Dream interpretation

1987 - the year of the animal according to the eastern horoscope


Read the article about what is born in 1987 and which animal corresponds to the eastern horoscope. I dismantled the characters of both men and women so that you can get a better look.

general characteristics

In 1987, people were born who belong to the sign of the Fire Rabbit in the eastern horoscope. This is reflected in the characteristics of their character and behavior.

Everyone loves them - they are born psychologists and diplomats who are able to negotiate with anyone. Surrounded by fans and easily make friends. But in dealing with people in the first place looking for benefits.

Very disciplined, endowed with tremendous willpower, which allows them to achieve success where everyone else is lazy and procrastinate. They are very ambitious and ambitious, they want to achieve a lot in life. They are not satisfied with a quiet quiet life with a flat in the mortgage.

Cheerful, cheerful, bright, with a fiery passionate temperament, they are incredibly energetic. And this quality allows you to constantly generate interesting ideas that bring them a good income.

The man

He is one of those called the "real" man. He has been a leader since childhood, striving to be in the center of attention and gaining prestige wherever he is. It is important for him to be a significant, respected person, to whom they go for advice and listen.

What other character traits are peculiar to him:

  1. He aspires to power, but it remains invisible to others. People perceive him as a fairly soft person, educated. He is considered pleasant and good, and no one is off to enter into friendly relations with him.
  2. He can easily find a common language with anyone. But only a few realize how much ambition and ambition it has. He uses all the people around him in his personal interests, hiding behind the mask of friendship.
  3. Often becomes a leader or creates a successful business. Able to successfully lead a large number of people. He sets global goals, he is interested in achieving something on a large scale, and his small achievements are boring.
  4. As a rule, he has no problems with money. It is worthwhile to wish for a certain level of income, as opportunities appear necessary to achieve this income.
  5. Rarely encounters difficulties, so it is not always able to deal with them adequately due to the lack of practice. If problems arise, it can become very hot-tempered and intolerant, it becomes difficult to communicate and interact with it.
  6. Women like him madly. You can even say that he has a crowd of fans who are just waiting for him to turn his attention to them. In a relationship, he is a very passionate and temperamental man, nicely caring and intriguing.
  7. It is important for him that a woman, with whom he eventually goes through life, shares his hobbies and interests, otherwise he will quickly get bored and start thinking about betrayal. But if you really fall in love, then, despite the reputation of a heartthrob, she will become a very exemplary family man and faithful husband.
  8. Will always care about the welfare of your family. A wife and children will never need. He will surround them with maximum comfort and will take care for the rest of his life.


She is beautiful and confident. Her appearance in society always looks spectacular. She instantly becomes the center of attention, attracting admiring glances of people around her.

What else can be said about a woman born in the year of the Fire Rabbit:

  1. She seems to people very sweet, charming and feminine girl. And only the closest ones know how strong a personality is, how much ambition, perseverance and diligence it has.
  2. She has a well-developed sense of humor, and people love those with whom you can find a reason to laugh in any situation. In her social circle, there are various personalities — she pays no attention to social status, skin color, or interests. The main thing - ease and comfort in communication.
  3. It has the unique ability to discern something useful in any person. She is able to benefit from even the most useless, at first glance, friend. And rarely is it "just like that", without wanting to get something in return.
  4. At work, usually in good standing. Colleagues idolize her, and leaders value and strive to keep. She is a good diplomat, she is often sent to communicate with problem clients or partners in order to resolve some kind of conflict.
  5. He knows how to negotiate so tactfully and gently that the negotiations will seem just a pleasant friendly conversation.
  6. She clearly knows what needs to be done to achieve success. She is able to choose useful acquaintances, the right field of activity and a business that will bring her a lot of money.
  7. Sometimes it can lose faith in success, but only in the case when an unfavorable period with many failures happens in life. Then she is able to give up at the time.
  8. In love, manifests itself from the best side. She becomes a very wise, patient and devoted wife, whose husband will always have enough attention, affection and care. At the same time she does not forget about herself.
  9. He prefers to lead in relations, although he will present everything in such a way that a man will be sure: he is the main one. Serves as the gray cardinal.
  10. Becomes a wonderful hostess. Her home is always cozy, clean, warm, cooked delicious food. Children are raised obedient and intelligent.