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How to make an affirmation for prosperity, success and good luck


Are there affirmations for success and good fortune, prosperity, happiness and prosperity? Many of us dream of becoming successful, happy, having a stable financial situation and not needing anything. But few people know that all this can be easily achieved using simple verbal formulas that, like magic spells, can change our lives.

Affirmations - what is it?

Probably, everybody thought about why someone is constantly lucky, the circumstances are most favorable, and for others, no matter how hard they try, everything goes awry. It turns out that in order to attract success and success in your life, it is not enough just to desire it, to be smart and talented, good professional in your work.

First of all, you need to adjust your subconscious to a wave of success, happiness and prosperity, to make thinking positive. And for this and there are affirmations - verbal formulas that contain a powerful setting on the positive and help our subconscious to fully reconstruct.

It turns out that the Universe has all the necessary resources to make us happy, healthy and successful. But all this needs to be able to pull into your life. And this can not be done if you do not have a positive mindset.

A loser person makes himself, constantly complaining about his life, failure, lack of money. The Universe, hearing your every word and complaint, continues to answer you the same. After all, your words and thoughts attract the same energy that you send into space.

Any negative states: phobias, anxiety, anger, envy, ill will, like a magnet, unpleasant situations, problems and failures pull us. This is because any negative has great power and emotional coloring. As a result, it is very difficult to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings. They are spinning in their heads for a long time, attracting new problems and troubles.

To tune in to the wave of good luck and success, you need to learn to send only positive thoughts and emotions to the Universe, to thank her for having everything you need for happiness, you are successful, healthy, loved. When the number of positive mental images reaches a critical point, you finally have a wave of success and prosperity, favorable circumstances, good people and luck in all its manifestations will begin to attract.

These changes may not happen as quickly as you expected. After all, if a person all his life mentally told himself that he was a loser, he was never lucky, you need to invest a lot of positive energy to fix it. Therefore, do not despair if the first attempts to change your thinking turn out to be unsuccessful. This will require a lot of effort.

Affirms will be a kind of compass that will show your subconscious the way to success and prosperity. These verbal formulas are short and long, invented independently or taken from the Internet, it does not matter. The main thing is that these phrases inject into the subconscious mind an installation for success and set thoughts only for positive.

How to make affirmations?

. In order for a simple verbal phrase to become a real magic spell, you need to follow certain rules when composing it.

  • Affirmation can be made only in the present tense and from the first person: "I am happy and successful." Do not use phrases in the future tense: "I will become rich." Try to use more pronouns "I", "I have", because it is you who need success and prosperity.
  • The statement should be as brief and clear as possible. So its easier to convey to your subconscious and the universe. The subconscious will perceive too verbose phrases as a collection of words. Use only those words that seem to you understandable and accessible, cause pleasant sensations.
  • Affirmation should carry a positive attitude and positive emotions, be to your liking. It should not contain words with a negative meaning.
  • You can not use the particle "not." That is to say: “I have no pain” will be wrong. It should say: "I feel great."
  • Statements should be as specific as possible. Before you should emerge a clear image of the desired result.
  • You should not use the verb "I want" because it is not perceived by the subconscious as an order. Better to say "I feel happy," and not "I want to be happy."
  • Desire only that which can be realistically realized. Your subconscious mind is unlikely to accept the installation "I will become a millionaire." Better say: "Every day my financial condition improves."
  • Believe in positive results and remember that all the people who are accompanied by success in life do not even doubt that their luck can fail. For them to be successful is a natural state that does not require proof.

How to apply affirmations?

In order for affirmations to be effective, you should follow certain rules for working with them:

  • Repeat verbal formulas as often as possible.
  • It is best to pronounce them in the morning and evening when you are in bed. The fact is that during this period people are in a transitional state of consciousness, and logical thinking is not as active as during wakefulness.
  • How long should work with affirmations last? There can not be a clear answer, because it is not a medicine that is used strictly on time. Each person must decide for himself how much time a day to devote to working with affirmations. The main thing that this occupation was pleasant and fascinating for you. Do not do it through force. If you are not in the mood, it is better to do this later.
  • In certain situations, affirmations must be pronounced. For example, if you are stuck in a traffic jam or unforeseen difficulties arise. At such a moment it is definitely worth repeating several times. "I am always lucky. I attract only positive situations to myself."
  • When uttering verbal formulas, one should definitely imagine what one wants in bright colors. The brighter and clearer the image is, the sooner it will be embodied in reality.
  • Do not forget to regularly repeat affirmations. In order to completely eradicate self-doubt, doubts and disbelief in success, which have ruined your life for years, is not enough a couple of days or weeks. If you really want to achieve a result, you will need much more time. Do not stop working with affirmations, even if the first attempts are not very successful, and the result is not tangible.
  • Remember your responsibility for every moment of life, every thought, because they create your future. If thoughts of hurt, trouble and trouble come to you, stop this flow and start thinking in a positive direction. As much as you would like to mentally or out loud complain about your life - do not do it. After all, this way you tune into a frequency of low and heavy energy that does not lead to success and well-being.

A useful guideline: how comfortable is it to work with affirmations while lying in bed? After all, as we found out, it is best to pronounce these positive formulas in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. Do not pull the same out of the nightstand notes or run for a book?

The most convenient way is to print your magic formulas of happiness and success on separate sheets of paper and hang them by the bed so that you can read them without getting out of bed. Do not be ashamed of this, because no one will be surprised by the icons hanging at the head of the bed. Everyone has the right to ask for support from the Universe in the way in which he believes. This technique will give you the opportunity to receive a powerful charge of positive energy for the whole day in the first minutes after sleep.

Affirmations for success, luck, prosperity, happiness and prosperity

If you want to attract success and fortune in your life, prosperity and prosperity, feel happy and loved one, we recommend you such effective affirmations:

  • Today I will overcome all the obstacles to a good day;
  • Success permeates every cell of my body;
  • I deserve success and good luck;
  • I am grateful to the universe for all my present and future successes;
  • Every success leads me to a new success;
  • Every day my life is getting better and better;
  • Everything that I touch turns into success;
  • Any of my undertakings ends with good luck and achievements;