Dream interpretation

Break in a dream - the nuances of decoding by popular dream books


Finding yourself on top of a cape or cliff and looking into the abyss seems fascinating. But those who are afraid of heights, will experience the horror and fear of this way of contemplating the surroundings. What dreams of a cliff, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

The clipping is a symbol of some reformations in the life of the dreamer. How much they will be positive depends on the feelings of the dreamer and his mood after waking up. In any case, such night scenes indicate that you urgently need a change. You are in a vase of your further growth or fall. But it is already impossible to retreat - this is a fact.

Proudly and fearlessly look into the abyss - in reality, to be resolute. You are not ready to put up with the existing state of affairs and will do everything in your power to increase the chances of winning. These difficult accomplishments will help to exceed their expected capabilities, if in a dream they independently climbed a hill and came to the edge of a cliff. So you are not afraid to take risks, and the danger only helps you to concentrate your attention on the goal. The probability of your success may not depend on physical strength, experience. Your inner resource will be important here: courage, determination, courage, courage, positivity.

For a woman to feel at the top of a cliff - to feel hopelessness in alliance with a man. The reason for this may be excessive jealousy, distrust and aggressiveness. You look back in a dream - in reality you realize how much time and energy was spent on what now does not matter. This means you have come to a state where you do not want to share a family hearth with it. But you are overcome by doubts, before you put the final point in the relationship.

What else does break in a dream

  • stuck their feet and hands to the ground, so as not to break - afraid to take the first step into the unknown, which scares you. You are not positive about future changes, because you are setting yourself up for failure before;
  • someone is pushing you down from the bungee - there is a person who will help you to become bolder and more determined;
  • stand on the edge and enjoy the views of the surroundings - positively accept everything that fate favors you. Your adequate perception of reality will help you to succeed in many ways and take a leading position;
  • you are burdened with a large backpack and other things that prevent you from climbing to the top of the cliff - take on too many obligations. You are not inclined to measure your strength and capabilities with the proposed responsibility. I dreamed of throwing down the extra load - you will understand your true purpose in time and throw away the extra efforts;
  • descending from the top of a rocky cape to the ropes down - it is rational to approach the solution of primary tasks, mobilizing all your strengths and capabilities;
  • accidentally fall, but to enjoy the flight from a height - to make a hasty decision that is not your characteristic. This spontaneity will only benefit and will expand the horizon of your dreams;
  • fly over a cliff, like a bird - to experience an incredible rise in strength, energy and optimism, to successfully bring all the work begun.

Author's dream books

Gustov Miller

The precipice represents the crucial moment in the life of the dreamer, when he is in an extremely difficult situation, he is in danger, and uncertainty makes him appreciate every moment of existence. On such days, fate may force you to take unnecessary risks, because it will be difficult for you to assess the scale of the disaster and your potential.

For some, such plots in a dream turn into success and favorable changes, as they are attracted and disturbed by such an atmosphere of intrigue, fear, and life begins to play with other colors. Such atypical situations make you stronger, make you seek and make non-standard decisions, overcome and extinguish your own phobias.

Those who were uncomfortable standing on the edge of the abyss would have to take a responsible step in reality. During this period, it is important to turn on your emotional intelligence, learn to control your emotions and the behavior of other people. It is important to remember that any actions taken by you will be the most correct and optimal. Learn to trust your own experience, intuition and listen to the voice of the heart.

I dreamed of seeing a car or a train moving into the abyss - the fate of other people may depend on your actions. Do not try to embroil close relatives or friends in risky adventures. Your faith in giddy success can end in complete failure, bringing only disappointment and loss to the family.

To fall from a height and get out of the gorge is a sign of successful overcoming of all difficult life circumstances. You will get a chance to change future perspectives, adversity will be left behind and quickly forgotten against the background of a prosperous and free life.

Sigmund Freud

Breakage can have a double meaning. It all depends on the inner feelings of the dreamer and the details of the vision. To jump from the top down, to feel complete freedom and bliss from the flight is to experience an unforgettable orgasm from casual intercourse. This casual relationship may not lead to a strong family union. But with this person you are really able to understand what true pleasure and passion are.

To die from fear, standing on the edge of the abyss - in reality, to be strongly dependent on your phobias and unfulfilled desires. Sexual energy, accumulating in you, can not find a way out. It turns you into a very tense, nervous and aggressive person. Do not be afraid of your fantasies, trust someone who sees you as a lover, plunge into the world of erotic dreams.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A break symbolizes danger. Breaking down with him accidentally is a precursor to the fact that you cannot change the proposed circumstances. You will not be able to control the difficult situation in which you have fallen.

A good sign will be a dream where you miraculously survived, after an incredible fall. Troubles and misfortunes will be overcome. That moment of your rebirth will come, when you can completely change your views, values. You will want to appreciate those funny little things in life that make an ordinary person happy.

For a woman, such a vision may hint at a crisis in a relationship with her beloved. If the young lady dreamed of watching her husband stand on the edge of the cape, then he urgently needs your help and support. And isolation and depression is due to the hopelessness of his position.