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Taoist practices for women - the beginning of the practice, the love of self


How to become the most desirable for your beloved man? A woman looks like a flower that fascinates with its beauty and gives a unique scent of love. How to unleash the mysterious potential of attractiveness, charm and sexuality? Female Taoist practices developed by oriental masters of Tao help with this. Please note: every woman has untapped sexual potential. It does not need to turn out, it needs to be opened in itself!

Start practicing

To learn how to work with Taoist practitioners who will give each woman a magical inner transformation, you need to master the ability to concentrate on one image and learn visualization. These are the two main skills that will be required for training.

Taoist sages claim that the main task of every woman’s life is the ability to accumulate and save energy. It is necessary to spend the accumulated energy only on your near and dear ones, maintaining family coziness and comfort. This is a different truth from the European mentality, but it is in it that the seed of wisdom lies - to live a happy life filled with joy.

Tao Secrets

What is the secret of Taoist practices for women? It is based on several statements:

  1. The ability to love yourself.
  2. Regular breast massage to reveal sexuality.
  3. The ability to "breathe" the ovaries.
  4. The ability to thank yourself for everything.

Consider these points in detail.

Love to yourself

Not every woman knows how to love herself, many look in the mirror and quietly hate their body and face. This is a very big mistake! You need to enjoy your body, even the disadvantages. How can this be achieved? Just imagine that you are the only woman in the whole world, and no one can be more beautiful than you.

Go to the mirror and smile to your own image. You are the only woman on earth, and your beauty is the standard of beauty. Plump belly or hips too big? It's not scary at all, but just beautiful. After all, it's you! Start loving yourself from this second and never stop doing it.

Enjoy your belly, hips, hands, face, hair - they are the only ones in the world! Enjoy yourself in front of the mirror while taking a shower or bath. Pamper yourself with cosmetics, use aromatic gels and foams for the bath. Love yourself with all your heart, admire yourself. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what other people think about your beauty and how they look.

Do you have an extra 10 kg, and they spoil your beauty? Not true, they do not spoil the beauty - you are the most beautiful woman on earth. But these pounds spoil your health, so you need to get rid of them. Do not let the thought that something can ruin your beauty - it will only lead to low self-esteem and complexes.

Breast massage

Why do I need to massage the breast itself? Because it normalizes women's health, and sexuality depends on women's health. Sex can only be completely healthy woman. Also, breast massage normalizes the monthly cycle, on which health and sexuality also depend. How to make a massage?

Important! It is necessary to do the exercises with great love for yourself, otherwise they will not bring results.

Take one breast in the palm of your hand (cover it with your palm) and rotate it 9 times in a clockwise direction. The central part of the palm should cover the nipple. Now lightly press on the chest along with the expiration of air - exhale and press. So 10 times with each breast. Then start doing exercises with the ovaries.

Breathing ovaries

How can you breathe the ovaries if they have no respiratory organs? If not, then you can imagine. Just imagine that your ovaries have a small nose through which they breathe air. This little trick will help you adjust the exercise process. The second version of the presentation: your vagina is the nose and the ovaries are the lungs. Inhale the vagina and feel how it fills both ovaries.

The progress of the practice:

  1. Sit on the edge of a sofa or chair with your legs slightly apart (they should not touch each other).
  2. Put your palms on your feet with your back up and relax. Feel the warmth that fills your body: it is the warmth of love for yourself and the world.
  3. Place your palms on your ovaries - right and left.
  4. Perform soft massage movements with palms, feel the filling of the ovaries with warmth and energy.
  5. Start breathing with your ovaries - as you inhale clean air enters them, and when you exhale - dirty. Do this at least 90 times in a row, and better - 180 times. While performing breathing, strain and relax the abdominal muscles: while inhaling, the stomach inflates, as you exhale, shrinks.
  6. Put your palms on the navel and start making circular movements in different directions - clockwise / counterclockwise.
  7. End the practice with gratitude to the universe and to yourself for the happiness of being a woman.

How often should you practice this exercise? Ideally, every morning and evening. After doing the exercises, you should feel that every cell of your body shines with health, love and beauty. You radiate the love that is within you. You are the love of the world! Keep this feeling all day. After a while, you will notice positive changes inside and outside.