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Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in January 2018


The January cold causes you to treat your hair with special attention and care. A string of New Year's holidays with feasts and overeating, too, contributes. How to protect your hair from environmental aggression? Consider the question: favorable days for a haircut in January 2018. It turns out to cut hair at the right time is a good defense for them and our life in general!

Favorable days of January

What days are favorable and how to define them? Determine the value of lunar days, astrologers, who make special calculations. We only need to open the lunar calendar and correlate the date of the month with the lunar day.

Note! Haircut hair in the first half of the lunar month - from new moon to full moon - accelerates hair growth. Haircut in the days of the full moon and before the new moon - slows down.

A haircut second of january - a favorable event for your curls. If the barber shops are closed, you can trim the ends of the hair at home. This is the best time to get rid of negative energy through hair. On this day, you can indulge the tired skin of the eyelids with a nourishing mask, but the body must be given complete rest.

Fourth day of january nothing special is different. To cut hair or not - decide for yourself. For the body it is useful to make mud wraps or just leave it alone.

A haircut on the eighth day fill with health and great mood. For body and face care - the day is neutral.

A haircut on the 14th and 29th day of January reward positive, you can improve relationships with loved ones. For the body it is useful to make a vacuum massage, and for the face - a collagen mask.

A haircut on the 16th day of the month will bring monetary success and joy. For the body, you can make a tightening, for the face - apply the tools based on sea salt.

A haircut 20th day also please money profit. Let your body and face relax, do not load them with cleansing and other procedures.

A haircut 22 and 27 numbers promotes health and longevity. For the face, make nourishing masks, for the body - wellness treatments.

Unfavorable days

Why are these days dangerous for women? Hair cutting can bring serious trouble or health problems. Hair has a connection with the subtle energies of the universe and reacts sensitively to any impact. So, the vibrations of the universe these days are unfavorable for the manipulation of curls.

A haircut on the 3rd and 21st day of January bring problems and setbacks to life. On this day, attention should be paid to the immune system - to support it with nutrition or vitamins. Rest more these days, do not overload the nervous system and do not expose the body to physical exertion.

A haircut on the fifth and sixth day of the month will lead to poor health. On this day, it is best to go to the sauna or visit the pool.

A haircut January 7th can lead to despondency. This day should be devoted to rest, do not engage in cosmetic procedures and do not load the body with physical exercises.

A haircut January 11, 12, 13 and 10 will lead to stress because of the heavy energy of the lunar day. With the skin of the face is also not worth experimenting, as with exercise. Just relax. Overeating is also not recommended.

A haircut January 15 can shorten life. The body can be loaded with exercise - it will strengthen the immune system.

A haircut January 18 can ruin the appearance of hair - they will become lifeless and dull. The body needs intensive wellness procedures.

A haircut January 19 and 28 weaken the energy and immune system. The body needs toning procedures, the face - in intensive massage and nutrition.

A haircut January 22 will lead to conflict situations. Pay attention to wellness treatments.

A haircut January 24 and 26 may weaken health, there may be conflict situations with the environment. Take care of your own health, take time to creativity.

A haircut January 31 will lead to disorders. Revise the diet, engage in intensive cleansing of the skin.


Hair coloring 1st of January will lead to success in the business field. On the personal sphere change of hair color will not affect.

Hair coloring in dark color January 2 will help to avoid many troubles.

Changing the tone of curls 5 January fill with a sense of joy and bring success.

Coloring January 6 will attract good luck and luck into your life.

Paint curls January 9 promises monetary gains, although the color may not turn out as expected.

Manipulations with curls January 14 bring spiritual harmony and peace.

Days January 18 and 20 will help to establish harmonious relationships with people around them.

Coloring curls Basma or henna January 19 will attract financial success.

Day January 22 fill you with a sense of self-worth and bring reconciliation with loved ones.

Hair coloring 25 and 26 numbers improve health, if you apply natural dyes.

Days January 27 and 28 will help to find mutual understanding with relatives, will help in the sphere of love relationships.