Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a deceased father - the prediction of famous dreamers


The departure from the lives of loved ones is always a deep shock for relatives. And any reminder of the departed awakens memories, provokes certain emotions and feelings. What dreams of the deceased father, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

The deceased father in a dream has several ambiguous interpretations. It depends on what triggered his appearance. The reason may be grief and longing for the deceased, important and significant events in the life of the dreamer or risky and dangerous twists of fate, about which a close relative is in a hurry to warn.

Men can dream of such plots on the eve of an important decision, a business agreement, a big deal when it comes to monetary amounts, investments and future profits. The closer a dad was to his life, the more often dreams of his participation come to business people who are trying to successfully build a career, advance in their positions and realize themselves professionally. In this case, the father can warn about some "pitfalls" on the way, various obstacles and dangers.

For a girl, a deceased father in a dream comes as a patron, predicting the future of her personal relationship. Such visions often come before engagement, wedding, childbirth. The positive outcome of the prediction depends on the manner in which the deceased was, how much sleep you had, that was comfortable and clear.

A healthy and cheerful father has glimpsed you very young - a good sign, foreshadows joy and well-being. The dead person was ghosting in a coffin at a funeral - a dream warning of future dangers. To avoid them you should not repeat the mistakes of the past. Also it is necessary to abandon bad habits and addictions.

Seeing the deceased dad in the hospital ward - a dream indicates the poor health of the sleeper. Severe illness can comprehend all of a sudden. If you do not go to the doctor in time, you will not avoid serious consequences.

What else to expect from a deceased father in a dream

  • for a daughter who dreams of being alive and young - feel free to go on dates, meet charming men and choose a worthy partner. Good time for marriage. Marriage promises to be strong and happy;
  • quarreling and quarreling with the pope means choosing the wrong path of your development, neglecting generally accepted rules and regulations, ignoring the advice and opinion of older relatives;
  • hugs and strokes on the head - hard times are waiting ahead, when you need to show perseverance, character and willpower;
  • to sit on the knees of a dead man - to experience sadness, longing and loneliness. To get rid of bad emotions will help communication in the family circle, warm memories of past times with a living parent.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

The deceased father in dreams comes to those who have entered into an immoral bond. If the father during his life had strict rules and principles, encouraged only serious relationships and was not inclined to one-time sexual intrigues, then such a dream is a sign of censure and condemnation for you.

The father is present in the bedroom and turns away from you - this is a hint that your sexual desire may end in venereal diseases or male impotence, impotence. To avoid this, he urges the dreamer to stop his sexual marathon and think about future offspring.

A girl to have a serious conversation with his father, who has long been in heaven, is to be careful in love adventures. Fleeting passion and one-time attraction is not what you need right now. Take a closer look at your partner, perhaps intimate intimacy with him will lead you to consistency in the relationship.

Gustov Miller

Communicating at the table with the deceased father - in reality being in a difficult situation that requires immediate resolution. Your confusion and self-doubt leads to despair and makes you panic. The dream promises to be prophetic, if it was possible to remember what the dead person said. After awakening, you may receive a sudden idea, which will be the right answer to solving problematic tasks.

The young lady dreamed of how the deceased dad was pulling her hand from her lover - a dream indicates that you should reconsider the candidature of the groom. The role of a husband to this person does not fit at all, very soon you can catch him in deception and treason. Do not rush to burden yourself with family ties, look around and pay attention to the views of fans.

I dreamed how my father died - a dream warns of the danger that lies in front of you and your loved ones. Business people in this period should not be excessively active in the field of financial investments. All material receipts should be postponed until future pleasant prospects. Do not rush to travel and travel associated with obtaining additional benefits and values. The journey may end in an accident or disaster.


The deceased father comes in a dream to those who are experiencing great difficulties, passing a series of difficult tests. A close relationship with dad in life can provoke clear pictures in dreams that clearly indicate the right solution to the situation.

I saw how you made a promise to the deceased father during his life - a hint that the time had come to fulfill the promise. Quarrel with a deceased father as a teenager - a dream indicates past mistakes that you need to correct.

To look at the sad face of a father who has long since passed away is the time to commemorate a parent and put a candle for the rest in church. Perhaps the date of his birth or death is approaching. All this suggests that you need to remember the kind word of a person close to you.

David loff

A deceased father may come in a dream as a sign of warning of various situations. If during his lifetime his father was your patron, all-knowing and all-seeing, he always gave you confidence in his own abilities and broadened the horizon of your desires, then in a dream he will surely show the path of your successful realization, become the harbinger of future victories and awards.

The late parent had a dream with a fishing tackle and fish in his hands - a good dream for someone who is at a dead end and does not see a way out of these circumstances. It's time to relax and wait. The decision will definitely come by itself at the moment when it is really needed. Watch how Dad puts a worm on a hook - in reality it's time to tackle your detractors and competitors. Reconsider the closest circle of friends - perhaps among those lurking is the one who does not want your fame and success.