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Tarot cards - a mirror of human destiny: examples of divination


Tarot cards are a mirror of each person’s fate. In the lasso there is a deep wisdom, a lot of secret knowledge that will help you know yourself better and predict the future. We will share the ways of simple layouts so that you can lift the veil of secrecy and figure out what to expect.

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Guessing "the whole fate"

This alignment helps to know what is given to you from birth, what fateful events you can not change. Understand that in the past influenced the outcome of affairs in the present. Decide on further actions that will help you find happiness and well-being.

Arcane decoding:

  1. What you are given Fate from birth. These are all kinds of karmic debts, unavoidable events, character traits and personal qualities. You can’t change it, you need to accept it and figure out how to live according to “inborn” circumstances.
  2. The second lasso complements and clarifies the value of the first.
  3. What you have not received from birth. These are qualities that are not in you, but you can develop them. These are people and events that will not appear in your life, if you do not make an effort.
  4. How much luck and luck is measured by your fate. The higher this indicator, the less it will take to make efforts to achieve life goals. If he is small, then you must be hardworking and workable if you want to become a successful and happy person.
  5. Your past. All events, actions, actions, thoughts and feelings that are reflected in your present. What you are redeeming now, what benefits you get due to the correct behavior earlier.
  6. Your thoughts and dreams. Perhaps even those that you do not know yourself, because you hid them deeply in the subconscious. This lasso helps to better understand yourself. understand yourself, your true desires, and not imposed by the environment.
  7. What do you have at the moment. A list of resources that you can use to achieve success. All possibilities, signs of fate, advantageous connections - they need to find application.
  8. What will happen to you in the near future. The forecast for several days or weeks. The most significant and bright events that will affect the whole life in general. Negative situations about which cards want to warn you.
  9. Forecast for privacy. Is it worth waiting for the acquaintance with the future husband, whether you get a marriage proposal, or there will be a long period of loneliness.
  10. What can be done to neutralize the negative outlook in personal life. Your actions that will help rectify the situation and find happiness in a relationship with a decent man.
  11. This map complements and refines the forecast of the two previous arcana.
  12. Forecast for financial and career life. Will you be able to realize yourself, advance in the service, find the job of your dreams. What you need to do for self-realization and development in this area.
  13. How things will develop in a career, if nothing changes and does not follow the advice of the Tarot.
  14. This lasso complements and clarifies the meaning of the two previous maps.
  15. "The mystery of fate." Your purpose, the meaning of life, the main karmic debt. What do you have to fulfill in earthly life in order to work out your earthly existence and deserve a happier future in the next reincarnation.
  16. The second Tarot Fate card. Complements the meaning of the previous one, indicates small, less significant moments.

The last lasso sums up divination and gives advice on how to live and act in order to be happy and feel the harmony within yourself, to adjust the balance of all life spheres.

Alignment "What brings me the future?"

This fortune telling describes the complete forecast of what awaits a person in the near and distant future. Predictions relate to events that will occur in different spheres of life. You will learn what pleasant and not so much events to face.

Analyze the value of arcana on each of the positions:

  1. Health. The forecast for the coming year about your health. Tips for what you need to pay special attention to, what kind of problem areas of the body exist. Probable severe diseases to be faced.
  2. Finance. All that concerns material well-being. You will learn where you can find additional sources of income, whether there will be problems with money and how to avoid them. A full financial outlook that helps you achieve wealth and solve difficulties.
  3. Personal life. If you are single, the cards will indicate what the chances are in the near future to meet a soul mate. If in a relationship, you will understand how to improve them, what ways will help bring harmony and happiness into your union with your loved one.
  4. Career and work. Should we expect career growth, change the place of service, will you find your purpose and favorite thing. Problem and advantageous points of this area of ​​your life.
  5. Pleasant events that will occur in the coming year. What bonuses will bestow on fate that you will begin to receive from life easily and effortlessly. What can be done to attract luck and enlist the support of the Higher Forces.

Remember that despite the tarot forecast, your destiny is always in your hands. If you find out something bad, you can easily fix it, using the tips of the arcana.

Watch the video with the layout of the Tarot "Mirror of Doom":

Rules for working with tarot cards

To get a reliable forecast, you need to guess correctly. Cards do not like fuss and scornful attitude, consider this.


  1. Guessing in a good mood and mood. If at the moment you are experiencing any negative emotions, put off the cards until a more favorable time.
  2. Believe that the lassos will tell the truth. If in doubt, skeptical, cards will never give a correct prediction.
  3. Use only one deck, do not give it to anyone. There must be an energy connection between you and Tarot. It will burst if a stranger touches the cards.
  4. At the beginning of fortune-telling, mentally ask Taro the question you are interested in, and at the end - thank for the predictions, advice and wisdom.

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