Dream interpretation

National dream book for women: various interpretations of dreams


In the dream book for women, you will find the interpretation of dreams and can figure out what they mean. Consider the predictions of the most popular dreams.

How to interpret a dream?

It is impossible in one article to consider all possible interpretations of dreams, because there are countless of them. But you can learn to interpret your dreams yourself using the following guidelines.

What do we have to do:

  1. As soon as you wake up, write down the plot of the dream in all its details. Describe not only the events occurring in the dream, but also your emotions, experienced feelings. Pour out all the sensations on paper, do not skimp on the words.
  2. Then proceed to the analysis of the dream. Take as an axiom the fact that every participant in a dream is a part of your personality, a projection of your subconscious.
  3. Replace each actor in a dream with yourself and analyze. For example, you dreamed that a robber attacked you. Imagine that this villain is yourself. Think that in your subconscious mind "attacks" you. What you do not accept in yourself and perceive as a threat.
  4. On the example of a dream with a robber, this may be your laziness, which does not allow you to achieve goals and earn money. Or the tendency to self-criticism, which kills any good undertakings.

Try exactly to feel, to realize how the sides of your subconscious mind affect your life. And you will understand that it is trying to convey to you your subconscious in dreams.

Love Dream

Now consider the special cases of predictions.

Why dream of marriage in a dream:

  1. If you dream that you are getting married, and in real life you are already married, then your union will be long and happy. And regardless of who was the bridegroom in the realm of Morpheus.
  2. If a young girl dreams about marriage with an old man, you should go to a doctor - such a dream is a dream to a long and protracted illness.
  3. If in a dream you were a bride, but you did not feel happy, it means that in real life you will be disappointed in your chosen one, he will bring many unpleasant experiences.
  4. If you are dreaming of a solemn wedding ceremony, wait for pleasant and joyful events in real life. Something very positive will happen, and you will be happy in the near future.
  5. If in the process of the wedding trouble happened to you, in reality awaits you a lot of suffering. In life will come a black stripe, to get out of which will not be easy.
  6. If in a dream the guests shower you with coins, it means that you will soon receive a thing you have long dreamed of completely free of charge.
  7. A foreign wedding is dreaming of the soonest fulfillment of your most cherished desire. The dream will come true in a completely unexpected way. Success will come from a stranger who will be very useful to you.

In general, any dreams in which the white dress appears, have a positive meaning.

What is the dream of the disease?

Psychologists believe that through dreams the body sends a signal to a person. Your subconscious mind is trying to convey something important to you. And the most vivid example is the diseases that you feel on yourself in the realm of Morpheus.

What can dream the dream of the English dream book:

  1. They can say that in real life you are very afraid to step towards changes and make yourself happier. We must try to get out of the comfort zone, then life will be prosperous and successful.
  2. If in a dream you feel like a seriously ill patient, you feel very bad, then in real life some very unpleasant event will occur that will disappoint you and make you suffer.
  3. If a young girl dreams that she is incurably ill, this is a favorable sign. In real life, she is waiting for a huge success in the personal sphere. She will be surrounded by the attention of men, among whom she will be able to choose a worthy candidate for the role of a husband.
  4. If in a dream you feel a little unwell, wait for the visit of unexpected guests. For you can descend distant relatives. Get ready to be hospitable.
  5. Asthma or asthma attacks dream of a radical change in social status. You can suddenly get rich or, conversely, go bankrupt. It all depends on you and your real actions.
  6. Attacks of rabies talk about a strong uncontrollable anger. You often hide negative emotions, not allowing yourself to live them. As a result, you can seriously ill in reality.
  7. Diseases of the lungs suggest that in real life you are not ready to defend your opinion. Often you do not allow to express what is boiling, keep thoughts in yourself. It is necessary to learn to speak directly to others about what does not suit you, to defend your personal boundaries.

Why do kisses dream?

The next most popular dream is romantic kisses.

What they can dream about:

  1. If you are passionately kissing an unfamiliar man, beware of him in real life. This person can bring a lot of trouble and bring trouble on you.
  2. Kisses with a close friend promise reward. It could be some kind of reward at work or a bonus, an expensive gift or a lottery win.
  3. Kissing with a beloved man in a dream is an auspicious sign. For some time you will have to part, but the separation will not last long, and after it the relationship will become happy and harmonious.
  4. If you are in the realm of Morpheus kissing a girl, you should go to the doctor. Such a dream does not bode well and can speak of a serious disease of the female organs.
  5. Gentle and romantic kisses say that in real life you lack love and caress. It is necessary to find a source of pleasant sensations as soon as possible: go for a massage, go in for sports or treat yourself to treatments in the beauty salon.

Important: when interpreting dreams, do not attach too much importance to the forecasts of dream books. Negative prediction may not come true if you prevent it. Remember that only you build your life, and you always have a space of choices about how to live it.