Dream interpretation

Ah, these sweet, sweet dreams: what does a cake mean in a dream


How does the dream dream of "sweet" dreams, full of sensual gourmet pleasures? What dreams of cake - chocolate or fruit, choux or puff, with cream or jelly?

The overall meaning of this "sweet" dream

  • According to most interpreters, such dreams tell you about your needs - not vital, but sensual "want". Simply put, they talk about the dream of the dreamer to swim in luxury in all its manifestations - to have a lot of money, buy beautiful things, allow yourself the most delicious and delicious food.
  • If in your dream the cake was lying on the festive table, it means: you will soon be walking at the wedding.
  • If the sweetness was lying on the floor, you can quarrel with your beloved (loved one).

Cakes sold?

  • What dreams of the cake that you bought? Sleep warns of changes in your personal life. You could not resist and gobbled it up right in the store? Sleep promises pleasure, but "short-lived."
  • Was it your favorite cake? You may receive an inheritance, or you may be presented with something valuable.
  • Buy choux pastries: not so long ago, you "nakosyachili", and now you have to "rake" the consequences. In a dream, you bought such snacks not for yourself, but for some person? He will have a lot of problems because of you.
  • Have you bought a whole package of cakes (possibly different)? In real life, you will be encouraged by several gentlemen at once.
  • "Mini-cake" seemed to you unnecessarily expensive? Your boyfriend (spouse) has prepared a surprise for you.
  • Cakes were displayed in the window? Something will greatly disappoint you.
  • They were beautifully decorated, packed? You will be invited to a love date.
  • You bought a treat, but at the checkout there was not enough money (literally some trifles): you will be rich, but this money will not be given for free.
  • In your dream, someone bought you a cake: he will soon ask for help. Do not refuse, no matter how difficult.

Did you make these sweets yourself?

  • See the cake that you yourself baked (cooked) - for great news. If the sweetness was a success, all your work will end in success. If the snacks are burnt, do not brag too much - one hour is not even, someone will jinx it.
  • They were biscuit, with cream (or you decorated them with cream): to a prosperous life and good work.
  • Bake cakes with friends - to have a great time with these people in real life.
  • If in a dream you have prepared a bunch of sweets and started distributing them to people, in “real” you will be able to earn good fame among your friends.
  • You prepared the cake cookies and immediately ate them: be very diplomatic during family quarrels. If discord grows, the family will be divided into two warring camps.

Or maybe you treated them?

  • A dreamer who tasted this piece of culinary mastery in a dream, in reality, can expect positive changes in his life. And they will be quite large: for example, you will fall in love, get a job profitably.
  • To eat a cake in a dream, consisting almost of one cream - to the merry adventure of a love plan. And if the cream was custard, the feeling may be real, "long-playing"; if he was oily, dream prophesies friendship; and if it turned out to be proteinaceous, this is a warning: your beloved has wind in his head.
  • If in a dream it was unspeakably tasty, the dream promises rest in very convenient, comfortable conditions. Also tasty, fresh cake can talk about the loyalty that your old friends feel to you.
  • On the contrary, it was pretentious, tasteless? Your subconscious mind warns you are wasting your time in vain, or you have to do an empty exercise.
  • Did you enjoy a sweets pastry? Sleep promises new close friends with whom you will soon meet. Did you ask for a supplement and were you treated again? It means that not new people will be new, but impressions that you bring from the rest.
  • You just tasted the cake, then postponed it? So, you and beyond the dream are gnawing doubts. About what? Here you yourself know better!
  • You fed another person's pastries: in the real world, you can show altruism.
  • Are you poisoned in your sleep? A dream warns you about the "nontrude" that will soon begin in your life.
  • During the tasting you dropped a snack on the floor? Sleep to problems. Of course, you decide them, but you have to think a lot about brains.
  • Did another person eat cake in your dream? Your subconscious mind warns: fight your envy, this bad feeling can bring you many problems.
  • You have seen how your child ate these sweets, and he was hysterical and did not want to eat any more other foods: in real life you feel that you have spoiled him very much.

What did popular books write about cakes?

Unfortunately, only 150-100 years ago, ordinary people did not indulge too much in such sweets, so most of the old dream-books are not even familiar with deciphering the appearance of cakes in a dream. However, there are several books that are ready to offer you a copyright and original interpretation of your dream.

The dream of the witch Medea

  1. As surely this dream book, a cake (as well as a cake) does not just dream. This is a sign: you dream of luxury, and ordinary (even quite prosperous) life does not suit you.
  2. If you ate this sweetness in a dream, then in the real world your life will be filled with pleasures - true, short-lived.
  3. In the dream, there were many tasty treats, but you could not eat them: whatever you dreamed of, you cannot achieve it. Happiness that seemed very close suddenly becomes unattainable.

Culinary dream book

According to this book, if you ate the cake in your dream, it means: a new person will soon enter your life who will become very close. Maybe you will start a romance, or maybe you will make a strong friendship. One thing is for sure - this person will make you forget all the old acquaintances and change yourself internally.