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Lunar calendar: favorable days for pot replanting


The moon has an impact on all living organisms on earth, it is noticeable by the ebb and flow. Indoor flowers and plants also depend on the influence of lunar rhythms, as they contain water. Are there favorable days for transplanting indoor plants? Consider which phase of the moon is best to transplant flowers, and when you should not disturb the tubers and the root system.

Moon and flowers

Since ancient times, people have noticed the impact of planetary biorhythms on the animal and plant world. For centuries, knowledge has accumulated that can help in the care of our favorite house flowers and plants. For example, in the first half of the lunar month (from new moon to full moon), vital juices are sent upwards - to the leaves and inflorescences. It is this time that is most favorable for transplanting plants.

Note! If you collect fruit from plants, in the first half of the lunar month they will be the most juicy and tasty.

If a lemon tree or other tree grows in your house, you only need to collect the fruits during the increase of the lunar disk. Hilling and loosening the soil is best done in the days of the full moon. At this time, you can add soil to bare roots, add fertilizer.

Changing the land in the flowerpots is better on the growing moon. Gardeners recommend doing this manipulation in the spring season (April-May), summer time (July-August) or in the fall at a favorable time. If you need to change the land in winter, this can be done in the month of December during the growth of the lunar disk.

However, the time of the growing moon must be distinguished from the new moon. A new moon is two days from the beginning of the lunar month, when the disk is not visible in the sky. These days, the vital juices of flowers accumulate in tubers and roots, so you can not replant them.

The new moon is ideal for forming the crown of bushes and cutting branches. On the new moon and on a waning moon, seeds are collected: they contain a concentration of growth forces. Planting seeds collected at a specified time, will provide quick seedlings and rapid growth of seedlings.

Moon eclipses are a special time period. Transplanting colors and other manipulations can not be engaged. Let the plant rest a few days before and after the eclipse. It is believed that the influence of eclipses begins a few days before its occurrence and lasts some time after.

Look at the plant manipulation calendar for 2018:

Moon in zodiac signs

The lunar disk resembles 12 signs of the zodiac, which exert their influence on the biorhythms of the night star. For gardeners, it is important to know the following information:

  • the waning moon in Scorpio and growing in the sign of Capricorn - you can repot the tubers and flower bulbs;
  • the waning Moon in Cancer and growing in air signs, Scorpio and Pisces - decorative leafy plants can be replanted;
  • the waning moon in Sagittarius and Virgo, growing in Gemini - you can repot vines and ampelous species of plants.

Note! Favorable signs of the zodiac for working with plants are Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces. Adverse signs are Aquarius and Leo.

If the moon passes through the constellation of Aries, the plants do not perceive nutrients - fertilizing is useless.

The constellation of Leo is also not favorable for fertilizing, watering plants and treating against pests.

Planting seedlings and sowing seeds is best when the growing moon passes through the constellation Virgo or waning is in the constellations of Cancer or Scorpio.

Trimming branches and pinching is best done when the waning moon crosses the constellation Gemini or Aquarius.

Unfavorable and neutral days

What can you do with plants on unfavorable lunar days? It is best to leave them alone, because any manipulation will bring stress to our pets. Especially unfavorable are the days of eclipses - both lunar and solar. Transplanting flowers at this time can simply destroy them.

What can be done on neutral days on the lunar calendar? At this time, you can feed the plants, spray means against pests, water and loosen the soil. Radical changes the plant can not survive. However, in case of emergency, the plant can be transplanted on neutral days - if the pot was broken or pests attacked the plant.


Plants always delight us with their flowering and leaf beauty. Proper care is the key to a long life of handsome greens. Remember that the transplantation of flowers best of all takes place in the warm season of the year: this time is completely favorable for working with earth and tubers.

If you need to transplant a flower in deep autumn, you must strictly observe the lunar phases and take into account favorable days. It is not recommended to disturb the plants in winter; their vital processes are at rest.

If you make a transplant of plants taking into account the change of lunar phases, it will not bring stress and tubers. Flowers quickly take root to a new flowerpot and do not lose their attractiveness.

If you transplant a plant without taking into account the influence of the lunar phases, it can get sick and wilt. Therefore, always check your action plan with the lunar calendar and the advice of astrologers. Then your flowers will always delight violent flowering and healthy appearance.