Dream interpretation

I dreamed a fight with a girl - features decryption for dream books


Waving hands, bringing down all your anger on your opponent - this is the extreme stage of a person’s emotional breakdown. Such a model of behavior speaks of hot temper and inability to control one’s own anger. Why dream of a fight with a girl, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

A fight in a dream is a symbol of internal contradictions, disagreements with the realities of the surrounding reality. For a dreamer, this is a sign that you are in conflict with yourself, relatives, friends or colleagues, and you don’t want to put up with the proposed circumstances or conditions that are persistently imposed on you. This shows your position of upholding your own style, behavior, freedom, expression of will and desire. You are sure that you deserve to be considered and listened to your opinion.

For an accurate interpretation, it is important to understand who happened to fight the young lady. For a man, such a vision may indicate the manifestation of impartial character traits, which can significantly affect the relationship with a loved one. You can easily offend a woman with an act or a word without thinking about the consequences. Subsequent repentance does not dispel the disappointment of his beloved.

Another interpretation reflects the emotional color of the love relationship between a man and a woman. In a state of euphoria, you are ready to fulfill any sexual fantasies of your beloved, even the strangest and toughest. Elements of masochism in sex will only excite your companion.

For a woman to show physical aggression in a dream towards a girl is to try to fight a strong rival or rival. The business lady should wait a little with the implementation of new projects until you solve the current problems. Otherwise it will greatly slow down your activity and will affect the financial position of the company.

A young student to fight with a fellow student - will have to defend their rights in the area that is of most importance to you now. If it concerns personal life, then it is worth thinking about changing the image or going to the gym. Your impeccable appearance will be able to overshadow your fans, and you will not have to prove your superiority over your peers.

To win in the fray with the weaker sex means to prove your point of view, influence the decision-making, and convince the masses of the truth of their arguments. This is a good opportunity for those who want to assert themselves, show their leadership skills, achieve respect and recognition.

Watch those who beat each other, and try to separate hooligans - to a dubious adventure in which you can get involved friends. Do not settle for a job that promises a large and fast income. Your participation will only ruin your reputation over the years and worsen your precarious financial situation.

What else to expect from a fight with a girl in a dream

  • fleeting squabble - to insignificant expenditure of funds;
  • serious battle - to expect a conflict that will require to show strong character and perseverance;
  • to get involved in foreign conflicts - to invest funds in a non-profit project and suffer major losses;
  • to emerge victorious from the battlefield - to resolve a difficult situation, stabilize the financial situation;
  • to suffer during a fist fight - a dream warns of deteriorating health. The reason for this will be your own carelessness and levity;
  • strive to separate those who are no longer fighting - for the loss of profit or the opportunity to show themselves from the best side;
  • a man to beat a former woman in a dream - in reality, forgive her betrayal and betrayal. You will keep warm friendly relations;
  • a girl to enter into a fight with one that is clearly superior in physical strength - in reality not be afraid of the promised difficulties and obstacles. Barriers can be imagined by our consciousness and easily collapse with an optimistic attitude towards the result;
  • offend your own sister - to be in conflict with someone close to you. This situation can greatly inhibit your morale and negatively affect your career achievements;
  • someone pulled you into a street brawl - wait for an unpleasant meeting with those who yearn for your failure and humiliation;
  • a clash between friends in a dream - to try to influence and incline to someone else's decision. Be adamant and trust your own intuition.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

A fight with a woman symbolizes aggressive sexual intercourse. This means that partners prefer a harsh expression of their feelings to vanilla sex. You do not hesitate to hide sadomasochistic inclinations and demonstrate it as soon as possible. Intimacy for you is a kind of single combat, which you gladly enter.

For ordinary women, not prone to sadism in sex, this story can be a warning. Perhaps your future acquaintance with a pleasant young man will not be as perfect as it seems at first glance. During this period, it is easy for you to become a victim of sexual abuse. It is better for some time to avoid obsessive suitor and insistent admirers.

Watching from the side as a couple of young people are fighting, and not getting involved in it - in reality, preferring in sex the detached position of an observer over the bed scenes of naked people. You feel the pleasure of peering for the copulation of others, and the manifestation of their aggression towards each other brings you the highest degree of orgasm.

Gustov Miller

A fight with a girl in a dream can be a reflection of the dreamer's inner fears and uncertainties over the opposite sex. You experience discomfort in communicating with a particular person and strive to find a different approach to interaction. The reason for this may be the inability to come to an understanding or to find common interests. On the other hand, you may be trying to punish this person or teach him a lesson. In any case, it does not bring moral pleasure and makes you suffer.

For young people, such visions predict a rapid decline in accumulated tension. Flows of negative energy will begin to dissipate, giving way to positive creation. And to the one who first goes on a truce in a dream, fate will present a pleasant surprise, giving the dreamer new opportunities and pleasant prospects.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To a girl to fight in a dream with herself is to have a strong desire to be someone else. But if you are aware of your true purpose, such a vision indicates rivalry. You cannot avoid it, even if it seems that you are not participating in it.