Dream interpretation

What dreams of a man on the dream book


To understand why a man dreams, remember your dream in detail, and then read this article. In it, I collected interpretations of popular dream books that will help shed light on upcoming events.

Dream Miller

The author of the dream book examines dreams from the point of view of psychology. His predictions are universal and equally suited to both men and women.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. A handsome, athletic, well-groomed and well-groomed man is a sign that the dreamer is completely satisfied with his life and is in a good emotional state. Therefore, all his affairs will be argued.
  2. An ugly, sullen and frightening man dreams of frustration and difficulties on the path of life. You may have to overcome many obstacles to your intended goals.
  3. A woman is a cute man dreams of recognition and fame. One fine moment, she will wake up popular and be able to get everything she has long dreamed of.
  4. If the man's appearance was very repulsive, then the girl will have to worry enough about the unworthy behavior of her friend.

Female dream book

To see a man in a dream is an auspicious sign. If a girl had a dream like that, then she will get great pleasure in the near future.

Here are more interpretations from the female dream book:

  1. An unfamiliar young man dreams of some adventure in which you find yourself embroiled. You have to take a chance and put a lot on the line. But it is not known how the matter will end.
  2. Seeing yourself in a man's body - in the near future find yourself in a piquant situation, which can ruin your reputation. It is worth avoiding dubious adventures to avoid negative consequences.
  3. The prisoner dreamed - an auspicious sign. The goal to which you have been going for a long time will be achieved. Moreover, it is practically not necessary to apply efforts for this, everything will turn out by itself in the best way.
  4. To see an actor on stage is an unfavorable sign. He promises a quarrel with a close friend or separation from one of his relatives. Also, dream foreshadows insults, tears and irritation. All these negative emotions are to be experienced by the dreamer.
  5. Male doctor dreams of health problems. You should go to the hospital and be examined to catch the disease in the germ and cure it as quickly as possible, avoiding the development of complications.
  6. The ideal man, about which you have been dreaming for a long time, dreams to tears and disappointment. There will be a series of unpleasant events that make you upset and worried.
  7. A small man says that you often spray your energy on empty cases. Because of this, there is often a feeling of dissatisfaction. You should choose one, but important goal, and concentrate all attention on its achievement.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

These predictions will appeal to everyone who is interested in astrology and monitors the lunar cycles.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. A man is a source of pleasure for a woman. If she sees a dream like this, then in the near future she will experience bright positive emotions.
  2. An old man with a gray beard is a sign that your life will be long and happy. You will meet old age surrounded by relatives and close people, and you will not have to worry about money at all.
  3. Fat man dreams to have a good time with his beloved. He will give you a romantic surprise or invite you to a date, can give a gift. Guide marafet and wait.
  4. The young man dreams that in the near future you will experience anxiety and concern. Your future is not defined, you do not know what to expect from life, that is why negative emotions will arise.
  5. A handsome man dreams of well-being and prosperity. Even if you are having money problems now, it will end soon. You will enter a life stage full of abundance and prosperity in everything. Catch the moment.
  6. A man of the same gender dreams about problems in work or business. Conflicts with colleagues, management or partners may begin. You will begin to build intrigues, and you will have to be active in order not to let ill-wishers ruin your plans.

Esoteric dream book

According to the authors of this dream book, a man is a symbol of the activity and actions that the dreamer manifests in his life.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. A slender and attractive man dreams to workload of affairs that will be pleasant to perform. You will be happy to take on all the duties assigned to you, and get a good result.
  2. An ugly man with a repulsive appearance dreams to failures. Any cause you take on will end in failure. Therefore, it is better not to do anything, but give yourself time to relax and rejuvenate.
  3. A married woman her husband dreams for a reason. It is necessary to recall the dream in detail, analyze and try to understand how its future life will be. The subconscious mind may indicate what you should do first.
  4. Cheerful and smiling man dreams of well-being and profits. Your financial affairs will go smoothly, there will be favorable opportunities for increasing income. You will live in prosperity, and you will not have to save more.
  5. To dream and feel like a man is an auspicious sign. Such a dream suggests that you have a strong inner core, so you can easily cope with any problems that arise in your life path.
  6. Bald man personifies wealth and social recognition. Your work will not only be highly appreciated, it also brings benefits to people, therefore you will also receive fame as a bonus, as well as gain authority in the eyes of others.