Dream interpretation

Interpretation of dreams with puppies - interpretation of the details of the dream


Animals in our dreams do not attend only by the will of the subconscious - they always bring with them a symbolic meaning. There are many interpretations of dreams with dogs, but also many do not know what puppies dream about. Dream interpretation can give an answer to this question to those who recall in detail everything that was seen in the night vision the day before. The correct interpretation of the dream will help predict the future and thereby influence it the way you want.

General interpretation

If the dreamer in his dream was playing with a puppy - you should expect a pleasant surprise from someone from the family and friends. The dream in which you had to choose a puppy before purchase symbolizes deception and betrayal in real life - the confidant of a sleeping person spoils his reputation with gossip and rumors.

If the puppies in a dream were next to their mother, this is a good omen. It promises the dreamer an acquaintance with a woman very much like his mother. It is possible that he will experience sincere feelings for a new acquaintance. If a similar night picture was dreamed of by a girl, she would really like a new young man in her surroundings, but he will be much younger than her.

Not the kindest sign is a dream in which funny puppies are running and hustling around the feet of a person. He foreshadows many minor cases, as well as joint activities with people who are inferior to the dreamer in age.

A wounded puppy warns a sleeping person about the coming series of minor troubles, and a sick doggy - about more serious dangers, serious illnesses and life difficulties.

Dead puppies in a dream, despite the unpleasant emotions caused by this picture, say only that the sincere disposition of a person does not develop into friendly relations.

Interpretation by color coloring

The interpretation of the dream will also depend on the color of the wool in the dreamed puppy.

  • If the puppy dreamed was white - not the most pleasant time will come in life, vanity and anxiety are expected.
  • Night vision, in which a black puppy appeared, is a good omen. It foreshadows the emergence of a new friend in reality in the foreseeable future.
  • If the hair of this small animal was red, in reality you can expect a new acquaintance that will grow into a violent passion.
  • The multi-colored animal symbolizes the palette of feelings experienced by the dreamer in real life.

Interpretation of the actions of the puppies and the dreamer

If the dream did not constitute an observation from a certain picture, being instead a developing plot in which the dreamer acts, his interpretation will be different.

  • The puppy, located on the hands of a sleeping person, foreshadows moral support, and if the dreamer remembers how to take him in his arms - financial.
  • A caressing puppy - to the return of a lost partner or to a new romantic relationship, in which the partner will be younger.
  • If the puppy attacks the dreamer - you should expect sudden conflict situations in the workplace and be prepared for a single defense against a lot of gossip.
  • A good sign is feeding a puppy in a dream: it foreshadows the emergence of an influential patron.
  • A bad omen is killing a puppy. Such a dream foreshadows serious troubles, difficulties and dangerous situations. It should be on the alert.
  • If in the night vision puppies play with kittens, in the near future the dreamer will enter into a new romantic relationship.
  • Puppies that gulp bone together with their mother foreshadow a deterioration in their material condition.

Interpretation on other details

If you dreamed of a funny puppy that was frolicking in front of your eyes, the dream symbolizes the conception dreams that will soon come true. Those who have had such a dream can expect family replenishment.

Good omen - night vision, in which newborn puppies appear. It heralds the receipt of pleasant gifts and unexpected surprises. Even better, if the puppies had dreamed were purebred - in this case, you can expect high achievements and useful acquaintances.

If a flea puppy figured in your dream, it is worth preparing for the troubles that will cause an acute feeling of annoyance. If a sleeping person who has seen such a dream has children, troubles can occur with them or will be connected with them in any way.

A dream in which an adult dog gives birth to small puppies foreshadows productive joint activities with a colleague and the emergence of new useful acquaintances.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, puppies, if you had a chance to play with them, foreshadow the receipt of a present. To pick up a homeless puppy on the street - in real life the dreamer will help out a person who is in great need of his help. Do not be afraid of responsibility.

If a sleeping person sees himself in the form of a defenseless puppy - in reality he is tired of problems and needs solitude and introspection. This is necessary in order to streamline their own thoughts and feelings.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

A puppy of a healthy and beautiful appearance, in a cheerful mood, foreshadows receiving an unusual gift from someone from close people. Despite the originality and courage of the idea, she will surely have a taste for the dreamer. Weak and sick puppy dreams to help friends.

A just-born puppy, who has not yet opened his eyes, promises a new business, which subsequently will bring considerable profit.

Dream Rommel

A dream in which a soiled puppy chases a sleeping man, trying to cling to him, is a bad omen. It foreshadows problems in the family circle - with relatives or children. A cheerful puppy foreshadows joy and a rich life, and sad and sad - boredom, longing.