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Predictions about Russia for 2016-2020 from astrologers and psychics


Predictions about Russia for 2016-2020 promise very rich events in the life of the state and its citizens. We will tell about the most interesting prophecies of psychics, astrologers and visionaries.

Difficult Five Year Plan

The period from 2016 to 2018 will be difficult for the country. This is the time when, in foreign policy, the government will have to make many important decisions. Prophecies promise conflict situations between Russia and the countries of the European Union. The former allies will turn away from our state.

But sooner or later, all problems will be solved, and the foreign policy situation will normalize. This time the beginning of the formation of a new state structure, although we can observe only minor changes.

Steps to leadership on the world stage

Many psychics believe that 2016 is a fateful year for Russia. Events will begin that in the distant future will help the country to strengthen its position in the world. In a few years, the Russian Federation has every chance of becoming a powerful superpower that everyone will respect.

Until 2020, people will have to tighten their belts: the economic situation will be extremely unstable. The crisis will gradually decline, but its consequences will continue to be felt for a long time.

Astrologers believe that Jupiter and the Moon have the greatest influence on the development of the situation in the country. The energy of these planets will be a powerful support, thanks to which the affairs of the state will eventually get along well.

Influence of lunar energy

Astrologers believe that it is the moon that has the greatest impact on the lives of Russian citizens. The psycho-emotional state of people, which is extremely unstable during the five-year period, depends on its impact.

Anxiety, anxiety and aggression - these emotions will worry hearts for a long time due to the fact that the lunar energy is connected with the martial martial. But the influence of the planets will weaken over time, so that the situation is normalizing.

At the end of the five-year period, enterprises will flourish. This is a favorable period for business. It is only important to offer people really high-quality products and services. Thanks to the competent policy of the country's leadership, a new stage of prosperity will begin, the state will take the first step towards a bright and happy future.

Economic environment

Astrologers believe that 2016 was the last crisis for Russia. In 2017, changes for the better will begin, and by 2020 the economic situation will finally return to normal.

According to psychics, the unfavorable period was needed by people to test them for resistance to stress, and also to direct them along the path of spiritual development, to stop focusing on material things.

Immediate future in the prophecies of Vanga

The blind prophet believed that the attempts of the United States and the European Union to subjugate Russia to their will would end in failure. The country will survive, it will be able to overcome all the problems and difficulties, which as a result will only strengthen its position, temper the character of the citizens.

But Europe will suffer: in 2020, Muslims will become aggressive. This can lead to armed clashes and even war.

Wanga also predicted the emergence of a new currency, which will become the main one for countries whose territory is adjacent to Russia. Russian will become the second state language in them, and citizens will have the opportunity to have dual citizenship.

Predictions of the elders

The prophecies of the ancient elders are not so straightforward. They are described by an intricate language of allegories, therefore it is not easy to interpret them. But the researchers managed to make an approximate interpretation.

Here are some of the prophecies:

  1. A new religion will begin to form in Russia, which will be based on philosophical doctrine. He will be brought with him by a new ruler of the state, an enlightened man. In a few centuries, this religion will become the only one in the world, and all others will disappear.
  2. There will be a series of natural disasters, many people will die. Large cities will suffer, as a result of which citizens will begin to inhabit Siberia, and this territory will eventually become the central part of the state.
  3. In a few decades, Russia will become the strongest existing state. No one dares to challenge, Russians will be respected all over the world. A stream of immigrants will rush into the country who will want to live in a prosperous and stable world.

Watch the video with the most terrible and unpredictable prophecies:

Astrological forecast

We should also consider the views of astrologers, who have their own view of the future of the country.

Here are some of the predictions:

  1. In the period up to 2020, the Age of Aquarius will come. The kingdom of God will reign on earth. This means that people will begin to value morality more, strengthen spiritual values, and material things will lose their meaning.
  2. This period is also called the century of Saturn, a planet with a very active, militant energy. Thanks to the influence of Saturn, the time of prosperity will come. A large number of people will want to create their own business, and not to be hired. Competition will increase, but the quality of services will increase.
  3. For the same reason, scientists will make many discoveries, invent robots that can replace former employees. Cyborgs will perform heavy and dirty work instead of people.
  4. Some predictions indicate that after 2020 a serious conflict will start to ripen around the world, which could lead to a third world war. Countries will begin to use prohibited weapons, many civilians will suffer.

The predictions for the five-year plan from 2016 to 2020 are rather ambiguous. Opinions of seers and astrologers differ. Some promise happiness and prosperity, others warn of all sorts of misfortunes. How true the prophecies, only time will tell, and we can only hope for the best.