Dream interpretation

What does a ferret promise in a dream - explanations of popular dreamers


Why dream ferret? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

Experts explain such visions in different ways. The behavior of the animal, its color, state of health and wool will be important. For accurate interpretation, you must remember all the details of the dream and get acquainted with the dream books.

Interpretation of various dream books

Autumn dream

The ferret dreams to a serious clarification of the relationship.

Summer dream

This dream warns the dreamer about wasting money.

Spring dream book

To dream of a ferret predicts theft of a thing from you. Someone from your relatives will do it.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • A vision with such a beast promises to get into an unpleasant story.
  • Kill him in a dream - you will manage to overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal.

The interpretation of the witch Medea

  • A ferret dreamed of - you will demonstrate in reality resourcefulness against the intrigues of your enemies.
  • This may herald an attempt to interfere with the dreamer's personal life.

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • Feel the smell of the animal on your clothes in night vision - your actions have become insolent. The reason for this may be failures in the business field.
  • Kill him with his own hands - to self-solving all problems, success.

Interpretation of the Hasse Medium

  • A ferret dreams of wiles against you.
  • A man to see a ferret promises chores around the house.
  • A woman to see the animal of white color foreshadows new acquaintances. Be careful with this. You can meet with a person who gives you a lot of trouble.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

This animal can dream of the intrigues of enemies, slander, exacerbation of chronic disease.

Opinion psychologist Z. Freud

  • The ferret is a sign that you can seduce women. You can seduce any of them.
  • Playing with him is a sign of the onset of an important moment in your relationship with the female sex. Marriage is possible.
  • For a woman to see this animal promises intimate meetings, role-playing games.

Vanga's look

  • The ferret symbolizes malice and disassembly.
  • For women, such a scenario foreshadows quarrels, men - property conflicts.
  • To see a skinny and unsightly animal promises grief and dissatisfaction.
  • Satisfied and happy ferret - a warning about the appearance in your environment of a person who is not trustworthy.

Interpretation of Nostradamus

  • For girls, such a dream promises a temporary painful condition, for men - you need to take seriously current affairs. There is a possibility of a trick from rivals.
  • The animal was asleep - the dreamer's body needs rest, playing in a cage - to good news.
  • If he tried to bite you - a loved one intends to deceive you in the details.

The explanation of the white magician Y. Longo

  • A man had a hand ferret in a dream - it's time to take some of the results of your life and think about what to do next.
  • Another interpretation is your current professional career will bring you a good income.

Opinion of Pastor D. Lofa

  • This animal in a dream predicts an unexpected gift to the dreamer.
  • He bit you in a dream - there is a possibility that one of your close people is an intriguer. He intends to bring you trouble. You need to identify this person and in any way remove him from yourself. Otherwise, you can not avoid problems.

Dream Interpretation of the Seasons

  • The animal squeaked in a dream - some people try to take advantage of your good nature and hospitality. They will try to take advantage of this to the detriment of your financial condition. Beware of them, otherwise your wallet will suffer from these insolent people.
  • He managed to bite you - to excitement and heartache. The wound from the bite was bleeding - to a strong feeling of anxiety.
  • The animal squeaks plaintively - the dreamer is in for a difficult life period.
  • Kill the ferret in black - to successfully solve complex problems.
  • He shat on your clothes - your current affairs can be seriously complicated. Take timely measures to improve them.

Predictions of the Modern Interpreter

  • Such a fluffy animal is a sign of an unpleasant story that you can get into.
  • Feeling the shivering and unpleasant smell of a ferret is a warning about your inadequate and rude waking behavior. This foreshadows problems in the professional sphere and in the personal life of the dreamer. To avoid this, you need to reconsider your behavior. There is no other way out.
  • The bite of a white animal foreshadows successful problem solving.
  • Seeing yourself as a white ferret - in reality you will be cunning in confrontation with your enemies.

Interpretations from other sources

  1. A hand-made animal in a dream is a sign with a positive color. Your business will go up the hill.
  2. A ferret dreams about you for several days in a row - to well-being in business.
  3. It was white - no cause for concern.
  4. Lurking animal symbolizes the appearance of your enemy. While his intentions are unknown.
  5. Two animals had a dream at once - a joint plan with someone would not justify hopes. The result will be negative.
  6. The running away animal in a dream is interpreted in two ways. First - you will manage to avoid unpleasant conversation. Secondly, in reality people who you relied on in some business will let you down at the most crucial moment.
  7. The ferret’s attack on the dreamer predicts him to defend his point of view. This he can make enemies.
  8. Watching him as he feeds his young, heralds an improved relationship with a man who was at loggerheads with you.
  9. The animal frolicked on the grass - a sign of monotony in real life. He was benevolent - to a pleasant pastime, a small income.
  10. Seeing a ferret in a cage - in reality you may impose additional responsibilities. This will adversely affect the productivity of your work.
  11. The cage was small for him - to the feeling of bitterness in reality.
  12. To see him in your house, although you have never had one before - to a small cash income that you did not expect.

See the animal on a leash

  • This means someone's attempt to manipulate you in real life.
  • To the dreamer, this foreshadows the need to urgently fulfill unpleasant obligations for him.

The color of the seen animal

White. It promises a meeting with a man who does not meet your expectations of a good relationship with him.

The black. Foreshadows that you will fall under the influence of others.

To pick him up promises the dreamer to become an object of envy. To play with him - in reality someone will let you down, in the end it will bring small losses.