Dream interpretation

What do different glasses mean in a dream - nuances of decoding

Glasses - a stylish modern accessory that allows you to completely transform the appearance of a person. There are no eyes behind the glasses, and it is impossible to discern the direction of the gaze - for this reason, the representatives of the special services, guards and bodyguards wear dark and mirrored glasses.

The wide frame of glasses masks mimic wrinkles, so glasses are extremely popular with mature women. Wearing glasses in a dream is a clear sign that you are not completely satisfied with your appearance. Spectral glasses significantly improve vision. Yellow sports and sniper glasses allow you to see perfectly at dusk, green lenses protect against glaucoma, glasses of the welder protect against everything. However.

Glasses are a corrective and protective element. From the appearance in dreams shows that you need protection, especially in the protection of vital parts of the body and in some correction of the visual representation of the world. Consider what it means to see glasses in a dream for leading dream books.

Basic meaning of a dream

  • Pink glasses in a dream - a clear sign that you embellish reality. It does not matter if you put on glasses or see them indoors.
  • To dream glasses without diopters - to pretend, to play some role in life.
  • If you do not understand what glasses you saw in a dream and did not measure them - this is an indication of that. That there are details or even large facts that you diligently close your eyes to do not want to see.
  • Change or wear glasses - change point of view. The second option - getting under the influence.
  • Frustrated, broken - you are trying to emphasize some kind of childhood or adolescent trauma, to cause pity and sympathy.
  • Try on glasses - try to understand someone else's point of view.
  • All values ​​have an allegorical meaning only if they do not have a simple and factual one. Sunny day or a lot of snow in the mountains - you need a blackout. Welding is required - a special mask is put on, repairs, work with a grinder - protective polaroids from sparks and debris, a solar eclipse - special lenses. Such moments should be regarded as domestic, some part of life, which has found a reflection in dreams. Glasses for vision correction are a normal moment of appearance for many people and such glasses in a dream are no more significant than a collar or nightstand in the hallway. For people with poor eyesight, a modified and distorted look in a dream is more likely to be possible by throwing away corrective lenses.

Authoritative interpretations

  • The dream interpretation of Menengetti considers the wearing of glasses as a sign of external control, the excessive influence of outside opinion. It is not by chance that the heroes of the Matrix wear glasses - this is a sign of receiving control signals from the outside. In this case, the closed inner world of the hero is not ready to receive any signals from the outside and ignores them.
  • A female dream book treats glasses as obsessive people who seek to establish contact at any cost and impose their point of view. If you dream about your young man with glasses - he has something to hide, a quarrel is possible.
  • Dream Miller promises a change in life. It is possible that you risk becoming a victim of deceivers. Goggles mean that your enemies today are completely invulnerable.
  • Dream Medea warns against excessive curiosity. The Dreamer believes that some details should not be considered very carefully.


To see glasses in a dream is a complex sign calling for caution and attentiveness. Try to reconsider your point of view. It is not necessary to change everything at once, it is enough to carefully consider different options and think about it. Any glasses are changes that are superimposed on your point of view and on your own appearance.

Such complex metamorphosis easily leads to complete deception, deception. Try to take points in a dream as a serious warning. Try to free yourself from other people's, imposed opinions.