Dream interpretation

Killer in a dream - the correct interpretation of the dream


Our night dreams sometimes are very unpredictable, exciting and frightening. Becoming a member of a criminal drama these days is not such a rarity. What a killer dreams about, we find out in verified dream books.

General interpretation

A murderer in a dream personifies accumulated problems, negative situations or the accumulated negative energy of the dreamer. A series of troubles are predicted by dreams, where the dreamer runs away from the pursuer, feels violent actions on himself, tries to fend off the scoundrel.

It will be possible to avoid serious consequences in the future if in dreams you overcame the enemy, repulsed him, beat or killed him. This means your strength, morale and perseverance will be enough to overcome all obstacles.

I dreamed of killing someone by chance and later regretting it - in reality I often feel guilty about it. Each person responsible for their actions is prone to such emotions. But you may have it for unknown reasons in a situation that is impossible to correct. If you strive to be a happy and full-fledged person - contact a psychologist and get rid of remorse.

What else to expect from a killer in a dream

  • an attempt was made to a business man - you should immediately reconsider immediate plans, exclude business trips and romantic travels. In the most unexpected moment, things can go wrong;
  • escape from a maniac - to a happy and stable life after a series of adversities;
  • enter into an agreement with the bandit - to rash and unjustified actions that will significantly change the financial situation;
  • a blow or gunshot wound in a dream marks health problems or emotional distress;
  • watch the crime and do nothing - in reality, be too mediocre and beziniitsiativnym. Miss the opportunity to influence a critical situation that will require your participation;
  • dreamed how you were killed - expect a deep shock. This event can put you in a state of prolonged depression in complete isolation from society;
  • the killer falls without breathing from your strike in the night story - easily materialize all your goals, despite the barriers and difficulties. But it should be remembered that there is no point in postponing for tomorrow those tasks that you do not wish to do in this life.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

A man to be the killer of his beloved in a dream is a sign of complete distrust of the second half. You are jealous that you can no longer hide. Intimacy with this woman is causing you tension now, as you are trying to introduce someone to her. Perhaps your unbridled passion caused excessive suspiciousness and suspicion. Dispel all doubts about infidelity and give you confidence can only that fatal beauty, which caused you such emotions.

A maniac was greeted by a woman who followed on her heels - it is worth fearing the strange actions of an obsessive suitor. This admirer in the heat of passion is able to forcibly incline you to a sexual connection. He has a wild desire to be with you in bed.

Be a witness to the murder of your spouse - in reality have a good reason for the dissolution of your union. She no longer causes you emotional surges and sexual desires. Perhaps business, partnership, or friendships still held your mate together. But the moment has come when this marriage will become completely unprofitable for you.

To collude with the killer of her own spouse - it is likely to succumb to the temptation of an unworthy and deceitful lover. This villain can blackmail you, promising to make public a love affair on the side. To avoid problems in the family, direct your sexual energy to your spouse, demanding more attention from him.

The young lady, laughing to run away from the pursuer, who does not frighten her at all in a dream, is a sign of high sexual activity. You can easily make contact, flirt and flirt with potential partners. But it should be remembered about sexual safety and resort to precautionary measures in intimate intimacy with a person whom you trust little.

Gustov Miller

A murderer who encroaches on your life and property in a dream is identified with a difficult life situation in which you will soon find yourself. To avoid serious problems will succeed those dreamers who gave a serious rebuff to the enemy or killed him.

Elderly man to fight with a cruel gangster - in reality to fight a chronic disease that can worsen in these days. Do not strive to be in time everywhere and do not build grandiose plans that require a strong physical overvoltage. In pursuit of obsessive tasks, you have ceased to pay attention to health, the state of which can significantly affect the future life.

For lovers such a criminal story can mark a series of problems in the relationship. Something is killing your feelings, but you cannot find a specific reason. In pursuit of a successful career, prestigious work and other material tasks, we are too tired to give the beloved a chance to feel happy.

To suffer in a dream because you could not prevent murder in time - this reflects your desire to indulge in useless reflections and worry about the choice already made. Thus, you only more often feel unhappy.

Walking along a dark alley and imagining one's own murder — in reality, experiencing fears about one’s future. It is important to realize that the outcome of all one. Therefore, there is no point in worrying. Try to fill life with bright colors, creating the best moments for yourself. Traveling and traveling around the world can be especially helpful. Discovering and exploring new places, cultures, traditions, you will quickly distract from negative thoughts.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Hiring a killer in a dream, wanting to kill someone - is in reality being in a stressful state. Sometimes you spend too much time worrying about what was meaningless and meaningless. Based on assumptions, you build an unfavorable scenario of the events of your existence. Surrounding them in this case seem hostile heroes opposed to you. Protect yourself from digging into yourself, take this time to an open dialogue, asking the interlocutor questions that torment you.