Dream interpretation

I dreamed that I cleaned potatoes - what to expect from life

You had a rather interesting dream, which can be characterized by one sentence - a premonition of gain. Yes, you feel with your gut how and where you will earn. So, where exactly can you apply your abilities? Why dream peeling potatoes, dream book will give the necessary answers.

So, it should be clarified. In order to interpret a dream, it is not necessary to do this all your life. It is enough just to make a correct picture of your memory, only then can we enter your subconscious and begin the interpretation itself. But how to do it if you do not remember anything?

Try to cheer up, look at the calendar and remember exactly when you dreamed a dream. It was on Wednesday or Thursday, then a memory will come to you, this is a proven method. But why dream of a potato and a peeled version of a potato, the act itself, in which you are going to or have already cleaned the potatoes? There are many options, we will try to cover them all.

There is no single interpretation, to believe in it is very naive. You can only find a consensus between your subconscious and the conscious, but you cannot explain exactly what the subconscious sent to you exactly such a message. It should also be understood that the favorite food, like a potato or cheeseburger, symbolizes detachment from this world. In the end, it's up to you to decide whether this detachment will positively affect your life or not.

Get ready to hear something bad - the potato symbolizes despair. It is possible to escape from depression and despair only through active actions that have not been observed in your life for quite some time. That's just the same and the dream moves you to a new discovery, to change the activity.

Interpretation of a dream about the plot in it, some circumstances

Circumstances are a very important aspect, with the help of them we can correctly interpret a dream, look at the main details and prevent our conscious from confusing our head. Since, in a conscious state, you spend too much time thinking about information, the main message of your unconscious loses its true meaning, so your whole dream becomes a mere worthless thing that cannot be interpreted.

To avoid such a situation, you need to fully synchronize with the consciousness and discover what has been lost after the sleep itself. Thus, in a dream with potatoes, you saw how the peeling potatoes literally disappear themselves, or you saw it. How does your hand cut them off? It is very important and you should not neglect this, somehow try to think out the dream is generally one of the main taboos in the world of somnology.

Our site provides all the necessary information for interpreting dreams at home, you only need to relate them to the options given on our site. Pay your gaze down and try to independently explain this type of dream:

  • Peeled potatoes with tears in their eyes. Such a dream symbolizes fatigue, you have long been separated from this world and are trying to forget, not to be part of it, and, in the end, just to rest. You are hampered by the awareness of your frailty, you strive to separate the soul from the body;
  • If you peeled potatoes very carefully. So, you need to look at your surroundings - most likely you are so scared that you simply cannot make mistakes, constantly review your actions and try to find the best option to solve problems that arise out of the blue.
  • They cleaned the potatoes, but they did not try hard, tried to forget and not concentrate on the action itself. Such a position in your dreams symbolizes new beginnings for which you are on the drum. That is, when you start doing something you constantly strive to finish the job as quickly as possible, and if it does not work out, then you drop it;
  • We cleaned the potatoes, you did it pretty quickly. A quick peeling of potatoes in a dream symbolizes the very feeling that we call "butterflies in the stomach." Yes, this dream symbolizes blessing, a new life with any person. A place has already been taken in your heart, you may not yet guess about it;
  • Peeled potatoes rather slowly, but diligently. This type of dream predicts to the dreamer a new position in society, an increase in the already existing position and material well-being. You multiply your wealth, you can become much more calculating and you will be able to compete on an equal footing with business sharks;
  • Cleaned something slowly, but not really tried. But such a state, while watching a dream, characterizes you as a rather lazy and egocentric person, for whom it is only important to preserve his wealth, such person does not pay attention to the quality of work and does not particularly appreciate the contribution of others;
  • A dozen potatoes were peeled, a great many potatoes were peeled. Such a dream is a harbinger of tremendous commotion, which will be created due to the arrival of someone from the family. Or you will be exposed to a new working time, bytovuhe, which will pursue you day after day. You should not be frightened much, because eventually you will receive a long-awaited reward for all the days of bullying from your life activities.

Interpretation by psychics and specialists

  1. Wang. According to the Bulgarian Providence, such a dream is a very good veiled excuse for your subconscious to quickly finish with the type of activity that you now have in priority and go to a more profitable one;
  2. According to Miller. Henry Miller does not take the custom to interpret dreams unequivocally, but it is in his interest to interpret the dream as gently as possible. So, according to his dream book, you will have a very difficult day, which, as a result, will bring worldly happiness and love into your soul. You should not relax, because it may depend on your mood whether you pass this test or remain in captivity of your bad habits and terrible desires;
  3. According to Freud. Sigmund Freud sees the root and argues that you need to reconsider your own desires and needs. Most likely you have a very strong will to win, but you just can’t concentrate on one activity, which really prevents you from doing good deeds;
  4. Eastern dream book. According to the Eastern dream book, your dreams symbolize the desire to create a social cell that would stand for a century. Thus, in the near future you will find your soul mate, who will be loved by you.