Dream interpretation

How to solve a dream, using intuition and dream book


To solve a dream, you need to remember it in detail. Every important thing to do: keep a diary of dreams, keep a notebook and pen next to the bed. When you wake up in the morning, describe everything that dreamed, and then try to interpret the meaning with the help of our simple recommendations.

Dream Dreaming

So, you woke up and wrote down the plot of the dream on paper. After that, you can immediately try to interpret it or postpone it until a more appropriate moment.

What to do:

  • Divide the plot into components: the plot, the climax, the denouement. Imagine that this is a film script, highlight the brightest moments in it, mark memorable events;
  • Then by the method of associations, describe each significant episode of sleep in one word. This may be an animate or inanimate object - a table, a horse, a phenomenon - for example, a snowstorm or a meeting, feeling or emotion - waiting, love, anger;
  • Then open any dream book and see the interpretation of the word.

For decoding dreams, it is better to use several dream books. Compare the predictions in them: what are the common features, and how they differ. Try to feel what interpretation is most pronounced in the soul.

When dreams are prophetic?

Some dreams can not try to explain: they will come true in real life.

In which cases prophetic dreams:

  1. Dreamed of the period of Christmas week: this is the period from Christmas to Epiphany. Will come together over the next year, can predict the distant future. Most often talk about the adverse events in life, warning people about the troubles.
  2. Dreamed of church holidays. They come true the next day before noon. Most often talk about some small situations that people do not attach importance.
  3. On the 3rd of any month, dreams that come true after three weeks are exactly the same. Usually they are light, joyful, filled with positive emotions plots, therefore in real life something good can be expected.
  4. In the night from Thursday to Friday, people rarely remember dreams. But if you could remember, such a dream will come true necessarily. Not immediately, but in the distant future. This is a sign of some fateful events that can radically change life.
  5. Be sure to remember the dream that you saw on your birthday or birthday, he is absolutely prophetic.

On any other days, you should contact the dream book to explain the meaning of the plot, which appeared to you in the night visions.

Popular Plots

Most people often dream the same thing. There are popular scenes of dreams that have been at least once in each person’s life. It is easiest to interpret them.

The most common dreams:

  1. Nightmares in which you find yourself in the epicenter of a disaster or natural disaster, perhaps even an apocalypse. This means that in real life there will be a black stripe. You will have to cope with a huge number of problems and overcome difficulties, but in the end everything will end well.
  2. Nightmares that close people die are usually scary. But you should not be afraid - the dreamed relatives will live happily ever after, nothing threatens their health. Most often, this plot suggests that you accepted and stopped experiencing negative, resentment towards a relative. The subconscious mind is thus freed from the emotions experienced in the past.
  3. Death in a dream: your own or a loved one is also an auspicious sign. It symbolizes the completion of the current life stage and a new level of your development. This is liberation from the shackles of the past, deliverance from everything that pulls down and prevents spiritual growth.
  4. Dreams in which you see money, gold bars, jewels or countless treasures indicate that your talents require an exit. You do not realize your creative potential in full, so you should look for ways to use it.
  5. Fantastic scenes with monsters, aliens and other non-existent creatures - a sign that you have become bored with life. You are tired of the routine and repetitive work. Requires a change of scenery, new experiences.

Watch a video on how to solve a dream:

John Kehoe Method

John Kehoe, the author of the best-selling book "The Subconscious Can Everything" has his own approach to the interpretation of dreams. He believed: any dream is a projection of your feelings and thoughts, innermost desires. The subconscious mind is trying to give a sign. If you understand which one, you can make the right decision in a problem situation.

How to decipher a dream using Kehoe method:

  1. In the morning, rewrite the dream story in your diary, trying to remember not only the minor details, the actors and everything that happens, but the feelings and emotions that you experienced.
  2. Then close your eyes and imagine that each participant in the dream is yourself. For example, if you had a fight with someone in a night vision, put yourself in the places of both actors. And then you will understand which sides of your personality conflict with each other, what you do not accept in yourself and reject.
  3. Try to analyze the events that happened in the kingdom of Morpheus, relying on your own intuition. For example, you were drowning. This may mean that in real life a lot of problems fell on you, solutions to which you do not see, feel deprived of oxygen.
  4. If you did not manage to guess what it means to have dreamed, on the first attempt, it means that you are not yet ready to know the answer. Postpone the decoding to a more appropriate moment, sooner or later you will interpret the dream.

This method is a symbiosis of intuition and logic. It helps to correctly decode the meaning of a dream and to get answers to questions that concern you in real life.