Dream interpretation

2009 - the year of the animal on a horoscope


Read the article to learn more about 2009 - what kind of animal is it, what elements does it belong to, and what are the peculiarities of the character of people born during this period.

general characteristics

The bull, which is protected by the elements of the Earth, is a very sober and calculating person. He is engaged only in what brings him benefit. At the same time, he performs his duties flawlessly, it is important for him to work not much, but effectively.

He speaks the truth, looking into his eyes and not being embarrassed in expressions. It is easier for him to openly express an opinion than to pick up words, trying not to offend a person. As a rule, they listen to his opinion, because they know that he never says anything empty.

Enduring, capable of a long time without signs of fatigue to engage in monotonous work. Therefore, he is often trusted with the routine at work - only he is able to do boring things flawlessly.

Its key values ​​are stability and a sense of security. It is important for him to have savings, to be confident in the future and not to depend on anyone. Therefore, he will work hard, save, increase and invest money. Be sure to master financial literacy, so as not to be mistaken in these matters.

The man

The man who was born in the year of the Earth Bull is a very serious person. He is always focused, businesslike, constantly busy with something and does not like to be distracted. Because of this, it may seem somewhat boring, but he is not concerned about the opinions of others, he is concentrated on his goals and objectives.

Features of his character, temperament and behavior:

  1. He loves to work and does it well, fulfilling his responsibilities responsibly. But he often forgets to defend his own boundaries, which is why he gets a bunch of tasks that he shouldn’t do. But it works fine.
  2. Not prone to flashes of emotions. Behaves, as a rule, with restraint. Carefully controls every word and action. At the same time honest and not trying to deceive anyone. It's just that it's easier for him to live like this, without pouring all his personal experiences on others.
  3. Straight and always says what he thinks. Cunning is not able. But he is never offended, knowing that he does it out of good intentions, and not out of a person’s desire to hurt.
  4. Principal and rarely change their views. Flexibility in his character is absent, so it can be difficult for him to live when external circumstances begin to change dramatically and unexpectedly.
  5. Women rarely find it attractive. He is very quiet, modest, shy, so the girl has to constantly take the initiative in their hands, and few people like it.
  6. He does not know how to care for women, nor is he eager to learn. It is easier for him to say directly about his intentions, will receive an answer and continue to live on without loving longing and endless expectations.
  7. With the wedding will not tighten, because it is focused on family and a serious relationship. If she realizes that the chosen one also looks at life in the same way, she will very quickly lead her to the registry office.
  8. She becomes a loyal and faithful husband, is selfless and does not demand anything from her, does not expect. Surrounds her with a huge amount of love and care, instead of asking for nothing. But if a woman treats him dismissively and disrespectfully, he can quickly put her in her place.


The girl with the earthen Bull in the horoscope is a rather reasonable and intelligent person, so she will never make the impression of a frivolous young lady. They live in harmony with their minds and will never participate in dubious adventures.

More about her:

  1. She stands firmly on the ground and lives the reality. Does not harbor illusions, does not dream and does not fantasize, but acts, sensitively reacting to any external circumstances and changes. Flexible, able to adapt, therefore, achieves success.
  2. Ambitious and full of ambition. Stable life "like everyone else" is unlikely to suit her. She will set high goals for herself and be sure to reach them. But it does not go over the head, harming other people for the sake of personal interests.
  3. Among colleagues, it stands out for its hard work. The bosses in good standing. But at the same time they treat her well in the team, nobody envies and does not gloat her successes.
  4. It may be deceptive to seem weak, rag, mumble, a man who can not defend their borders. But this impression is not true. When it is necessary, she will do everything to achieve her.
  5. Men like her because she is attractive and feminine. In a relationship behaves quite gently, but wisely. To quarrel with her is almost impossible, she is able to negotiate and find compromises. It can be almost perfect wife and mother.
  6. Keeps in society with dignity. It can be immediately noticed on the royal posture and high chin.
  7. Very well behaved in dealing with people. A great companion: can listen, never interrupts, restrained and attentive. Talking with her is a pleasure. Do not chat too much.
  8. In a family, becomes a faithful wife, never changes, does not deceive and does not betray. Prefers a quiet and measured life without noisy entertainment and fun in large friendly companies.
  9. He will always come to the rescue and do it disinterestedly, expecting nothing in return.