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Mandarin Ducks on Feng Shui - the symbols of love and harmony


In the art of Feng Shui, there are a variety of statues, charms of deities and charms. Also there are a lot of different souvenirs and other mystical figures in it. Mandarin ducks are very popular, the features of which we will discuss in this material.

What caused such a name ducks?

In ancient times in China, the name "Mandarin" was worn by influential grandees, who were allowed to wear chic color attire. Mandarin ducks in their own plumage strongly resemble multicolored garments of nobles, for this reason they began to be called so.

Mandarin ducks are unusually attractive and loyal creatures. People have long noted that they, like swans, are hauled once in a lifetime and then remain faithful only to their partner. Having created a family, ducks try to perform all actions together: raise their babies, swim next to each other and even take off. When one of the ducks dies, and the second often follows her from anguish.

Most likely, precisely because of this, in the art of Feng Shui duck mandarin ducks began to symbolize pure love and loyalty. The Chinese, this symbol is very common, mandarin ducks present to the newlyweds on the day of marriage.

Legend of duck mandarins

Referring to the ancient legend of these amazing creatures. She says that a wealthy grandee (who was called mandarin) lived for a very long time. For many years he was married. And once he realized that he was tired of his wife and he no longer has feelings for her. Then he came up with her quit and send to her parents.

But he was afraid to utter a terrible truth in the eyes of his wife. Immersed in sad thoughts, the Mandarin went for a walk near the pond. Here he drew attention to a very beautiful pair of ducks, favorably distinguished by their bright motley color. The nobleman stood up and began to observe these animals.

Together the ducks swam across the pond and cooed lovingly with each other. From the side it looked unusually cute and touching. And then in the head of the grandee, pictures of their first meetings with his wife began to rush, he began to recall his youth, feelings and emotions experienced then. And after that he felt a great awkwardness, he suddenly realized that it was necessary to fight for his love, it was necessary to preserve and protect it. Mandarin realized that he could not just run away from the problem, leaving his wife, and that all difficulties should be overcome together. After this walk, he returned home with completely different thoughts and never again thought about leaving his wife. And very soon everything became good in the relationship with his wife.

It is from here that the belief arose that the mandarin ducks will contribute to the preservation of good relations in the couple. Once, they were able to save the union from parting, which means they would also help other disappointed couples.

Duck selection rules

Here you need to stick to a few points:

Moment 1. As well as choosing any other amulet, the most important thing is that it evokes inner sympathy in you.

Moment 2. When purchasing a love talisman, you need to focus on a pair of ducks, and not on individual individuals. After all, in the sale can be found such options.

Moment 3. Try to make your amulet look as realistic as possible. It is important that the ducks in their color were as close as possible to natural birds. At the same time note that the drakes usually have a brighter color, and the ducks are not so motley.

Moment 4. Ideally, the material manufacturing figures should have a natural origin. And if more precisely - to relate to the element of the earth. For example, mandarin ducks can be ceramic, porcelain, plaster, and also made from any other breed. Additionally used jewelry in the form of precious stones. At the same time, jasper and jade have the greatest magic power.

Moment 5. In the process of choosing mandarin ducks according to the art of Feng Shui, you need to pay special attention to their location relative to each other. And there in a harmonious version of a pair of ducks should be located on the same stand, or touch each other with the help of their wings. In this case, birds can be turned to each other with their heads, sit on lotus flowers, and so on. And most importantly, the amulet conveyed the atmosphere of a combination of two lovers. It should be evident at first glance at this couple that they are one.

At the same time, the option when the ducks have nothing in common and they just sit side by side with each other is completely not harmonious. This symbol should be discarded.

Pay attention to these recommendations should be observed if you and choose a picture, which depicts the mandarin ducks or panels.

Suitable place to stay

If you want this amulet to maximize its power, it is important to put it correctly in your home. And according to the art of feng shui, the placement of ducks in the southwestern part of your house is considered the most suitable, because it is she who is responsible for love and marriage. In this case, the ducks will draw romance into your life, they will be able to return the extinct feelings, and for a lonely person - they will help you quickly meet his soul mate.

Do you already have a marriage bond, it is recommended to store your wedding rings near the ducks, so they can draw from them a charge of positive energy. And if you are alone now, with the help of these amazing figures you will definitely find your pair. To further enhance the magical power of the amulet, you should hang a picture with these birds next to it on the wall, and also put nearby any kind of paired objects: here you can use candlesticks, jewelry boxes and various other figures. In addition, you can use the symbol in the form of other items such as a keychain for your keys, which must always be kept with you.

It is necessary to pay attention to the color of the mascot, the ideal color for mandarin ducks is orange. When you buy your talisman of love and well-being, choose the one that most will be to your liking.

Since mandarin ducks are a symbol of romance and love, they will surely help you find your happiness, the lost companion of your life. The main thing, of course, is to sincerely believe in the power of this talisman and not to doubt it for a minute.

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