Dream interpretation

What does raisins mean in a dream: decoding features


How does the dream look at dried grapes? On the one hand, it is a vitamin delicacy, but on the other hand, it is a dried substance, that is, in some way “exhausted”. What dreams of raisins, for good?

The overall meaning of this "delicious" sleep

  • If you see raisins in a dream, no need to worry - this is a great sign. Most often, it foreshadows many joyful changes in your life, success, and well-being. However, sometimes this sign says: you are mentally devastated and dream of rest.
  • He was very small - not raisins, but just some kind of rice? This is not the most favorable dream that promises you a lot of trouble, minor problems, as well as losses.
  • Have you seen someone eating a raisin? Sleep guarantees good "weather in the house", as well as pleasant changes in your life.
  • Raisin clusters hung on a vine or tree? This dream promises material well-being and success in business.
  • If the dreamer is a woman, she can interpret her dream based on the season. Yes, if a raisin dreamed in the summer, it most likely promises a lot of laziness (maybe you will go on vacation?), In the fall - a lot of pleasures, in the winter - excellent well-being, and in the spring - peace, mental and physical.

What did you do in your dream?

  • They baked muffins (pies, buns, etc.) with raisins. Fate gives you many chances of success, and you will successfully use them. But do not forget: God gives all this for a reason, you do not need to turn up your nose, remember your neighbors, as well as your spiritual development.
  • See raisins in the store or on the market and buy it - to a significant cash flow. The second interpretation of this dream: you dream of a "ball", you want to live richly, without doing anything for it. Sleep warns: it does not happen, and you should not believe people who prove to you the opposite - they are eager to deceive you and profit from your naivety.
  • You first bought raisins in a dream, and then poured it into the dough? Oddly enough, this is no longer the kindest sign warning of a silly, ambiguous situation that you can fall into.
  • You, as a child, picked out raisins from buns? Your subconscious mind warns: "in real life" you spend a lot of energy on the work that does not cost them. Throw it and do something worthwhile.
  • You were looking for him in a dream, or suddenly you accidentally saw in your apartment (in your pocket): a dream promises success. If you are developing a business now or are building far-sighted plans (for example, you want to go to a university, change jobs, “wrestle the beauty”) - do not leave the intended track, you will soon get everything you are aiming for.
  • If you have scattered this dried fruit, the dream warns: you can “kill” your own happiness, and you will not have to blame anyone except yourself. Think very well over your every act (even at first glance insignificant), because sometimes it is impossible to correct what has been done.
  • Have you dried grapes to get raisins? Well evaluate what you are talking about. If you mindlessly criticize a friend or acquaintance (even for the eyes), it will spoil the relationship with him. Especially, if the criticism turns out to be unfair!

Did you eat it?

  • Most often, such a "meal" promises you a rich period in life, during which you will enjoy all the pleasures of life. However, sometimes such a dream says: making plans for the future, think over each step in order not to suffer a fiasco one step before victory. The third interpretation of this dream: a short but pleasant love affair awaits you.
  • Eat small raisins: you can be fooled. Sometimes a dream like this warns of an unpleasant lesson that will soon teach you life.
  • Was it a sultry? Your life can fill a small, but disappointment.
  • It was not a raisin in its pure form, and a bun or cupcake with him? You will live richly, besides, fate will bring several unexpected surprises.
  • What dreams of raisins, which was disgusting to taste? To the chagrin of unrequited love.
  • On the contrary, he was delicious? Sleep promises the fullness of spiritual harmony, enjoying life.

And what do famous author books write?

At the end, we traditionally offer to find out what famous psychoanalysts wrote about raisins. And of course, the decoding of your sleep will not be complete without the opinion of the book interpreting dreams in a culinary vein!

Dream Miller

If in a dream you ate this dried fruit, it means that, being at the very end of a long journey, you suddenly feel apathy, and it will spoil all the joy of achieving the goal. And maybe even that the desired will not be achieved.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

As this dream book assures us, a raisin that you both ate and just saw in your own dream is a sign of the soonest beginning of a small novel. You will not hesitate for a second, plunging into waves of sensuality. Yes, this connection will not end with life in the style of "happily ever after", but you will get a lot of joy from it!

Culinary dream book

Raisin is not the kindest sign. It is possible that soon you can overcome the problems and not the most pleasant emotions. And all - because of the bad situation in which you fall.