Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a dead man - how to interpret


Care in the world of someone else from relatives, friends or acquaintances is always an irreparable loss that hurts the soul and requires a lot of time for the treatment of mental suffering. What a dream - a man died, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A person died in a dream - rather, it is a dream - a warning about future mistakes, delusions. If the dreamer wants a favorable change after such a vision, then one should listen to the voice of reason and follow the signs of fate.

Active and active people who are trying to devote their whole life to their beloved work, such a dream can be a symbol of your excessive workaholism. This can lead to burnout and general exhaustion. Your internal balance of power can no longer cope with the constant load and requires rest.

A man has dreamed how his girlfriend died - this may portend a break in relations with which you spend less time lately. Your position to receive, without giving in return, leads to dissatisfaction with your partner. She has amassed a lot of complaints to you, but because of her character, it is easier for her to go into the background than to sort out your relationship with you.

I saw a dead friend - in reality, you will learn a lot of good things about him and be very surprised by his achievements and successes. Perhaps for you this will be an example and an incentive for future achievements that will change the boring reality.

For a girl on the eve of a wedding, to bury her father in a dream is a sign that your decision is hasty. You should not create a family with those in whom you are completely unsure. A mother with such a plot will personify a disease that may lead to complications.

A dream in which a woman saw her husband dead, does not mean his quick death in reality. Rather, it indicates your guilt in front of your husband for past quarrels and reproaches. You want to return your words back and restore good relations. Do not come up with a truce, just apologize to your spouse.

A business person trying to provide first aid to a dying person - in reality you will have to take a hit during the economic crisis. Your business will experience difficult times, but the company's future will depend on you alone. If a person in a dream showed signs of life, you will deftly face difficult life circumstances and realize your goals. You can also count on the support of those who have influence and authority in society.

What else dreams of a deceased person

  • in the guise of an angel - fate will take away from an accident;
  • in the black cassock - to situations that carry an unjustified risk to health and life;
  • to speak with the dead man - to the good news and sudden insight;
  • the deceased left an inheritance - to unexpected profits and the attainment of financial independence;
  • put something in a coffin to the dead - to the deterioration of the financial situation;
  • to resurrect the dead - to take from life all that he aspired to;
  • an unmarried girl dreamed of someone's death - to the early attainment of family happiness and well-being;
  • to see a dying lover who has revived - to the resumption of the former warm relationship;
  • to observe the remembrance of a stranger means to meet an interesting person on your way who can bring many new and intriguing things into your life;
  • to see the dead of their own children - to a long and happy life of offspring. In another interpretation, this personifies discord in mutual understanding with the younger generation. Children are full of independence and no longer obey your orders. Try to become a friend with them, without interfering with going forward, but with good and wise advice.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Man died in a dream - this is evidence of your low sexual activity. You spend too little time in the intimate sphere, avoiding close contact with the opposite sex and neglecting the usefulness of sex for general health. Excessive abstinence threatens women with frigidity, and men with impotence. Such dreams often warn you that you should think about the offspring while you are still able to conceive a child.

Gustov Miller

A dead person in dreams is a warning sign for the dreamer. If a business man on the eve of the transaction dreamed that his father had died - it means that you should not get involved in a project that would be unprofitable for you. There is a risk of losing your financial solvency, burden yourself with repaying monetary amounts on your liabilities.

A woman dreamed of a dying mother - this is a harbinger of ailments and illness. This period is particularly serious about health. When the symptoms of the disease appear, immediately consult a doctor. Do not delay the visit to the doctor with exacerbation of chronic diseases.

A relative who has gone to the next world means the forthcoming efforts, which will bring considerable monetary expenditures. You can pretty deplete your financial reserves, if you trust to dispose of the accumulated funds to someone from loved ones.

A colleague was dreaming of a dead man - in a difficult life situation you will have to rely only on your own strength. Do not rely on the support of someone from the environment. Co-workers will clearly make it clear that everyone is for himself. But if this person is a friend to you in his life, then the dream indicates his long and happy life after difficult vicissitudes.

David loff

The interpreter claims that dreams of the dead are dreaming in three cases: longing for the departed, resolving the current issues of the dreamer, condemning some actions of the sleeper.

In the first case, if you dream of a man who has already died, he died, then you simply cannot let go of him and accept his loss. If you had to observe someone's funeral in a dream on the eve of a significant event - do not expect great joy from the result of the event. It will not do you good, but will only add concern to common current problems.

To see how they bury a person who is actually alive - remember your relationship with him. Whether you had to quarrel with this man, having told him many offensive words, to accuse him of something. Such plots indicate your misconception and the fallacy of opinion in relation to this person. The right step is to go on a truce and admit your own mistakes. Otherwise, spiritual repentance and feeling of regret will torment you for a long time.