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Sufi practices for women: the initial stages of learning


The geniuses of science have long been convinced that with the help of drug treatment it is impossible to completely get rid of the disease, but really only shift the pathology from one organ to another. And only due to deep personal changes, real healing becomes possible. Changing yourself is more of a philosophical task, which means that you will need special knowledge and techniques. These include the Sufi healing exercises.

Although, in fact, Sufism is a philosophical direction of traditional Islam, it is so flexible and multifaceted that a whole part of it is reserved for women. After all, the well-being of the family and the ability to continue the race will depend on the state of their health.

What is sufism

Sufism is a mysterious direction of Islam, which emphasizes self-restraint and high spirituality.

The main purpose of using Sufism is the purification of the soul and the process of developing the necessary qualities.

Sufism is a rather complicated concept to understand; in this case, it is impossible to do without a spiritual mentor (they are called murshid in Islam).

Remember, everything that rejects Sharia cannot be taken for Sufism.

Features of Sufi healing practices

Performing meditations, special body movements, as well as breathing exercises - for all this it’s important not just mechanical repetition, but awareness of the deep essence of the practice. Therefore, you will definitely need a spiritual mentor. In addition, Sufis are convinced that the implementation of certain practices can take place strictly at certain hours of the day.

Due to the fact that Sufi healing practices are whole systems, it is unacceptable to perform only one or a couple of exercises - you should act in a comprehensive manner. Sufism can be successfully combined with other types of modern practices and trends. In particular, female Sufi practices of a certain age group are very popular.

This means that the fair sex after 50 years should not attend practices designed for young girls. And the point here is not at the age itself, but in the fact that for a certain category its own subject is selected with the most pressing issues.

What are the Sufi practices for?

The main goal of the work is the awakening of divine energy, as well as its subsequent independent use. A rather unusual and very interesting way to awaken energy is Sufi circling, which is suitable for absolutely any age.

Almost every nation has in its arsenal traditional dances and games, as well as round dances. You can start your construction of Sufi practices with ritual circling.

Women's Sufi practices are designed to make a person change internally, often beyond recognition. At the same time, a woman should clearly realize that she awakens in herself a force that will radically transform her.

The main goal of Sufi practices is to change your inner self to establish harmonious contact with the real world. At the same time, the students realize that they are able to influence the events that happen to them and achieve harmony primarily with themselves.

Thanks to the Sufi dances and exercise, a feeling of unity with the outside world and the center of the universe is created. People begin to adequately relate to the universe and live in a sense of harmony and happiness. In this case, the fair sex will calmly relate to the troubles occurring with them, and also be able to get rid of hatred, anger, feelings of irritation and other negative emotions. Thanks to all this, life acquires a new meaning.

The initial stages of the study of Sufism

If you want to understand the basics of this trend and get acquainted with such sacred knowledge, first of all, you need a teacher. Teachers in Sufism are called leaders, feasts, Fourchis or Arifs.

Beginners of Sufism are called murids. At the very beginning, the master offers the Murids the performance of various practices that should develop a high concentration of attention and stop the flow of different thoughts.

It should also be noted that the process of teaching Sufism is largely governed by the individual characteristics of the personality of the beginner.

Different fraternities vary the number of stages that are necessary to enter this religion. Basically there are four main stages:

  1. Shari'ah, which is the literal execution of all laws described by the Qur'an and Sunnah.
  2. Tarikat Here you need to master the special steps, called poppies. A person will be required to observe repentance, prudence, restraint, patience, faith in God and obedience.
  3. Marefat. A person learns further by improving his knowledge and love for God. At this stage, he already understands how important the spiritual world is for him and material wealth is indifferent.
  4. Hakikat It is the highest level in Sufism. Here, man fully concentrates on the divine; he is already a little concerned with earthly problems and needs.

Effective cleansing exercises

For maximum effectiveness of training, it is necessary to realize that the body is a vehicle of the soul. It is for this reason that purification is so important. A person must stop feeling hatred and anger, which gradually destroy it. To this end, it is necessary to use special Sufi exercises for women.

For example, zikr exercise is especially popular. Good mood is very important for this practice. A woman sits with a straight back, closes her eyes and concentrates on her body and her inner feelings as much as possible. The center of attention is transferred to the solar plexus, which must constantly be opened.

After that, the center of attention is transferred to the area between the bones, and then shifted to the liver. This manipulation is repeated 99 times. With the help of the described method, you will successfully cope with pride and learn a good perception of the world and a feeling of love for everything around you.

Dance rituals in sufism

The practice of circling and chanting is very powerful, transforming the human consciousness beyond recognition. To do it, simply take off your shoes and start spinning in a clockwise direction around your axis. In this case, the right hand to go to heaven, so as to receive divine energy, and the left hand goes down - this provides the necessary grounding.

It is very important to perform circling for a long time, at least one hour. It is necessary to ensure that the body becomes stationary in the process of whirling. Keep going until you fall. Do not try to soften your fall.

In addition, you can try different meditative practices. To do this, lie down and try to eliminate all unnecessary thoughts from the head. In such a meditative state, a person should lie for about 15 minutes, while it is very important to maintain complete silence, completely detaching from real life.

Secrets of female magnetism

The second chakra gives attractiveness and attraction to the fair sex, because it is responsible for pleasure and sexual attraction. With the help of Sufi practice you can clean and activate this energy center.

The practice is performed in a sitting position. It is very important that the back be straight and your eyes covered. The hand is placed in the chest area. Breathe deeply, deeply.

At the same time constantly think about how much you love the universe. Create an energy flow in your body, and when you exhale, send energy to the 2 chakras. After that, the energy is directed to the feet. In conclusion, once again, inhale love in yourself and carry this energy all over your body.

During this process, it is important to achieve a feeling of pleasure in your entire body. As a result, such a representative of the fair sex will become very attractive for men, will attract them to her like a magnet.

Now you know what Sufi practices are for and how to use them properly. Use this knowledge for your own benefit, and finally, be sure to check out an interesting thematic video: