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Magic of candles: how to attract good luck and happiness in the house


Candles are inextricably linked with mysticism, as they are actively used in various magical rituals and rites. But not everyone knows that the magic of candles can be useful in and of itself: the energy they radiate can attract well-being to your home! Want to know how? Then read this article.

Candle magic for good luck and happiness in your home

It is important that there are always ordinary unpainted candles (ideally made of wax). With their help, you will be able to clean the room from the negative, filling it with streams of creative energy. They are lit at least once in 7 days in the room in which the whole family gathers.

The power of fire is very powerful, it is used both for warming and destruction. One has only to recall the damage done by forest fires ... But the fire in the hearth, by contrast, is very useful. And its action is not exhausted by heat and cooking.

Since ancient times, our ancestors Slavs knew that a fire burning in the hearth did not just give off the energy of physical heat. The flame is a positive energy center at home, helping to get rid of negative energy.

These days things have changed a lot. Today, not all homes can meet the usual gas stove, not to mention the open fire - for example, in the form of fireplaces. But do not get upset - it is quite possible to solve this problem easily and harmoniously - regularly lighting candles in the home.

At the beginning of the article we talked about colorless wax candles, but you may well take their other variations. Everything will remain depending on what difficulty you would like to handle using candlestick magic.

Magic candles by color

I propose to consider the effect of candles of different color variations:

  • White - allows you to clear the energy, will benefit from sleep disorders, calm the nervous system, relieve stress.
  • Green - they are recommended to put in the bedroom of a sick person. In addition, the green candle symbolizes friendship and mutual understanding. Light it if you want to improve family relationships. To do this, put on the kitchen table before the ceremony of sharing meals with relatives.
  • The red ones are responsible for the amorous sphere of life, symbolizing a passion. Therefore, if you feel a decrease in physical attraction to your spouse, light 2 scarlet candles in your bedroom before going to bed.
  • Yellow - will relieve from depression, increased anxiety. Put them on family celebrations or on weekends, when everything is complete. The yellow candle symbolizes devotion and fun, as well as intelligence and common sense. It will be useful for increased mental loads, protects when traveling.
  • Blue - contribute to improving memory, intelligence. Light blue candles if you have to make an important decision or if a critical situation has occurred. Concentrate on what you’ve been thinking, think about every little detail of it, then put out the candle and go to sleep. The situation promises to develop according to the best scenario!
  • Violet - will have their benefit in the presence of material difficulties. To get rid of poverty, it is recommended to light a purple candle for 7 evenings and place it next to the bathroom (in the toilet or bathroom).

Proper treatment

To allow the energy of the candle to open up even better, stronger, you should follow certain rules for handling it:

  1. Before you begin work, first ventilate the room thoroughly for 15–20 minutes, then cover the window.
  2. Turn off all electrical appliances.
  3. Tune in to positive emotions of kindness and love, eliminate any negative from your head.
  4. It is recommended to sit for five minutes next to the candle, peering into its flame.
  5. When the candle burns down - you can not throw away its remnants. They should either be buried or thrown into the stream of running water.
  6. The candle is set on fire exclusively by matches, and not by any other objects.
  7. Before you light a candle, say these words:

"Strength of Fire

Go around me

Go around the house

Let everything be familiar to you!

Become Fire in my furnace

Clean, protect! "

What can be combined

Candles will enhance the effects of any force items. Wanting to further strengthen their action, it is necessary to put them on a stand, on which a little Thursday salt is laid.

What can not be combined

Candle magic is absolutely not combined with electricity. So, when you decide to set fire to the candles, you must first put out the artificial light. Stir them as far as possible from working electrical appliances (refrigerator, TV, etc.).

Use the magic of candles for your own good, getting rid of all negativity, evil and attracting to yourself all the best and kindest!

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