remove the negative in an ordinary family, to remove unpleasant emanations from neighbors. Life will be filled with meaning and joy. But if there is too much negative, the plant will wither away and try to pick up the life force. Sick plant to keep in the living room is not recommended.
  • Papyrus herbs enhance the veracity, protect against flattery, lies and envy. For children, the plant enhances craving for truth, knowledge, but increases categorical, stubbornness, and perseverance. If you want your child to be cheerful, soft, diplomatic and inquisitive - it is better to choose a geranium for a nursery.
  • Straight, contempt for conventions, a clear understanding of the importance of time will help cope with laziness.

Bad omens associated with tsiperus

  • It is believed that the plant actively absorbs negative energy. For most people, this has a positive meaning, love gets a better chance of winning. There are fewer quarrels, diseases, nightmares in families. But if there is no love, tsiperus becomes a vampire. That is, it can be said that the plant will help with depression, despair, illness, or grief, but it will not help cynical and evil people with bad intentions. Tsiperus is especially intolerant to envious people, he literally destroys and dries them. If you are prone to envy - refrain from placing this plant in the house. But if you have something to be proud of, there are many friends and friends around you whose intentions are not quite clear, it comes to the point that you do not dare to tell the good news or share your joy - put a tsiperus at home, but rather a few. The plant is beautiful, hardy, grows well and perfectly protects from those who want to profit by someone else's luck.
  • For the sake of caution, do not put the plant in the bedroom, except for the disease, when the patient is actively struggling with the disease. Tsiperus will help to cope with despondency, despair, pain. Do not forget to indulge the whims of the patient, to give more incentives for recovery.
  • Ipohondrikov plant can freeze. Or, on the contrary, remove the negative, forcing him to seek salvation in eternal sores and self-pity.

What tsiperus choose

There are about 40 varieties of plants, differing in different heights and appearance. The smallest plant with a height of only 30 cm. The papyrus variety can grow up to 3 meters. Be sure to check the variety before buying, so as not to be in an awkward position.

From the point of view of obtaining a plant, there are no requirements to the seller You can buy in the greenhouse, in the store, take a scoop, asking for permission or not. personal attitude to the owner of the plant, moral character also does not matter.

Cyperus perfectly moisturizes the air, promotes healing of the atmosphere, it is recommended for allergic and pulmonary diseases, frequent colds.

Aquifer Cyperus is the best option for the house, it cleans the water, provides a beautiful background, grows well and does not harm the home energy.

Rules for keeping tsiperus in the house

If you decide to start this ambiguous plant in the house - provide him with the right conditions.

  1. Adequate hydration. In summer, the pot with the plant should be placed in a larger pot, half full of water. In winter, plenty of irrigation. The soil should not dry out.
  2. Sandy or slightly acid soil. You can take ready soil for palm trees and add 50% of sand. Top dressing is usual for houseplants, but the amount should be halved. For a young plant ideal phosphorus-potassium fertilizer in small doses. With the growth of plants, one transplant per year or 3 years is enough if you do not strive to increase the volume. In this case, the young shoots need to weed out in the spring and autumn.
  3. Duration of daylight should be at least 12 hours. In the northern regions of the plant will have to highlight with the help of special lamps.
  4. The best temperature is +24 degrees in summer with a decrease to 18-20 in winter.
  5. Direct sunlight is undesirable, rather diffuse lighting.


Keeping a strong magical plant in the house requires a lot of responsibility. Provide optimal conditions for the Swamp Guard, provide illumination, do not overload with a negative - and will not protect you from lies, anger, envy, laziness, and help you realize your own potential. If you are not completely confident in yourself - choose softer plants to create a homely climate.