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Money Rite - what to do on Pure Thursday before Easter


Easter is the main holiday of all Christians of the world. This day is expected and prepared for it in advance. What to do on Pure Thursday before Easter, what are the magical rites? Maundy Thursday is considered to be at least as significant a day as Sunday, therefore this time is favorable for conducting many magical rites to attract health and monetary well-being. In 2018, Great Thursday falls on April 5th.

Attract money

To attract money, you can do the following ceremonies on Holy Thursday. Count all the money three times - it will attract financial well-being for the whole year. It is necessary to count in special time:

  • at sunrise;
  • at noon;
  • at sunset

It is necessary to carry out the ceremony in secret from everyone, so that was understood. You can not count money with witnesses, even with households.

Since Pure Thursday and until Sunday itself nothing can be given from the house - neither bread, nor salt, nor butter. It will save from the prosperity kradnika.

If you move objects from place to place, then the whole year will be driven money. The more items you move, the better the year will be.

Monetary Rite on Pure Thursday

To make money all year, spend the next rite. Take the different coins of the number 12 and throw in a clean bucket. Pour water and read the plot. Then with this water you need to wash the floors throughout the house. But before washing the floors with water wash the doors, window frames, window sills and tables.

They read the plot in a special way - you need to clasp the little fingers of your hands and read the plot words exactly 33 times. At the same time, it is impossible to count the number of times read. You can come up with some tags to know the exact number of readings. For example, move your foot 33 matches on the floor. You can think of another method of reference.


Ask all households to leave the room at the time of the ceremony, you need to remove and pets. Wash floors from the threshold, moving to the far corner of the room. You should know that inaccurate execution of the rite will not bring the desired result. Therefore, follow all the specified points exactly. The plot can be read from a recording made by one’s own hand - printed text will not work.

What then to do with coins and water? Collect money and put it in the farthest corner of the house until next Thursday. Water should be poured under the roots of the tree. Best of all, if it is a fruiting tree or feminine - birch, alder, willow.

Health and youth

To be healthy all year long, you need to wash on Holy Thursday. Previously, all the Orthodox steamed in a bath and even bathed pigs.

On Holy Thursday it is imperative to prepare the Thursday Salt, which is useful for healing from diseases and removing the magic negative. The easiest way to make Strong Salt is to put it in a canvas bag. Have each family member take handfuls of table salt and put it in a bag. Then the salt was taken to the Temple and consecrated in the open form along with the Easter cakes.

There are other ways of harvesting salt, they can also be applied. For example, they calcined the salt in a pan and mixed it with poppy seeds. After the consecration in the church, this salt acquired a powerful force for purification from spoilage and negative, and also served as a talisman from evil. If trouble came to the house, salt was sprinkled over all the corners. And to attract wealth, some salt was poured into wallets.

Above the salt you can read a special prayer:

It is impossible to paint eggs on Thursday - they do it on the eve of Tuesday or Friday. On Thursday, bake cakes, and try to do it before lunch. People believed that on this day all the water on the earth was purified and sanctified, and even every puddle became consecrated.

Get rid of the disease and damage

On Holy Thursday you can get rid of the damage to the disease. To do this, go to the cemetery with salt and find the grave of a man who died exactly a year ago. Put a mention on the grave - kutyu, pancakes, 3 testicles. Then they bow to the grave and read the conspiracy three times:

Bathing for health

To improve health, you need to take advantage of the invigorating power of water. To do this, on Wednesday you need to go to the pond and scoop up water with a new mug. After that you should cross over three times, bring water home and cover with a clean towel.

When the clock strikes 2 o'clock in the morning, you need to cross again three times and pour water on yourself - on the head and body. You can not wipe yourself - put clothes on wet body. The rest of the water must be poured into a flower pot. After this ceremony, people feel that their whole body is younger! Do not forget to read a prayer of thanks to the Lord.

For health, it is good to swim before the sun rises on Pure Thursday. You can not say anything at the same time - water acquires healing properties and cleans the body itself from diseases and damage.