Dream interpretation

What do the red roses mean by dream books - nuances of decoding


Red roses by all interpretations - a sign of sincere, fiery direct and ingenuous love. A single red rose is a constant attribute of student dates. Blood excitement is not always necessary by the way; violent feelings can destroy a career, a family, plans for the future.

The seething of feelings contributes little to concentration on any object except the object of desire. Session fails, mission tasks fail, native people who do not share the enthusiasm of lovers run the risk of getting tons of insults. The hottest and sincere feelings usually happen in youth, but it happens to mature people to fall into the trap of unpredictable passions.

Older people understand that you will not be fed up with only ardent feelings and passion, you cannot build life, and prefer flowers that are less bright and more refined. Mature smart people, tired of building a career and seeking satiety, again begin to appreciate the youthful direct and incorruptible fervor, sincere passion, naked lust. They say about such people - gray in the beard, devil in the rib. Consider what dreams of red roses in dream books.

Basic Values

  • A huge lush bouquet promises a flash of passion, renewed feelings.
  • Buying a bouquet of red roses on the advice of a florist in a dream can mean a quarrel. A stolen or picked up bouquet means a sharp spat with a probable parting.
  • Prick about the spike of the bouquet - quite possibly, the donor is not quite sincere with you.
  • If white and scarlet roses are mixed together, it is quite possible that you will find happiness in love and harmonious relations, in which besides youthful fervor there is a spiritual component. Pink flowers, diluting the scarlet bouquet mean an extraordinary passion from which it will be difficult to get out.
  • Faded flowers hint at possible health problems.
  • Flowers placed in a vase - it looks like you decided to embark on adventures. Be careful not to make rash actions.
  • I had a huge bouquet as a gift - wait for the offer of a hand and heart.
  • Two roses mean both passion and indecision. If the flowers are not disclosed, you will come across a tender romantic feeling that may have almost no external manifestations. Take a look around. Somewhere nearby there is a soul mate who has the most tender sympathy for you.
  • Red roses in a dream are a warning against any financial activity. Logically, a flash of passion will easily upset any other plans. Since you are prepared for love - give up other plans for a while. Combine passion and business success will not work.
  • Artificial red roses in a dream - self-deception, possible problems with the perception of reality. This interpretation refers to the imitation of living flowers. Small artificial roses, decorating jewelry, do not carry a negative context. Artificial roses in the hair mean flirty, easy flirt.
  • Embroider red roses in a dream - to dream of true love and passion. There is a chance to be deceived and take a sharp flash of desire for love.
  • Dark, maroon roses mean danger, dark passion, deception, mystery.

Authoritative interpretations

  • Dream Vanga interprets the flowers of rich bright color, as a sign of a strong and all-destructive passion. Fateful feelings seldom bring happiness, but you will receive extraordinarily strong emotions even more than you dare to count. If the shade of flowers closer to pink - you expect gentle and passionate feelings. Passion will flare up at one moment, it’s quite likely that now you don’t even know what your chosen one looks like.
  • Vanga pays special attention to spikes - a prick means unpleasant memories, tainted reputation and fear of publicity. Blackmail with threats of disclosing secrets is also possible. Flowers and shrubs with thorns mean secret fears. The larger and sharper the spikes, the more fears concerning love relationships you have accumulated.
  • Freud's dream interpretation says that if you had the opportunity to give flowers of fiery passion to someone in a dream, this is a sign of perfect goal-setting. You know exactly what you are striving for and, quite possibly, quite well understand how to get maximum pleasure in sex. If you yourself have become the object of donation, it means that you noticed that someone is very partial to your person. Try to remember the donor. With this person, you can spin the novel. Or on the contrary, avoid ardent feelings and keep your distance.
  • The English dream book pays special attention to the red roses that you yourself grow in your garden. Fight against pests - you have ill-wishers, pretending to be friends and spreading bad rumors behind your back. Look for new friends, especially those whose communication is intrusive. Cutting fresh red roses in your own garden means doing good things.
  • Oriental dream book considers red roses in a dream as a sign of passion and a brave, brave heart. To walk, admiring the blooming bushes of scarlet roses - to think about a decisive act.


To see red roses in a dream is a strong life-affirming symbol. Sleep means excellent health, a lot of joy, pleasure, bright emotions. If you are free, you can safely allow yourself to frolic. Relations are unlikely to be long and strong, but you will replenish your adrenaline reserves for years to come.

Beware of office romance, in most cases, good work is more important than a short dizzying adventure. You can try to transfer the inflamed love ardor to existing relationships. In this case, you are waiting for the second honeymoon with a loved one. You will soon forget about the root cause of passion without the slightest regret.