Dream interpretation

What does it mean to cook and eat kebab in a dream for dream books

Kebab - not quite the usual dish from the daily diet. It is associated with a holiday, recreation, especially in nature, in the country, with cheerful romantic adventures and friendly gatherings. Drink roasted meat over the coals made a significant amount of alcohol, which helps to create a special relaxed atmosphere.

The invitation to kebabs in Russia usually has sexual connotations, as well as an invitation to the sauna. To see and eat kebabs in a dream means to dream of a vacation, rest, relax, indulge in rampant. Consider why dream skewers for dream books.

Basic Values

  • The main meaning of the kebab in a dream is a furious and impetuous fun, anticipation of the holiday. It is not necessary that in reality you will certainly eat roasted meat. Quite possibly, you will be amused by completely different things.
  • If there is a lot of meat for kebabs, you expect only good things from life and you have good reason. A large number of snacks means wealth, joy, pleasure. In the near future you will have enough occasions for joy and celebration.
  • Pork roasted on ramrods in a dream says not only that you can not worry about religious restrictions in food. Gentle pork shows the maximum desire for pleasure, ease of character, a tendency to simple and effective solutions.
  • Chicken kebabs mean that you need not to save on the pleasures and joys of life. Dream books say that if you do not stop crying, poverty awaits you in a few years. The survivability will be noticed.
  • Fish shashlik in a dream shows a sophisticated creative nature. The soonest realization of your new ideas can bring you fame.
  • Veggie shashlik made of chop-fried vegetables, soy meat, bean patties can be quite tasty, especially if seasoned with good sauces. In a dream, it means imitation of fun, disappointment in better expectations. There may be problems with the digestive system and the liver.
  • Meat with blood - impatience, excessive haste. In achieving your goals, you do not consider the victims, which can be easily avoided by showing a little patience.
  • Cooking a marinade - most likely you like the role of a gray cardinal. The success of big business and serious investments depend on your efforts. You know how to work equally with rich clients due to high intelligence, excellent skills and keen flair.
  • Kebabs in the store or in fast food. You wanted a kebab, but you got a kebab on a stick like a toothpick. Such a dream means disappointment. Your efforts are too low, dedication is taken for granted. Quite possibly, a luxurious premium, about which everyone is hotly arguing for half a year, will be tiny. Your hopes for a luxurious reward will not come true.
  • If the kebab is handed to you by a man who cares for you, responding to his feelings, you may face disappointment in the intimate sphere.

Interpretation of authorities

  • Dream Miller warns that if in a dream you are treated to meat from the fire - gossipers are already working behind your back, discussing every step.
  • To see a lot of delicious grilled meat, but not to feel the desire to eat it, to take part in the general fun. You feel detached, do not think that you are your own person in the company, doubt it. Perhaps you like detachment, you seek control, and you think you are superior to others. Arrogance, especially on a holiday, is inappropriate. You need to learn how to faithfully portray the fun and not stand out. You will be surprised, but each person considers himself the only worthy. If you do not make friends whose support you can count on, you will get many enemies rejoicing at your defeats.
  • The female dream book claims that the burnt kebab means regret for the unfulfilled, awkwardness. Overdried meat - brief problems with money. If the meat is tender and juicy - you are satisfied with life and are ready for new challenges.
  • Dream interpretation Felomeny says that shashlik in a dream is a good sign for welfare and family celebration. Sleep means pleasant chores. To fry, cook shashlik in a dream - you are too straightforward and persistent in achieving goals.


Skewers in a dream - a strong positive sign. For the sake of success, you are able to cut competitors into pieces and eat with ketchup or with a more delicate sauce. You will succeed, expect success, awards, achievements, triumph and not lose your fighting spirit.