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Favorable and unfavorable days for a haircut in March 2018 - calendar


The first spring month pleases with solar heat and exacerbation of colds. Hair needs protection, nutritious masks and careful care. Consider favorable days for haircuts in March 2018. When can I change my image and paint curls?

Favorable lunar days for haircuts

The lunar cycle is divided into two periods - the rising moon and the waning. The full moon is the boundary of these two periods and contains their informational component. If you intend to cut your hair during the growing moon, the tips will grow back faster than after cutting on a waning moon.

Note! If you need to keep your haircut for a longer period, visit a hairdresser on a waning moon. If you want to grow hair faster, trim the tips on the growing moon.

So, what days in March are considered favorable for hair cutting? They are not so much.

March 2 will bring rid of negativity. This is the time of the full moon when the energy of a person is maximally revealed. If you want to get rid of something bad in your life, do not miss this day! Astrologers advise to visit the sauna to release the body from toxins. Cosmetic procedures with the skin of the face is better not to.

March 8 improve mood and raise the tone. You can make a tattoo of the lips, cosmetic procedures. Depilation will be without consequences and complications. Auspicious day.

A haircut March 16 and 21 will lead to financial well-being. But beware of the envious! Cosmetic procedures with the face can not be carried out, it will lead to great trouble with the skin of the face. The ban also applies to bodily procedures - better rest on this day.

A haircut March 24 improve health and prolong life. Devoting time to cosmetic procedures is not recommended - the skin should rest. Also, do not need to manipulate the body - just relax and rest.

Special days are considered March 1 and 31. A haircut on this day will help to establish financial affairs, but it will take a lot of vital energy. Decide for yourself how to be.

Barber Council. Bangs is a unique piece of hair: it can emphasize the individuality of the image and hide flaws. Short bangs highlight the expressiveness of the look, slanting - visually makes the wide face narrow, low straight - visually expands the narrow face.

Unfavorable days

In the month of March unfavorable days are much more than favorable. Therefore, note in advance for yourself the correct time of going to the hairdresser.

Haircut March 3 and 22 will bring trouble and problems. The third number is not suitable for skin care, it is better to just stay in the fresh air and relax. March 22, you can nourish the skin with a mask based on mineral salts or water. Manipulations with the body these days it is better not to carry out.

A haircut March 7 will contribute to the development of emotional discomfort. Cosmetic procedures with the skin will bring her stress - it is better to do nothing. This day is better to devote to medical fasting or to arrange a fasting diet.

A haircut 10th day will bring a stressful situation. For the body, you can make a massage, but not relaxing - tonic. Day favors the correction of eyebrows - go to the beautician.

A haircut 15th day shortens life. For the skin of the face is useful to make a contrast procedure - washing with hot and cold water. For the body is useful to visit the bath, contrasting douche.

A haircut March 19 weaken the structure of curls, make them brittle and lifeless. On this day, it is useful to make masks for the skin of the neck.

A haircut 20th of March can disrupt the implementation of the planned plans. Clay masks are useful for the face, the body needs to be allowed to relax - do nothing.

Haircut March 23 can aggravate the conflict situation. Better visit a beautician - any manipulation of the skin will benefit. For the body, you can perform any procedure, but they will not bring much effect.

Days March 25, 26 and 27 considered unfavorable for shearing. You can quarrel with others and get sick. For the care of the skin the days are also considered unfavorable, you can do the usual daily cleansing procedures.

Coloring curls

Hair coloring does not always go well. This is due not to the quality of the paint and not to the skill of the hairdresser, but to the influence of the lunar days. To make your hair well colored and look shiny, you need to visit a hairdresser on the correct lunar day.

Hair coloring the 5th of March will bring success in business and add mood. However, the tone does not need to be changed - dye your hair the usual color.

To dye hair March, 6 you need only natural tones - then it will fill you with positive energy.

Day March 8 also favorable for staining. Just change the hair color in the direction of lightening. You will find an amazing meeting, joy and happy moments.

To dye hair 9th of March you need only natural dyes, then your financial affairs will go well.

Coloring curls 10th of March will bring pleasure. It is also recommended to make firming masks for hair roots.

Days March 19 and 21 will bring useful meetings if you paint curls in natural tones.

Day 20th of March will help to strengthen the authority and raise the status of the service field. Curls sneak completely, the effect will be very impressive.

Days March 28 and 29 considered favorable in all respects.

Adverse days for coloring

These days in March are few, but they can worsen health and lead to conflicts with others. So, unfavorable days are considered March 3, 7, 16, 22, 24 and 30. Do not experiment with hair color.