Dream interpretation

What do people say about acne


Folk omens about acne are practical. For example, acne on the priest signs of bright nature, prone to restlessness and adventure. Pimples on the neck mean a serious imbalance between the desired and the actual. A pimple on the cheek can mean conflicting feelings about people towards you.

Traditionally, people attribute acne to minor cosmetic problems and do not pay much attention. Girls cover acne with cosmetics, modern tools are able to hide any defects. However, deep acne caused by metabolic problems, poor intestinal function, inflammatory processes, infection, weakening of immunity for colds can cause a lot of trouble. Surprisingly, the place of acne rash can tell a lot about a person.

The main signs of acne

  • Large pimple means the possibility of a stormy, but short relationship.
  • On the nose - someone has fallen in love or is sympathetic. Weak consolation, but it's better than nothing. Inflammations on the nose indicate the passion of nature.
  • On the eyebrows, under the hairline - to the strip of luck. If you have not been able to find the cause of the inflammation, your search for the right solution for work issues will be successful. You will find original ideas and will be able to use them.
  • On the chin - to the annoying suitors for the girl. There may be quarrels, problems in the relationship. For a man, inflammation under a beard means a flash of anger. For pregnant women, painful inflammations of the chin suggest that a boy is likely to be born.
  • On the forehead - from stubbornness and absurd nature. Acne in this case means envious. You will be able to succeed if you stop hiding your true nature. The forehead is considered a zone of intestinal influence. You need to change the diet.
  • Acne on the cheeks mean problems in the family, lack of understanding. The Chinese associate the skin of the cheeks with the state of the lungs. Walk more, breathe fresh air.
  • At the temples - disappointment, especially in people, a change of plans and life orientations. This is a zone of the gallbladder and liver.
  • On the neck - internal conflicts, distrust of themselves.
  • On the shoulder - a meeting with an interesting person.
  • On the earlobes - to gossip and gossip. On the right ear - something good is said about you, on the left - they are malice. Behind the ear, under the ear - secret designs.
  • Acne on the back means ill-wishers who are trying to convince you that your plans cannot be realized, they are preparing failures for a strange purpose - to inform you that they warned you.
  • Omens act, if acne does not bother you all the time. On a clean and well-groomed skin of a person who watches nutrition, the appearance of a pimple is an event. If the skin is dirty or oily by nature, the inflammation will be permanent, they will not have to be recounted, but treated and masked.

What to do with acne by signs

According to signs, acne should be washed with holy water, silver water or decoction of chamomile. After washing, wipe your face with a fresh, clean towel that did not get in the eyes of your foe. Better hide your towel, especially for the face. Keep track of the cleanliness of the towels in the family is impossible.

Small pimples on the feet and palms, causing severe itching - this is usually a fungus. Mycosis of the disease develops slowly, but can lead to serious damage to the skin and nails. Of course, you often scratch your left palm for money, your right palm for meetings, your feet for road and adventure. But it is better to buy a broad-acting antifungal ointment. When treating folk remedies, mycosis was smeared with birch tar.

A sore point for most teenagers is whether sex can cure acne, because there is such a sign. Not really. From teenage acne in severe form helps isoretinol and drugs with this active substance. Having sex from acne is a crazy idea. Sex is good in itself.


A sick red pimple in any place means doubt. For example - on the priest - dubious adventures, on the nose - a strange love. If a pimple has a purulent head, it quickly passes without a trace - your anxieties and experiences are unfounded.

Deep acne that does not go away for a long time and becomes inflamed again and again can leave scars - urgently to a good dermatologist. Signs of such acne mean deep, but fundamentally wrong thoughts. You make absolutely logical conclusions based on incorrect premises.