Dream interpretation

2024 - the year of the animal according to the eastern calendar


Read the article to find out all about people born in 2024. I will tell you what animal sign and what elements will rule in that period.

general characteristics

In 2024, the year of the green wooden dragon will come. He is the patron saint of people who will be born between February 10, 2014 and January 28, 2025.

Important points:

  • The dragon symbolizes luck and luck, prosperity and abundance, if you trust the canons of Chinese astrology.
  • This is a sign of leaders, people with high self-esteem and self-confident. They not only know their value, but feel free to call her.
  • People who are born in 2024 will be endowed with such qualities as stubbornness, hot temper, impulsivity.
  • The element of the year - the tree will give people peace and tranquility. Due to this, the opposite qualities will balance and complement each other.
  • Representatives of this sign are also characterized by delicacy in communicating with other people, they are not as sharp and straightforward as, for example, fire Dragons.

The green color that prevails in the energy of the year personifies renewal, rebirth, the beginning of a new life and the collapse of the old foundations.

The nature of male dragons

The boy who will be born this year is a very noble and fair person. He will never spin intrigue and gossip. Conflicts such people do not accept, always seek to negotiate, and not argue.

What else is typical for men who are protected by the wooden Dragon:

  1. It has a great sense of inner dignity. In any situation, able to look brilliant. This is reflected in his emotional state and appearance. Always dressed with needles, neat and tidy.
  2. Polite and tactful in dealing with people. Carefully chooses words when he expresses his opinion, especially if it differs from the views of the majority. It is almost impossible to quarrel with him, because he is attentive to the interlocutor and shows respect for him.
  3. A true gentleman, but you will not call him a boring bore and a hypocrite. He is able to have fun, showing mischief. He has a great sense of humor, but he never sinks to sarcasm, preferring soft irony.
  4. He loves people and gets great pleasure communicating with them. It can be a great friend, mentor, like-minded person. Able to divide the interests of almost any person, and will never ridicule those who are different from him.
  5. It has the makings of a good leader, who also becomes a teacher, a mentor for his subordinates. He sees the potential in each of his employees and skillfully helps to manifest and develop it.
  6. To him stretch colleagues. They ask him for advice, ask for help and show great respect.
  7. He is a true professional who constantly develops in his chosen field of activity, and performs his work perfectly. Therefore, it is always in good standing with the authorities.
  8. Women like him. He is behaving with them very cautiously and politely, a very gallant cavalier, who anticipates the wishes of a potential chosen one in advance. Therefore, he does not have to seek reciprocity from the girl he likes.
  9. It may seem rather demanding, especially when the relationship goes into a more serious stage. It is really difficult for him to please - he sets the bar high for himself and for the chosen one. Choose the best woman to match himself.
  10. In family life becomes more emotional than usual. It can be hot-tempered, unrestrained, vividly show their negative feelings, sometimes even capricious. But this will not prevent happiness and harmony in the pair, if a woman gives him enough attention, warmth and care.

Becomes a wonderful family man, father and husband. Close people are always under his protection, can rely on his help and support in all situations. He takes upbringing children very seriously and devotes a large amount of time to their development.

Dragon Woman Character

Her life consists of a series of successes and failures, ups and downs. But she is always full of energy and believes in the best, without giving problems much importance. Incorrigible optimist, which is its main advantage.

What is characteristic of her:

  1. In the event of difficulties and obstacles in the path of life, it would never give up, but it would be consistent and calm to solve the problems that arose. And fate, seeing such efforts, generously rewards her for the strength of her spirit, granting incredible luck, which many people never dreamed of.
  2. Innate enterprise allows her to easily and effortlessly extricate herself from the most difficult scrapes. While other people complain about life and complain, it works. Thanks to this, she can become a successful entrepreneur or competent manager, and lead her company to prosperity.
  3. She has creative talents, so she can become an actress, a singer or, for example, a designer. If she begins to realize her gift, she will succeed in material terms, become a recognized artist.
  4. In dealing with people, she behaves very tactfully and attentively, she is well brought up, knows how to listen, an interesting conversationalist.
  5. It is almost impossible to see in a bad mood. It feels like she is always in a great mood. It radiates light, which people are drawn to.
  6. He knows how to control his emotional state, so it is almost impossible to get her out of himself. But at the same time in relationships with men he manifests himself as a very temperamental person.
  7. Men are fascinated by its volatility and unpredictability. She constantly opens her new facets to a partner, and he will never be able to know her completely, which allows her interest and love not to fade for a very long time.
  8. He knows his worth and has a sense of inner dignity. Chooses promising men, smart, motivated and with big ambitions. Will not allow to treat yourself badly. Without regret, part with those who showed himself unworthy.
  9. It is important to her that the man was able to provide it, although she herself earns herself well. She appreciates and loves comfort, so she will never agree to paradise in a hut.