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Tantric sex: what it is and how to do it right


Tantrism, if you delve into the Indian terminology, acts as a science about the dual nature of the world, presented in the form of masculine and feminine principles. And tantric sex is a secret tantric practice, the main meaning of which is intimate intimacy between partners. The main difference between traditional and tantric sex lies in the fact that it is not just a sexual act, but a process of complete union with your partner.

Tantric sex is a whole world that has nothing to do with the ordinary sex industry and superficial pleasure. You can get more detailed information about it from this material.

Three reasons why you should try it.

  1. Body and soul enter into a state of harmony. Having learned the practice of tantric sex your body achieves harmony with the soul, you feel and observe the close relationship between everything in the Universe and, first of all, discover the harmony for yourself.
  2. You achieve complete sexual pleasure that you did not know before. New faces will open up for you, forcing you to reconsider your view of your intimate life and open up its new facets, about which you did not even suspect before.
  3. Improved health. The human body is able to preserve youth for a long time if the body has enough energy. Wanting to combine pleasure and benefit, you should definitely try the technique of tantric sex, which will make you more attractive and sexy.

The difference between regular and tantric sex

The most important difference between the Western and Eastern approach to sex, lies in the concept of sexuality in men. So, in Western countries, male ejaculation is almost equated with orgasm. As for the East, then there really is the achievement of a male orgasm without ejaculation. If these two events occurred at the same time, then this can be called either a gift from above, or a deliberate act that occurred at the will of the man, and not uncontrollably, as is the case in the West.

Tantric texts offer various tips on a person’s sexuality, many of which often seem very contradictory. But in one, all the authors agree unanimously: without sexuality, it is impossible to build stable love relationships.

For adherents of Tantra, sex is not just an act that gives pleasure, but acts as a deep and important exchange of energies. Human energy is a particle of the energy of the Almighty, the basis of the existence of everything in our world. And before you love another person with passionate love, you must first verify your energy level.

An important point! The idea of ​​Western sex is based on taking energy, and the practice of tantric sex, first of all, requires a return. A person must give himself, as a result of which the space is freed up for receiving something new. This is necessary for its realization and formation, as a whole person.

Self-love is the basis for success

People are always burdened by the burden of guilt concerning sexuality. This is a kind of "legacy" that we inherited from our Western ancestors. We inherit two thousand years of sexual inhibition and depression, and, of course, once and for all to get rid of this burden is quite difficult. But this must be done if you want to find real freedom and want to learn to give and receive love.

Indeed, before offering our body for another person as a precious gift, we must experience for him (the body) such strong love that we would like to receive from a partner.

In tantric sex, intimate relationships are used to enhance, improve and embroider their spirituality and to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Tantric sex in no way implies the practice of fleeting connections, mass orgies or role-playing games, it simply consists in fully accepting yourself and your beloved.

Accept yourself and your loved one as you are and do not forget that the body is just a vessel in which divine energy is located and for the full balance we all need the energy of the representatives of the other sex.

Do I need to be in a relationship for tantra?

Tantric practitioners say that you can never recognize a person as a person if you do not have enough time or desire for this.

If you do not know a person as a person, you do not know his sexual preferences, you will not be able to give him pleasure.

An important point! Tantra experts completely reject the idea of ​​one-time sex.

How can you find out everything you need about a person overnight? And without this knowledge, what could you do for him? In this case, you will simply seek to selfishly satisfy your sexual needs. And this is the wrong distribution of energy. You can not give energy, I think only about their own needs.

The main task of tantric sex - to unleash their spiritual energy. In the practice of Tantra there is no suppression, absorption, and also the rejection of the natural desires and needs of the body.

With the help of tantric sex, you can become yourself, enjoy life, feel happiness and at the same time improve yourself spiritually.

For Tantra there is no need to adhere to a certain faith or to be a religious fanatic. The way you relate to God and what your religion in this case is completely unimportant.

By practicing Tantra you can awaken your inner spirituality. Everything that happens to you is the result of what you have done and experienced. Using tantric techniques, you will get experience and no matter what it will be - good or bad, it is important that it will be your experience.

Each person is filled with invisible energy, that energy about which the most ancient Taoist and Hindu texts tell. With the help of tantric sexual techniques, you can experience this energy within yourself. Thanks to the experience of Tantra, you will feel the well-being, feel internally filled and full.

A similar state is provided by intensive meditation, dances, various ceremonies, departure from the world, refusal to eat, reading prayers and practicing other spiritual techniques. They all have great value and efficiency.

The rules of tantric sex

In order for tantric sex to have the desired effect, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.

  1. For a few days you should refrain from sexual intercourse. At least three days.
  2. Also, before testing this technique, it is important to follow a certain diet. It is believed that the best time for tantric sex - this is the day, while you need to be hungry. Therefore, in the evening it is recommended to have a light dinner a couple of hours before bedtime.
  3. It is worth muffling bright objects that can distract you during the process. Turn off the TV, radio and your mobile phone. The only thing that is allowed is to include eastern or classical music.
  4. Before a session of tantric sex is allowed to consume a small amount of red wine. It will act as an aphrodisiac.
  5. An important principle of tantric sex is tenderness and slow movements. In no case can you practice tantra if you are in a hurry somewhere. For the duration of tantric intercourse takes at least four hours.
  6. Partners should look each other in the eye as much as possible, you should try to synchronize your breathing.
  7. Gentle touches play a huge role in this process. Start with earlobes and drop to your toes. In tantric sex, you must fully experience your loved one.

In this case, first a man caresses his beloved, and then partners change places. For affection for each set aside for two hours.

  1. The representative of the fair sex sets the rhythm and it will depend on her when a man loses control of himself.
  2. In the practice of Tantra, you need to get rid of all your inner fears and prejudices and fully relax, relax. Only then can you achieve the desired effect.
  3. And the most important point - tantric sex is sex only between souls in love. If the hearts of people are not connected to each other by the threads of love, then the action of Tantra will be completely different.

Having resorted to the practice of tantric sex, you will plunge into the wonderful world, unknown before, open for yourself the new boundaries of your sexuality and the sexuality of your beloved. Let this trip be successful for you, and in the end you should watch an interesting thematic video: