Dream interpretation

What does the dream shot mean - interpretation of details on dream books


A dream in which a sleeping person is given an injection is rather unpleasant, and it may not cause the dreamer the best feelings and forebodings. However, you should not be afraid in advance - it is quite possible that the interpretation of such a dream will be harmless or even favorable. The dream interpretation will help to find out what the injection is for in each particular case. For this it is worth remembering the details of the dream.

General interpretation

If a sleeping needle was injected into the sleeping man with a sharp needle, in real life you should be prepared for unexpected events that will happen in the foreseeable future. If the needle was blunt, it would be difficult to defend one’s own opinion and force other people to listen to themselves.

If you have been given an injection in a dream from which you have felt severe pain, you will soon be able to let the accumulated negative come out. If, on the other hand, the dreamer did not feel the piercing of the skin, in reality he has the talent to always keep everything under control and not to lose his temper.

An unfavorable sign is a dream in which an injection was made to a sleeping person not by a professional doctor, but by a person who does not have medical education. Such a dream promises unhappiness, the victim of which the dreamer himself will become. You should not participate in activities related to risk and danger, no matter how tempting they are.

If a sleeping person in his night vision receives an injection from a syringe filled with poison, in real life the dreamer stands in the way of someone. If there were vitamins in the syringe, relatives and other close people are experiencing for it.

A dream, in which you were given an injection against your will, foreshadows not the best events, you will accidentally offend or offend a loved one in order to achieve your goal. If this happens, you should sincerely apologize.

Who and to whom carried out the injection

The interpretation of the dream will depend on where exactly you do the injection, as well as whether you gave the injection to yourself or another person. In general, if you had to prick yourself, in reality you find fault with your own appearance, try to improve it. If you carried out this unpleasant medical procedure for someone else - a dream personifies you as an attentive, sensitive and caring person.

Night vision, in which the dreamer inserts a needle into the buttock itself, speaks of an awakened conscience, the remorse of which torment him. If a sleeping person gave an injection to someone else - in real life he will have to shame some of his close people for inappropriate behavior. On this basis, conflict may ensue.

If in the night vision an injection was made to a person from the circle of your friends or relatives, then you have to talk with him in reality. A dream in which an injection is given to an animal embodies the sleeping man’s excessive attention to other people's problems - it is worth thinking more about one’s own life.

A dream in which you give an injection with a big syringe to your friend, foreshadows a fascinating event or adventure together. It will begin exactly at your initiative. If in a night vision a friend was grateful to you for the injection, in real life he will receive unforgettable pleasure from your adventure.

What place was the injection done

The correct interpretation of the dream also depends on the part of the body into which the needle was inserted. A dream in which you watch someone trying to make an injection in the lower back, but instead stays up in the leg, heralds the beginning of a light novel, which will seem fleeting. However, it will grow into great love, which subsequently will bring many problems and misfortunes.

If you had a chance to see a shot in a vein in a night vision, you received a substantial supply of energy. The period after such a dream is the best for new beginnings, the realization of ideas, projects and plans.

The value of the injection to other parts of the body:

  • Chest or torso - carefully monitor your health, as it is under threat;
  • Back - to the memories of the past;
  • Hand - for profit, spending time with friends, new work;
  • Legs - to move up the career ladder;
  • Head - to the emergence of new ideas and ideas, long reasoning;
  • Neck - to luck, the chance to change something for the better.

Interpretation on other details

If in the night vision you watch someone take medicine in a medical syringe, in real life you will be preparing for a significant event. A dream in which you treat the skin area with alcohol to prepare for an injection will please you so that you can avoid a serious mistake.

The dreamed huge syringe personifies the fears of a sleeping person, tormenting him in real life. If in a dream you arrived at a medical facility to give an injection and, tired of waiting for the queue, you decided to retire from there - in reality you would drop any project in the middle of the road.

If in a dream several injections appeared at once - in reality you need to seriously think about the state of the body. If in a dream you resist someone giving you an injection, in reality you may regret the decision made or the action performed. If you roar after the injection - in reality you will need the support of loved ones.

Night vision, in which you see a lot of accessories for the injection, says that you are constantly at risk by engaging in adventures. One of them may not end for you with the best consequences.

Dreamy longo

If you rely on the interpretation given by this dream book, the injection is not the most favorable sign. If in a dream you feel like you are being given an injection, then in reality you risk losing control of your own emotions.

A dream in which you desperately do not give anyone a stab at you suggests that in reality someone close to you will awaken your conscience and you will not be able to hide from it for a long time.

Esoteric dream book

An injection in the night vision symbolizes retribution for the mistakes made earlier. No matter how unpleasant you are in this situation, remember - these are just the consequences of your own actions.

Dream Dream

The dreamed injection personifies the dreamer's painful experiences in real life. Medical supplies for the injection warn the dreamer that it is worth being careful in his extreme sexual predilections and carefully choosing partners. Since sooner or later sex life can lead to problems.