Dream interpretation

Cigarettes in a dream - the nuances and features of the dream books


Many people suffer from nicotine addiction. Some believe that it calms, gives confidence, contributes to the overall mobilization of forces. Others believe that smoking is a bad habit that can lead to cancer. What dreams of cigarettes, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

Cigarettes are a symbol of false pleasures, the dreamer's delusions in the correctness of his way of life. To smoke in a dream is to get involved in something, anticipating getting quick profits, unforgettable love emotions, amusing one's self-esteem with imaginary success, self-sufficiency and financial security. This seeming independence and the feeling of complete self-realization is just a myth about real success. Soon complete disappointment and moral devastation may come.

Not all dreams with this symbolism carry only negative messages. To smoke in dreams - in reality, get carried away by some interesting work that can bring a lot of positive moments and impressions to the life of the dreamer. This project can significantly change old habits, get rid of stereotypes, reveal the personality of the sleeper.

To extinguish a cigarette butt in a dream does not foreshadow good prospects for the future. It rather speaks of the end of the life phase, which will leave a deep imprint on your memory and soul. We'll have to regret something with sadness, with longing to remember. Get rid of the feeling of loneliness, confusion and uncertainty about the future will help new exciting goal. The sooner you entrain yourself with a new idea, the sooner you get rid of the past.

What else to expect from a cigarette in a dream

  • bitter and thick cigarette smoke - to severe fatigue and illness;
  • smoking to a non-smoker - to uncover new talents that will give a chance to your potential opportunities;
  • to see a pack - to need rest or an urgent resolution of a difficult situation;
  • the cigarette went out - to the pleasant impressions of communicating with old friends;
  • put out the ashtray - hear the unpleasant news.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Cigarettes in a man's dream is a sign of a male principle. A cigarette is a phallic symbol that reflects the dreamer's attitude toward sex. A young man to smoke in a dream is to live an active sex life, to be completely satisfied with the actions of the partner in bed. At the same time, such a dream speaks of the strong sexual energy of the sleeper, his temperament and love for role-playing games.

A woman drags on a cigarette - in reality she prefers oral caress. She likes to deliver pleasant tactile sensations to a man, she does not have strict frameworks and principles in intimate intimacy, she is characterized by complete emancipation and openness to everything new. The dreamer prefers to experiment, but sometimes it is worth asking the partner's opinions in order not to be in a stupid and uncomfortable situation.

A young man to offer a smoke by opening a new pack of cigarettes - in reality, seeks for a new sexual experience simultaneously with several partners. Such a fantasy can be easily realized, if you are frank with girls sympathetic to you.

If the young lady dreamed of a cigarette butt - she is afraid to give up on the size of the manhood of her new fan. Apparently the former bad experience helps the dreamer to delay the moment of the first sexual contact with the boyfriend.

To experience nicotine addiction in a dream - to be dissatisfied with a close relationship with the second half. Take the last cigarette out of the pack - cool to your partner. Perhaps you have long been bound by nothing and only a habit and affection for each other remained. In time to explain and break up - this is the right step to a new surge in your sexual activity.

An empty cigarette pack reflects the dreamer's sexual impotence. This is a sure sign that your frivolous lifestyle can lead to diseases of the genital or impotence.

Gustov Miller

Cigarettes in a dream - a sign of poor health, mood, general condition of the dreamer. Negative interpretation awaits those who in reality do not have this bad habit. So you should expect from yourself completely uncharacteristic emotions, actions that will be difficult later to explain to others. This may be due to a transitional period in life, age-related changes or a difficult situation. After that, your worldview, values, and attitudes can change. The habitual for you will become boring and mediocre, want new sensations and tastes.

To smoke a large number of cigarettes in a dream - it means in reality there will be a reason that makes you very nervous. Cigarette smoke personifies your delusion. It is likely that in the near future someone will disappoint you with their behavior or actions. But do not make quick conclusions and make spontaneous decisions. You have time to put everything in its place, think about your true purpose, to understand your feelings and desires.

Long drag on a cigar - hinting at the need to make a pause in life. To smoke without respite - to be too immersed in the daily duties and chores. Your workload does not bring you moral satisfaction and worthy material reward. This affects the general state of health, mood. You should not break into relatives at such moments, try to change the course of your life, make it more interesting and promising.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

To open a new pack of cigarettes in a dream is to embark on a path that promises many negative events. Unfavorable plot for those who work a lot, devotes little time to rest and socializing with the family. Such people are threatened with overwork, stress and prolonged depression.

Avoid this by remaking the daily schedule. Daily exercise, proper nutrition and active pastime with loved ones - this is the right step towards the revival of the former agility and optimism.

Unrest and anxiety await those who dreamed of putting out cigarette butts with their feet. You will not be easy to get rid of the fact that you are uncomfortable and delivers. Perhaps some person or situation brings you a lot of problems, but you are at a loss with making a quick and correct decision. You can always find a way out of these circumstances. Now any decisive action will save you from unnecessary experiences.