Dream interpretation

What does champagne mean in a dream - how to decipher correctly


Champagne is a light and bubbly sparkling wine, a faithful companion of victories, accomplishments, romantic meetings and courtship. Understanding why champagne is dreaming is easy - the main interpretation of the dream, in which it was possible to see champagne, is victories and significant events. For a detailed interpretation, we turn to the dream.

Basic Values

  • If you dream of champagne in a pleasant company, you will have easy and pleasant communication, new acquaintances, interesting impressions. But if the company is so close that champagne looks like a defiant and outrageous element of luxury, there will be unreasonable demands on you. In the near future, you should avoid people who depict luxury by all available means. The task of such people is self-affirmation. And they achieve this goal, trying to humiliate other people. Fighting off small attacks is tedious and boring.
  • Buy sparkling in a dream - you began to pay attention to costs. Perhaps this is justified, but the dream book argues that in this case thrift is irrelevant. The second meaning - a dream reminds of the fast passage of time.
  • Pour wine by the glass - you will succeed in love. For some time you will be simply irresistible. People will strive for you to share a piece of your success.
  • Have a party with champagne - you love your friends and know how to have fun. Look closely at the people who in your dream will retain a disgruntled facial expression - this is envious. Do not listen to criticism from these people, it is biased. Even if you burst in half, you will not be able to please them.
  • Drink sparkling wine in one gulp, throwing back your head - rush to meet new ideas. Perhaps lose your head from excess feelings. It is good if you are in a company where you can forget everything in the morning or remember it with a laugh. In serious companies or in the presence of a manipulator in the environment - be careful and vigilant. Dream calls not to rush words, promises, and the more not to sign any documents, guided by emotions.
  • You are pouring champagne on people, standing on a pedestal - a desperate desire to win is your main motor in life. Do not be afraid of losses, luck will certainly be on your side. Perhaps more attention to technical details is required.
  • You are doused with champagne - envy. You hurt to be in the shadow of someone else's success and would like more. Right now take active steps prematurely. Enjoy that which is.
  • Splashing champagne means success. Splash yourself - show off your superiority, shine. Catching someone else's spray - envy, being in the shadow of someone else's glory.
  • To admire the bubbles, look at the lights of the city or at the candle through the glass - enjoy the moment, revel in triumph.
  • If there is a lot of sparkling wine, you see whole boxes - this means the desire for unbridled fun and extravagance.
  • Drinking champagne in small sips for an interesting conversation - you can and like to flirt. Perhaps an interesting acquaintance or love.
  • Cheap sparkling wine - deception, fraud, illusion of success. They are trying to get you involved in other people's adventures or are demanding enthusiastic enthusiasm for not very prestigious work. Hold on to your wallet and do not forget to count the bills. Evaluate real achievements, not boastful conversations.
  • If you are dreaming about champagne, you have a serious reason to note something. This is the completion of an important stage of your life, you strive to relax, rest, and only then move on.
  • Giving champagne is a call for rampant fun. The one who gives you sparkling wine, feels the warmest and tender feelings, but does not know how to express them.

Authoritative interpretations

  • Dream Lofa reproaches for the frivolous attitude to life, lack of seriousness and thoroughness.
  • Freud's dream interpretation pays attention to the phallic symbolism of the departing cork and foam jet. Slamming a stopper means completing a difficult task and relaxing. But it is also sexual interaction. If you pass the bottle to another person to open it, you are not independent and do not feel free. The results of your efforts enjoy other people.
  • Drinking champagne with a man of the opposite sex in a dream is an unequivocal hint at the development of a relationship without commitment. Bathing in a sparkling bath - you desperately lack attention, you dream of a stormy delight of fans. Champagne fountain - you need a sorority, love and adoration.
  • A female dream book treats champagne as inflated demands on others. Perhaps this is the reason why you, according to the interpretation of the dream book, suffer defeat and collapse in a relationship. Perhaps you too insistently demand luxury and champagne, without offering anything in return. On the other hand, champagne is really better than the sour compote of everyday life. You will have to match the atmosphere of the holiday, and it is better to learn how to create it.


If champagne flows like water and no one thinks about spending, it is a lot of money, success, easy money. Splashing and pouring champagne, if the bottle is in your hands - to the long-awaited success, victory. But if champagne in a dream is not consumed as easily as sparkles on a carnival is a loss. Calculations, assessment of the cost of wine - you are not in the wrong company.

In a pleasant company, nobody thinks about the cost of entertainment, as well as the consequences of rapid fun. Sleep is twofold, like all luxuries. Choose what is closer to you - pleasure and carelessness or poverty and envy. If you had a chance to see champagne in your dream - try to relax and have a good rest. Things you will think about tomorrow.