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Meditations for women - the path to health and inner harmony


What is meditation, and how can it help women? In our turbulent times it is very important to be able to relax the body and free the mind from negative impressions and thoughts. This is where meditation for women can help. When thoughts become calm, peace and harmony will reign in the soul - you will gain health and beauty of your body. Consider some useful meditations for your mental balance.

Clear mind

Scientists have long found that the health of the body depends on the purity of thoughts and peace of mind. Stress, anxiety and feelings detrimental effect on the human body. Only through meditation can one clear the mind and soul of the energetic and emotional dirt that acts on the person from all sides.

You do not need to meditate on the "emptiness", as Buddhist monks do. It is important for us to be able to relax the body and be able to stop the run of thoughts that overflows our mind. The endless scrolling in the mind of negative impressions and events is perceived by our body as a guide to action - and the cells begin to "get sick". This is also proven by scientists.

Pure mind is a guarantee of health, beauty and longevity. Yogis and Buddhists have been talking about this for several thousand years. Let's learn from them the wisdom of a healthy life and begin to improve the body through meditation.

Rules of meditation

What you need to know to properly conduct a meditation? There are no special requirements for this. Meditation can be practiced even in a crowded place, but first you need to get used to it and train your body to relax.

Rule one - relax your muscles.

This is a very important rule for meditation. Body muscles should be completely relaxed. That is, the teeth are not compressed and the neck is not strained. It is the upper body that is most susceptible to squeezing. How to release her? To do this, you must take a comfortable position and direct attention first to the head, and then to the neck.

What is the most appropriate posture? Yogis sit in the half-lotus position and the Buddhists are on their knees. But these poses can take meditation practitioners for a long time, and we can just sit in a chair or lie on the sofa. If you fall asleep in the process of relaxation, there is nothing terrible - the body decided to relax completely.

Pay attention to the eyes - close them and completely relax. Remove stress from the forehead and transfer the beam of attention to the lips and teeth. Muscle tension can be concentrated here - relax the facial muscles completely.

Now transfer the beam of attention to the back of the neck and shoulders - relax them completely. If you have cervical chondrosis, you can twist your head from left to right and from right to left to relieve tension. Now relax your arms, then your body, and then your legs.

Rule two - calm the mind

Listen to your thoughts - what is happening in your head? Thoughts jump from one topic to another, taking away peace and vital energy.

Oriental wise men say that silence of thoughts prolongs life.

Why? Because any thought process takes away our vitality, and a too emotional person burns faster than a calm and balanced one. This is due to the fact that he does not spend his life force on an unnecessary mental dialogue with himself.

How to calm running thoughts? To do this, focus on one process:

  1. watch the movement of the hour hand;
  2. listen to your own breath;
  3. repeat the same sound for a while.

A repetitive task that you gave to your own brain will calm your mind. If they persistently “get into their heads,” simply focus on what you are doing right now - breathing, the clock hand, sound. Over time, you will teach the brain to calm down from the internal dialogue with itself.

Rule three - concentration on the object.

Now you have to teach yourself to concentrate on one object and think only about it. This is easy to do when you have already taught the brain to think only about breathing or clockwise. Smoothly focus the beam of attention on the subject of meditation and concentrate on it.

Rule Four - Visualization

What it is? This appeal of the gaze (or ray of attention) is inward. Close your eyes and imagine a nice picture in front of you. It can be a view of the sea, the mountains or the meadow in bloom. No matter what you present, it is important that you like it and deliver peace of mind. You are in your inner world where peace and harmony reign.

You can imagine flying butterflies, feel the gentle touch of the warm wind, hear the birds singing - whatever you want. Stay in this state as much as you see fit. This is your inner world, your personal universe - you are the mistress of this beauty and absolute peace. Nothing puts you off balance, no one requires you to complete a task, no one scolds or claims.

Fully surrender to the contemplation of a beautiful inner world and realize that this is your refuge from vanity and hassle. You can come here at any time, as in a massage room, and relax. This world calms the nerves and relaxes the body - this is your place of relaxation.

Meditation Aum

Now we will master sound meditation. This technique must be performed, sitting on the buttocks with legs crossed. Lay a soft pillow on the floor, sit on it and cross your legs. You are not required to sit in the lotus position - this is no good for beginners.

Just cross your legs, but your spine should be straight. To keep your neck from tense during meditation, tilt your head slightly forward and down. Focus on your own feelings, find the most comfortable position.

Now you need to open your mouth and say a prolonged sound "A", smoothly translate it into the sound "U" and after you connect the lips - you get the sound "M". That's the whole meditation - AUM. Repeat this sound as many times as you feel necessary.

However, you need to pronounce the sound in a special way - you have to feel how it vibrates inside your body. When this happens, proceed to the next exercise: the sound is formed in the head, then goes down the spine to the tailbone and rises up to the head. The sound “a” vibrates in the head, goes down to the tailbone and goes into the sound “y”, rises up and goes into the sound “m”. It turns out a circle of sound. Make 10 such circles. If you want to increase the scrolling, increase. It is important to feel how sound vibrations travel down your body from top to bottom and bottom to top.

Meditation silence

This is an ancient Buddhist meditation that brings peace of mind and relieves nervous tension. To perform the technique you need to sit down, as in the previous practice. Relax your muscles and concentrate on breathing. On the inhale, one should represent the sound “sa”, and on the exhale “ha”. These sounds do not need to be uttered, just imagine what they sound like. If you can not imagine, just think about them.

Practicing this technique all the time, you will find inner harmony. If you get something out of balance, just retire for a couple of minutes and do this meditation. You will see how it will help you cope with stress and irritation! Remember that the hassles result in illnesses. You do not need it! Therefore, relieve stress with silence meditation.

Listen to magical meditation, which will help to find inner peace and feel happy. Remember that only inner peace can give happiness and health. Take time for yourself to relax and dump the burden of negative experiences away.