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Size, color, shape and other characteristics of Feng Shui business cards


The cherished rectangle, on which the name and telephone number are marked, is not just a piece of cardboard, but a real business card for any businessmen or private entrepreneurs. A business card greatly influences the first impression a person has when looking at it. Therefore, if you want to ensure only positive opinions of other people, as well as attract business success, we recommend that you know what the size, shape, color and other characteristics of a Feng Shui business card should be.

How to correctly issue a business card according to the art of Feng Shui

In the process of exchanging business cards, business partners take a step towards each other, which can contribute to very fruitful cooperation. But in order for the submitted business card to cause extremely positive emotions and the desire to get its owner as soon as possible, it is important to pay special attention to its design. Using only a few rules of design according to feng shui, you will ensure success in business.

Size business cards

Feng shui separately stops on the parameters of the elements of inanimate nature. So in order to achieve inner peace, as well as an influx of positive energy, it is very important to keep the proportion in the things you create.

The traditional parameters of business cards fifty to ninety millimeters. Feng Shui says that the size of fifty millimeters will contribute to the joy and positive energy. But this absolutely does not apply to the size of ninety millimeters. This parameter, on the contrary, provokes an influx of negative energy and badly affects mood.

Wishing to create a beautiful, stylish and, most importantly, correct business card, Feng Shui recommends dividing it into 2 halves. This can be done with a pattern. So you can use curved pale lines. With the help of lines that are imperceptible at first glance, you visually divide a business card by half and create positive energy for it.

Business card form

Properly designed business card according to the theory of Feng Shui should have a certain geometric shape. So there are rectangular and square business cards.

Often, many novice businessmen, seeking to be original, give big money to create business cards of a very sophisticated form. But in reality there is no point. Feng Shui says that the ideal business card should have a rectangular shape (in more rare cases, square). It is this card that looks as presentable as possible and pleases the eye of the average person pleasantly, even though an excessively specific business card will unconsciously repel a potential client.

The rectangle as a whole is an ideal form according to the Chinese theory of feng shui. Designers with architects are advised to use it to equip their home, to ensure the harmonious circulation of energy flows in the house and balancing between all the elements.

Pay attention, excessive innovation and creativity in the process of creating business cards are inappropriate. Most people subconsciously prefer simplicity, classic and attractive outlines, and overly complex designs repel and lead to various doubts.

That is why large companies with corporations never follow the fashion and do not seek to invent something new in this business. On the contrary, their business cards are distinguished by excessive simplicity, clarity of forms and discreet design. It is as if they are trying to make their clients believe that stability and respect for traditions are their main qualities.

Where best to place your initials on the card

The correct location of your name on a business card is one hundred percent guarantee of success. At the same time, you will provide yourself with a light, not tedious activity and a constant influx of new customers.

It is important that your initials are located on top of the company name. Feng Shui does not advise placing this information below, because of this you can begin to feel worried and choked. In this case, the owner of the company will feel dissatisfaction with their activities and will face a tremendous amount of work that will be difficult to cope with.

It is also necessary that the contact information is personified with you and be displayed in the best possible light. Especially stop on drawing a name. Do not hesitate to declare to yourself: there must be enough space on the business card to write your name. Instead of sharp, capital letters you should use softened edges. Also remember that capital letters should not be too big and fanciful.

Feng Shui theory of business card is a model of your own face, it is she who will provoke the very first impression about you personally, as well as about your company. And the most important points here are to inspire customer confidence and win their favor.

Suitable colors for Feng Shui business cards

Making a business card in color shades, you need to choose those that will accompany good luck in business. The main elements that bring commercial success are earth, fire, water, metal and elements of wood. And each of the above elements and is associated with a particular activity. It is this information that will contribute to the correct choice of color for a business card.

Proper selection of colors, certainly will attract success in business. To select the appropriate color should compare the type of activity and elements. For example, rich red colors are ideal for people practicing the chemical industry, photo art, fashion, style, advertising, marketing, or activities related to electricity.

Green colors symbolize the element of the tree, as well as nature. On a business card, they must be portrayed to those entrepreneurs who work in the field of creativity or training, as well as music, car repairs, and security.

Metal is associated with white color, as well as copper and gold. If you are connected with the banking sector, the sphere of repair, finance, credit, you should use these shades on your business card.

Water colors in the art of feng shui are blue, blue and black shades. They are shown to use on those business cards whose owners are associated with the maritime industry, tourism, as well as acting.

Brown and yellow color symbolizes the earth element. It can be used by those entrepreneurs who practice livestock, construction, accounting, documentation or trade.

Wanting to change the parameters of a business card, for example, to make it a little less visually worth using red shades. This color will burn through the space because of its natural brightness. Along the edges you can use contrasting shades. Thanks to this you will provide your business card with a very neat and compact look.

Now you know how to arrange your business card on Feng Shui, so that it brings you success and actively attracts regular customers. Be sure to use this knowledge to improve your business.

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