Dream interpretation

Someone else's wedding in a dream - the nuances of deciphering the dream books


The marriage ceremony is always a significant and exciting event in the life of the newlyweds. To be a guest at such a celebration means to have a lot of fun, taste delicious food and take part in fun contests. What dreams of someone else's wedding, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A foreign wedding in a dream personifies many pleasant surprises that will occur in the near future dreamer. For this sensation in a dream should be as pleasant as possible, give you a lot of pleasure, please with its solemnity and beauty.

I dreamed that you were offered to be a witness at the wedding - in reality you would be entrusted with a serious mission that will require a lot of strength, energy and experience from you. But this is a great opportunity to show your talent, reveal business skills, develop intuition. Without knowing it, you will discover a new potential that will expand the scope of desires and opportunities.

A girl to dance in a circle with the bride and groom is a good reason to think about their own marriage. You have the opportunity to feel like a princess at the very moment when a potential fan reveals the seriousness of their feelings and intentions to you.

Family people see themselves at a wedding party among those invited - expect pleasant troubles. You will have little time to organize a very serious, but enjoyable event. The reason for the celebration will be a joyous occasion to meet relatives, friends, acquaintances.

A business man to observe the wedding procession, which prevents him from driving - to achieve the desired result from long and hard work in reality. You will justify the hopes of investors and achieve personal financial stability.

Author's dream books


I dreamed of being among those invited to the wedding - in reality you will be captured by pleasant events. They will not make major changes in life, but they will refresh everyday, monotonous everyday life with new troubles and deeds.

You saw yourself as an honorary guest at someone else's wedding - in reality you will have to give help and support to your loved ones who recognize you as their patron. In the future, you can rely on them, since they will pay back for such responsiveness and generosity with devotion and good deeds.

Participated in a wedding in ridiculous competitions - a dream suggests that you cannot avoid competition, even if it seems that you are not doing anything for it. Everything in this world is relative, today you are proud of past experience and recognition, and tomorrow you understand that there is still a lot to be done to become a professional in your field.

The girl to spend the bride in a dream - to show creative abilities and talents that fans will appreciate. You will demonstrate yourself from the best side and provide a reason to think of you as a potential spouse.

Gustov Miller

The celebration of the marriage of friends for the dreamer is a good sign. In reality, this may indicate the imminent resolution of the accumulated problems. You may be able to find an answer to a question that has long been pursued and disturbed. Such a dream also reflects the successful implementation of the plan. You can safely make plans and move on to the next stage of life.

The girl dreamed of watching her fiance offer her hand and heart to an unfamiliar beauty - in reality, this reflects the emotional tension of the dreamer on the occasion of the upcoming marriage. You should be distracted from fear and excitement, taking up pleasant organizational moments of celebration. Dispel doubts about the correctness of the choice will help the beloved, having pleased with a pleasant surprise.

For a woman to see someone in a black guise at a wedding banquet - in reality expect bad news from a loved one. After a series of events may follow that will make you nervous. Troubles can relate to the sphere of personal relationships or health.

Sigmund Freud

A man is fun to celebrate someone else's wedding in a dream - it means being at the peak of its popularity among the opposite sex. Your sexual activity is now off scale. But it is worth noting that this sexual experience is very doubtful and may affect your state of health in the future. It is time to think about offspring, and not to seek quick, one-time sex without commitment.

A young lady to see a pleasant stranger among the invited fiance - in reality there is a real chance to meet a man of your dreams. He will be the embodiment of your sexual dreams and fantasies. To achieve its location, be natural and positive. Do not try to immediately identify the seriousness of your plans for the future with him. Otherwise, your romance will not last long.

Listening to toasts for the young and ashamed to congratulate personally - the dream reflects the excessive attachment and modesty of the dreamer. You are afraid to express your own feelings and emotions to those who are near and dear to you. From this there is a misunderstanding in the intimate sphere, complaints and dissatisfaction accumulate.

David loff

To be among those invited to a wedding event is to consider the possibility of making additional commitments. From this you plan to benefit, but not able to assess the extent of personal responsibility. The happier and more fun this event in your dream will be for you, the more promising the future deal will be. There will be a solution to some formal issues, but you will get the expected profit.

If the holiday on which you visited in dreams was spoiled by someone - wait for a dirty trick in a tempting offer. Do not make hasty decisions by agreeing to easy money. The consequences can be aggravating for your financial situation.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A foreign wedding in a dream is a sign that you should prepare for a series of troubles. The more people at the marriage ceremony, the more negative moments are expected. For a young beauty, such a dream reflects the envy of rivals who claim the attention of your fan.

Married lady to marry her own spouse - in reality, catch him in infidelity. In some cases, this may indicate excessive suspicion and distrust of the second half. In any case, do not try to quickly break your union, call your husband on a frank conversation.

A man dancing with his bridesmaids is dizzy with success that can be costly. Overconfidence will affect the hasty decision. This will break the stability and prosperity of the business.