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Rules of location and color of the kitchen according to Feng Shui


Feng shui kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. It is very important to organize the space in this room correctly so that the energy of fertility, prosperity and material well-being circulates in your home.

Location Rules

It is best to equip the kitchen in the southern sector of the home. It is believed that the powerful and living energy of the fire element prevails in the south. And fire is a symbol of home, warmth and life-giving power.

East or southeast of the apartment is also quite a favorable zone. The element of the Tree reigns in it. It is "warm", active, stimulates a person to achieve and fills with powerful energy.

In the northern part, it is undesirable to equip the kitchen - here the space is dominated by the water element, which “slows down” and reduces vital activity. Instead of being filled with energy during cooking, you will lose it. This provokes laziness and inaction.

If the layout of your house is such that the kitchen is located in an unfavorable zone, the negative impact of space can be neutralized. To do this, use the Oriental talismans, correctly arrange the furniture and do not forget about the correct color scheme in the interior.

Kitchen color

Ideal shades for the design of the kitchen area - green, yellow, white, brown and orange. These are the most active colors that awaken in a person his energy potential.

During cooking, the hostess charges her with a certain energy. And if the kitchen is designed and furnished in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui, such food will nourish and saturate all family members not only with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. She will also give a charge of strength, vigor, activity, which are necessary to lead a bright and rich life.

Secrets of feng shui

If the location of the kitchen is unfavorable, you can fix it with some tricks.

The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Do not leave doors and windows open for long. Ventilated the room - and immediately close the openings.
  2. Above the entrance, set the talisman "music of the wind" or stone crystals.
  3. Be sure to have live flowers. If this is not possible, hang pictures with vivid landscapes or curtains imitating plants. The ideal option - blinds made of bamboo.
  4. To reduce negative energy flows, store cereals and spices in round-shaped containers. In general, the more round items in the kitchen, the better.
  5. Ugly sewer and water pipes should be hidden under the decorative panels.
  6. Make sure that the pipes do not clog, and the taps are working properly. Any failure closes the channels of monetary energy, and you block your financial capabilities.
  7. It is especially important that the stove is always clean. Her condition directly affects the material well-being of the family, this is the “nurse” of your home.
  8. Decorate the walls with paintings of colorful fruit still lifes. They should be dominated by red, orange, green and other bright colors.
  9. It is advisable to use feng shui dishes from ceramics, and decorative objects are better to choose from clay and wood - natural brown materials enhance the energy of the elements of the Earth and the Tree.
  10. Symbols of fertility and harvest will contribute to the attraction of material well-being. These are artificial models of vegetables and seasonings.
  11. Knives and other sharp objects, as well as any metal utensils should be stored in an enclosed space. Do not leave them in the public domain, they then attract negative energy, which can lead to quarrels and conflicts in the family.
  12. Make sure that the lighting is bright, the light in the kitchen should be enough, so the lamps with a soft, muted light are not suitable.

Important parts of the kitchen

The stove is the most important piece of kitchen interior. This is the "nurse" of your home, a source of powerful fiery energy. Feng shui rules:

  • The stove cannot be placed in the corner of the kitchen - it is considered the “heart” of the room, therefore it should be located closer to its central part;
  • It is also undesirable to have a stove under the window - along with smells and fumes during cooking, financial well-being will leak from the house;
  • Dirty stove - a source of financial problems. Always keep it clean. If troubles have fallen on your family, start cleaning it with the cleaning of the slab of scale, grease and other contaminants;
  • Ideally, the stove should be placed in the southern part of the kitchen, this is the most favorable place;
  • Very good if you use a gas stove. Electric or microwave oven "empty", they do not increase the power of fiery energy;
  • It is advisable to use all the burners. You can also hang a mirror in front of the plate to enhance the element of fire in the room.


  • Choose metal sinks - they contribute to the destruction of negative energy, clean the space from bad emotions, protect the family from conflicts and quarrels;
  • The farther away the sink is from the plate, the better. It is desirable that at least one kitchen panel on which you cook food share them.


  • The refrigerator in the kitchen symbolizes the water element, which is also a source of material well-being. It is better to place it in the south-eastern part of the room;
  • It is impossible that the refrigerator was empty, there should always be food in it. Inside you can install a mirror that visually increases the amount of content.

Properly organized kitchen space with all the little things in mind is a guarantee that your family will always live abundantly and happily. Strong positive energy is concentrated in this place, which provides the house with sources of financial well-being.