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The magic of stones and minerals in people's lives


Since childhood, we have been brought up in fairy tales, in which the magic of good has always won. The magic of stones was long known to our ancestors, but in the past century almost all knowledge was lost. I never would have thought that real magic would touch my life after I lost the ring with alexandrite.

By the edge of my ear, I heard that alexandrite should be worn in a pair so as not to be lonely. But I did not believe this, considering conjectures and superstitions. And what was my surprise when, after losing the ring, I met my future husband? A stone of solitude Alexandrite left my life so that a loved one could come to it! In the article I want to briefly talk about the value of minerals of a certain color, their magical properties and application.

The Magic of Minerals

Precious and semi-precious stones have played and play an important role in the lives of people. They are considered the best talismans and talismans, with their help they heal severe ailments and neutralize poisons. Some gems have such powerful energy that they can even change the fate of their owner. But this is an exceptional phenomenon when a stone subjugates a person and controls his consciousness.

Lithotherapy (treatment with stones) is still used by Tibetan healers in other countries of the Far East. Each organ or system of organs corresponds to a certain stone or group of stones. All the magical properties of stones are studied very carefully and approved by the centuries-old practice of application.

On a note! In the Middle Ages, the properties of some stones were used as an antidote, placing them in goblets with wine and drinks.

Magic crystals were used to determine future events and when viewing the past. It was a privilege of rulers, priests and magicians. Ordinary people were content with inexpensive stones, among which Chicken God - just a river pebble with a hole in the middle, became widely known. It was believed that the finder of this stone expects good luck in life.

How can crystals influence events and control human consciousness? This ability of stones lies in the particular structure of the crystal lattice: some crystals work as a recording and transmitting device. The magician conducts a ritual with a stone, putting in it certain information. Then this information is released when the stone gets to the right person. According to this principle talismans and amulets work.

Ordinary stones that do not have a crystal lattice work on their natural strength. These include the above Chicken God. This stone in itself brings good luck to its owner, without any conspiracies and rituals.

What is the gem's protective power based on? These stones are so beautiful that they are able to attract the eyes of people. This feature of gems is used as a protective force: the evil eye will first look at an attractive stone, and then at its owner. Mages argue that it is precisely the first look at the victim that possesses the black power, and that is what he gets on the gem. The stone removes the death blow from its owner, taking it upon himself.

Stones charms took with them on a journey, because they believed in their protection from unforeseen circumstances and unexpected death. Such stones were chosen by magicians and astrologers, in accordance with the sign of the zodiac of man.

Characteristics of stones in color

Today we look at magic stones that have the same color. It may be a variety of minerals or gems, but they are united by the general vibration of the color spectrum. The magical properties of color in combination with certain characteristics of gems give a stunning effect.

Red color

Red stones (ranging from soft pink to a maroon tone) are used to attract love and trust. In healing practice, these minerals are used to treat the hematopoietic system and promote overall health.

Garnet attracts the opposite sex, gives a person passion and loyalty. This stone is used to correct the relationship between a man and a woman.

Ruby used as a symbol of power and strength. This precious gem is able to instill courage and determination in its owner. Not for nothing ruby ​​was the favorite gem of Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Coral does not belong to the group of gems, it is formed from the skeletons of marine polyps. In magical practice, the stone is used as a guardian of health and beauty, it increases life expectancy and helps build a career.

Cornelian and tourmaline used in the magic of love. These stones contribute to the disclosure of feelings, protect from evil looks and position the hearts to mutual feelings. In the magical love rituals, pink gem colors are used.

Green color

These pebbles are used in healing practice, since the vibrations of the green color contribute to the strengthening of the immune system and the restoration of diseased tissues. Also, green pebbles are used in rituals to attract material well-being.

Emerald It is considered the main talisman to attract wealth. Gem helps build a successful career, attract business partners and enter into lucrative contracts.

Malachite and Jade they choose to protect them from negative influence, they help in business and increase material wealth. Also, gems protect against detractors, schemers and extortionists.

A rock aventurine Green color is used to restore vitality and energy. Also this mineral restores composure, gives a positive attitude and inner harmony. With the help of Aventurine, you can control your emotional state, avoid stressful situations.


Minerals of blue and blue were used by magicians to predict fate and determine important events in human life. With their help, it was possible to control the thoughts of a person, to influence his internal state. Blue minerals were also used in healing practice to restore mental harmony, healing the organs of the respiratory system and the thyroid gland.

Sapphire blue tint is used to gain prudence. wisdom, knowledge. This is a stone of thinkers, philosophers and all who strive for self-improvement. Also, the vibrations of blue sapphire contribute to good luck in the business field.

Aquamarine blue tone since ancient times used as a talisman for travelers. Gem guards against trouble in a foreign land and the vicissitudes of fate. Aquamarine also gives confidence, optimism and inner comfort.

Topaz Blue hue helps to find inner harmony and balance, to understand your feelings and find a point of peace within yourself. This stone protects against depression and stressful situations.

Colorless stones

These minerals were used to control the thoughts and actions of other people, to assert their power over anyone.

Diamond - a stone of people with a strong will, winners in life and leaders. This crystal gives a person determination, the will to win, self-confidence and inflexibility. No one is able to subdue the will of a man who is patronized by a diamond talisman. Also, diamond contributes to balance, gives a strong sleep and a strong nervous system, treats diseases of the heart and eyes.

Topaz colorless considered a symbol of truth, the mineral helps to uncover the interlocutor’s deception and find schemers. Also transparent colorless topaz gives inner balance, peace and serenity. At the same time, the stone charges with energy and vivacity.

Rhinestone helps to achieve the goal and not to turn off the intended path, not to give up and not to succumb to laziness. The same gem gives insight and wisdom to its owner, helps to understand the true intentions of the person and to establish a constructive dialogue with him.

White and black stones

Minerals of this color have a powerful energy and influence on humans. They can change the nature and circumstances of life. It is necessary to approach the choice of such stones with great care, especially black ones.

White minerals have a beneficial effect on the human psyche, soothe frustrated nerves and harmonize the internal state. Among white stones, pearls are the most popular. This is a biogenic formation that is extracted from sea shells. It is believed that pearls give longevity and health.

Moonstone, chalcedony and opal light shades contribute to a harmonious inner state, peace and spiritual cleansing.

Black minerals are used to protect against evil and negative influence. It may be agate or tourmaline. However, the minerals of black tones can be used to cause harm to a person, as well as they can negatively affect the psyche of their owner.

Chameleon Stones

These minerals are distinguished by their ability to change their tone depending on the light. Since ancient times, the most mysterious magical properties have been attributed to chameleons, and some of them can change a person's fate.

Alexandrite considered the most popular chameleon stone. He changes his color literally in his eyes, if the cloud closes the sun. This beautiful gem must be worn in a pair so as not to be alone. Stone grants courage and strength, protects against the aggression of ill-wishers and helps to overcome despondency.

Opal changes its shade if the owner is sick. This wonderful mineral helps to achieve the cherished goal, ensures success in life and strengthens confidence in yourself.

Tourmaline helps to achieve self-realization, to achieve success and recognition in life. Stone helps to absorb new material, is a stimulus to self-improvement and self-education. The same stone is considered a talisman of family relations, gives mutual understanding and peace between the household.

A rock sultanite It is considered a strong talisman against any evil, hatred and intrigue. Sultanit enhances the body's defenses, helps to survive in the difficult life struggle, ensures victory and strengthens the strength of the spirit.

Yellow and orange stones

Minerals of warm hues are used in healing practice for treating problems of the digestive system, skin and blood pressure. Minerals contribute to increased vitality, strengthen the immune system and give optimism.

Amber yellow color helps to cope with depression, protects against the negative influences of ill-wishers, gives optimism and the will to win. Also amber helps in healing the thyroid gland.

Beryl and Citrine help to reach the heights of a career, give performance and relieve from laziness. These are minerals of energetic, strong and efficient people.

When choosing a talisman, consider it only the color of the mineral, but also the correspondence to your zodiac sign.