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Features feng shui at home for a happy and successful life


If you want your home to help you achieve your goals as much as possible and successfully self-realize in various areas of your life, you should listen to art in Feng Shui. The experts of this ancient teaching gathered and systematized knowledge about the connection between the harmonious arrangement of things in the house and success in life so that it was easier for a person to achieve happiness and success in life. In this article we will reveal what the correct Feng Shui should be at home.

What should be the view of the street

It should be noted that only the dwelling which was planned and built under your direct supervision can be considered ideal. After all, when you live in an apartment or buy a ready-made house, there will necessarily be negative factors that disrupt the harmonious flow of Qi energy or block it altogether. But for this problem there is a solution.

The most important point that you need to pay attention to is the view of the street. Extremely negative on the energy state of your home will be affected by very close to other houses, construction near your home, as well as passing power lines and the absence of trees and other plants.

In order to neutralize the negative energy (called Sha), you should put on your window sill plants that will absorb all the negative. Geranium, basil and cacti act as such medicinal flowers (and the worse the situation outside the window is, the cacti with longer spines must be chosen).

Additionally, it is recommended to place the mirror of the gods on each window so that the reflecting side is directed outwards. These items will not allow negative energy to enter your home, which means they will improve the overall atmosphere of the room.

Excellent protective properties and has the music of the wind. It is recommended for windows to use the Chinese pagoda, which is presented in the form of five or seven tubes, as well as a bell decorated with feathers. It is not very important what these magic objects are made of, it is much more important that the sounds they emit evoke pleasant emotions in you.

Sharp corners, mirrors and wall colors

Sharp angles have a bad effect on the overall energy state of the home. Of course, you can not get rid of them completely, but it is quite possible to reduce their negative effects. To do this, hang small balls of crystal on the chandelier or floor lamp, and put round-shaped vases on the tables. Thanks to this, the flow of positive and negative energy will be balanced, which means that the positive in your life will increase significantly.

To protect yourself from the negative, it is important to pay special attention to the location of the mirrors. Do not place them in such a way as to reflect objects with pointed corners. The ideal option is when the mirrors will double useful things, such as jewelry boxes, home plants, dishes, or products. This will not only activate the flow of Qi energy, but also have a positive effect on your material condition, plus it will help to achieve spiritual harmony.

It is possible to improve the energy of your home with the help of properly selected wall colors. So if some room at home is too replete with sharp corners or if there are a lot of sharp objects in the kitchen (knives, forks, etc.), Feng Shui recommends painting the walls yellow. In this case, they will, firstly, visually expand the room, plus attract sunlight to it. People in such a room will feel relaxed, and also the flow of energy of Sha will be neutralized.

Also the harmonization of energy contributes to the green color. In this case, do not forget that the delicate green and grassy shades increase efficiency, fill with cheerfulness, and dark green, bottle or bright emerald green, on the contrary, tend to relax. Based on this, it is worth choosing the appropriate tones for the bedroom, living room or study.

The right house plan

Teaching Feng Shui provides a number of principles, according to which the objects should be located in housing:

  • So in the northern part of the home, responsible for the career, as well as in the south in the field of fame and self-realization, the placement of his office is ideal.
  • In the western area of ​​the house, which is responsible for creativity and children, it is best to have a children's room or art workshop.
  • The eastern sector, which is family and responsible for health, is ideal for the living room and kitchen.
  • The central part is also well suited for rooms in which all residents of the house, for example, a living room, gather, but you should not make a kitchen here.
  • The North-Western region is a zone of assistants and trips, it is best to keep equipment, sports and tourist equipment in it. At the same time accommodation in this area of ​​the washing machine is not suitable.
  • The northeast is a sector of wisdom and knowledge, it is ideal for arranging a library or a study.
  • The south-western part of the house is responsible for love and marriage, so here it is best to make a bedroom.
  • The southeastern region is a zone of money, it is ideal for arranging a study, safes, but it is absolutely not suitable for creating a kitchen and living room

5 useful tips for home from feng shui


It is necessary that your home is always clean. After all, the energy of Qi is much more affected by deposits of unnecessary objects than even from acute angles and unsuitable objects outside the window.

Use the talismans

To activate different areas, you should use special talismans of feng shui, as well as affirmations and objects that are related to the elements, which are at home or another area of ​​the house.

Activation of one or all zones

If you are a newcomer to the art of feng shui, do not activate all parts of the house at once. You should start with those in which areas you feel bad luck in life. And leave other sectors for the future when you arrange the most painful topics for you.

Take action

It is not necessary to load each sector with talismans. After all, each of them has its own meaning, performs different functions, and in the case of busting, amulets can become imbalances with each other. And you will get a completely unpredictable action.

Fight dust

It is necessary to control that talismans, houseplants, as well as plaques with affirmations and other mystical attributes used to activate a particular site are not buried under a layer of dust. Dust provokes stagnation in business, and is fraught with various obstacles.

Of course, it is completely naive to believe that having equipped your home according to all the rules of feng shui, you can relax and just wait until luck turns its face to you. The energy of Qi only contributes to the creation of favorable conditions for the improvement of your life, and how you use it will depend on you will be deprived.

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