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Happy Feng Shui apartment number: a list of favorable combinations


The apartment number for feng shui is not just numbers. According to Chinese numerology, absolutely all numerical combinations that constantly surround a person have a huge impact on his life. Consider the properties of numbers and help you find the right combination.

The meaning of numbers in Chinese numerology

Consider what the numbers from zero to nine mean for feng shui. Using this information, you can independently make a happy combination or determine what your car, phone or apartment number means.

The value of numbers in eastern numerology:

  1. A unit is a number that fulfills a desire. It attracts good luck, and also enhances the positive properties of other numbers, so it can be used in any combination. The symbol of harmony, balance, unity of masculine and feminine, man with the Universe.
  2. Two - it does not have a definite value, it acts as a catalyst in combinations: it enhances both the positive and negative properties of other digits. It is necessary to use extremely carefully, so as not to harm yourself.
  3. Three - personifies rapid growth and development, it is also a symbol of life in all its manifestations. Very positive character. It enhances the favorable value and good qualities of the other numbers, neutralizes the negative ones.
  4. The four is a symbol of death, an unfavorable sign with a negative value. Neutralizes the positive qualities of other numbers in combination, reinforces the poor properties. It is desirable that this number is present in your life at a minimum.
  5. The five - symbolizes "nothing", emptiness, lack of everything. Associated with the black space holes. The value is neutral, depending on the surrounding numbers in the combination can be transformed into both positive and negative.
  6. Six is ​​a favorable symbol for attracting money. It sends opportunities for the rapid achievement of financial well-being, helps to become financially independent, it is easy to give and receive benefits.
  7. The seven is in itself a number with a neutral value, but can manifest itself in combinations. It seems to strengthen, solidify the properties of other numbers, increase their strength and power, and increase energy vibrations.
  8. The eight is a symbol of high income and financial prosperity. With proper use, it directs the energy of a person so that he becomes not just financially independent, but very rich.
  9. Nine - a symbol of longevity and good health. Balances the psycho-emotional state, reveals the spiritual potential. A very revered number in Chinese numerology.
  10. Zero - a digit with a neutral value with zero energy. Generally does not affect the remaining numbers in combinations.

If you want to analyze a phone or car number, look only at the last two digits, they are considered decisive.

Lucky numbers

Feng Shui is inextricably linked with Chinese numerology. In the East, the figures attach great importance and believe that they are closely related to human life, have a direct impact on it.

That is why it is so important to find your "happy" combination of numbers, so that choosing an apartment, car or phone number, choose the ideal option.

The list of favorable combinations of numbers according to Feng Shui:

  • 23 is the perfect combination for careerists, businessmen and anyone who wants to turn work into the work of their whole life, to achieve success. These figures increase the efficiency, give luck and luck, help to quickly find solutions to problem situations;
  • 76 is a combination that attracts money into your life. It helps to notice and use the financial opportunities surrounding a person to the maximum, to achieve material well-being and stability, to forget about poverty and need;
  • 29 - the number of health. It protects from illnesses and bad state of health, it helps to always feel full of strength and energy. Gives longevity and attractiveness for many years;
  • 21 is a wish-fulfilling combination. If the number is present in your life, you are incredibly lucky. You only need to think about something, as the dream comes true in unexpected ways;
  • 39 - the number of harmony and balance in all. It balances the psycho-emotional state of a person, makes him happier, healthier, fills him with vital forces and energy for accomplishments. Protects against diseases.

If you are lucky enough, and some of these figures are present in your life, you can only be happy for you. You do not need any additional talismans and charms, and good luck is always with you.

Watch a video about what a feng shui apartment or house number can mean:

Adverse numbers and combinations

According to Feng Shui, all odd numbers have positive values: 1, 3, 5, and so on, and even numbers have a negative value: 2, 4, 6 and others. But this does not mean that if there are "bad" symbols in the digital combination, it will certainly bring you trouble.

The only important thing is that the number of even and odd numbers in the number is equal. This is necessary in order to maintain balance and avoid unpleasant consequences.

Another example: let's say you live in the apartment under the number 44. The four is the most negative symbol of all, and here there are two of them at once. But if you add the numbers, you will get 8 in total - the number of luck, the most favorable sign in feng shui.

Therefore, pay attention not only to what lies on the surface, look deeper.

Do not be discouraged if you find that you are surrounded by digital combinations with an unfavorable value. You can always neutralize negative properties by using Chinese talismans, placing them around the house. And you can always change the phone number or car if you wish.