Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a black horse in a dream, what it symbolizes, dream-books will tell


Dreams with images of cute animals leave pleasant memories. Although in the whirlwind of modern life horses are seen alive is rarely seen, in nightly pictures they come to people regularly. To decipher the image of the dream book, it is important to remember what color the horse was. This is a key point, allowing you to explain what exactly the black horse dreams of.

What dream warns

If the main value of the night scenario with the advent of horses are friends, as well as the improvement of financial well-being, a detailed explanation depends on the suit of noble animals, their behavior. In addition, the dreamer's gender and the refinement of the smallest details of a pleasant illusion are important. What dreams of a completely black horse?

For woman

If a dream has dreamed of a woman, he symbolizes her secret desires, passions, a possible meeting with a noble man, devoted and courageous. A lady should remember the details of the vision:

  • if the owner of a dream is seized with fear, the sight of a black horse frightened her, while in reality the dreamer is in danger, risky matters will have to be postponed;
  • in a good or neutral mood from the contemplation of a graceful animal, one can say that a woman carefully hides her secret desires;
  • a dream in which a black-colored horse promptly disappeared in the distance, prophesies the dreamer of grief, she will part with a person dear to the heart.

Important. Seeing not just a black horse, but a black horse in a dream can be considered a warning to a married woman about impending treason. If the lady is single, betrayal should be expected from a permanent partner.

For girl

For the young ladies, the phantasmagoria with a black animal is considered the best omen. In reality, the girl expects the pleasant fact of a new acquaintance, which will result in a proposal for marriage. A dream image warns of a successful and happy marriage, and in the light of Freudian interpretations, the symbol of the black horse is associated with a powerful sexual attraction. Therefore, the proposal in reality cannot be rejected, it is fate.

For a guy or a man

The black horse of night dreams for the representatives of the stronger sex is associated with passion and sexuality. However, according to the dream, the image of a black horse is interpreted in two ways:

  • warns a man about the appearance of a fatal hobby in real life, the passion will be unbridled, will lead to disastrous consequences;
  • in the field of business relations, dream vision foreshadows the dreamer new perspectives in business, an increase in the ranks.

If a dreamy picture has dreamed up, where a rider in black robes is sitting on a black horse, one should wait for disaster in reality. The image of a herald, blowing a horn, promises extensive troubles that will affect not only the dreamer, but also his entourage. However, the dream is considered a good sign, if the owner of the dream is familiar with the rider, which symbolizes the ambulance in reality.

Why dream of a black horse ladies in position? The symbol for them is a good sign; for a pregnant woman, the night illusion promises a successful birth with the birth of a boy.

The interpretation of the image of a noble animal by dream books

In the dream books you can find unusual scenes of night paintings. For example, a vision with a lively horse, found in his own apartment or house, foreshadows trouble. If the horse dreamer found in the bedroom, he should wait for the waking betrayal of his second half. Sleepy dream with a prancing horse under the windows, foreshadows a lot of trouble, which can not be avoided, but you can prepare for it. What interpretations of illusory vision do famous dream books offer?

According to Miller's dream book

  • The well-known connoisseur of the human psyche and the author of the dream book, Gustav Miller, associates the black horse of night dreams with the mood of the dreamer, the desire to win. The darker the color of the animal, the worse things are. The black suit is considered an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing sad events, a disease in real life.
  • Dreams with purebred horses of any color - to quick success and financial well-being. Overcoming a clear stream on horseback promises financial dreamer and hope in reality.
  • A dream with long races on a black horse promises long-term success in real affairs. However, the descent from the hill warns of the coming disappointment. But if a woman is riding on a stallion in front of a gang of men, a vision promises her adventures and an army of admirers.

If, according to the sleepy scenario, you had the opportunity to see yourself riding a black horse, and then the horse threw you, it is impossible to avoid waking trials and difficulties. Sleep can be a harbinger of disease.

According to the dream book Hasse

The author of the treatise considers the black horse a harbinger of sadness, and a ride astride a graceful animal spells risky deeds in reality.

  • If you had a chance to saddle a horse in a dream, wait for luck, make a profit in reality.
  • If in the story of dreams the horses run up, the reality will grieve with misfortune.
  • If the horse reared, in reality you are guaranteed powerful protection.

A dead animal in a dream can be considered a symbol of hard labor for a piece of bread, but the animal shoeing process foreshadows a high position. Thin horses promise obstacles in life, and riding in a dream riding a black horse is a harbinger of death.

According to Freud's dream book

Sleepy visions with an animal black suit may have a twofold interpretation, the line between a negative message and a positive one is very thin. For a sleeping man, this is a manifestation of the desire to meet with the ideal life partner. Nightly contemplation of the herd of free animals symbolizes the bias of choice. According to the author of the theory of psychoanalysis, horse riding can be associated with the desire to have children.

According to the dream Wang

The Bulgarian seer ranked a carotid phantasmagoria with a black horse to the forerunners of the coming black strip in life, a succession of problems in affairs and relationships:

  • in a dream, a black horse went mad under a man - a vision shows the harsh nature of a sleeping man;
  • falling from a black stallion in a sleepy scenario - one should beware of an accident while awake;
  • It turned out to pacify a quick-witted horse - waiting for a well-paid job and promotion in the service.

If in a dream you were kicked off by a black horse, in reality you should take good care of your health, and while signing the documents, read them carefully.

Regardless of the plot of the night illusion, the dream acts as an assistant to the subconscious mind, which is trying to indicate to the dreamer what nuances of real life should be paid attention to. If the decoding of sleep is negative, the situation in reality requires strict control.