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Healing yoga mudras for the fingers with a description


Yoga wise fingers are special gestures and body positions that can change a person’s mood, as well as his mental state due to the direction of internal energy flows.

Mudras allow you to increase concentration or, on the contrary, relax the body and calm the mind, plus heal the human body from many diseases. In this article we will look at the main healing mudras with photos. But first we dive a little into the history of the appearance of wise.

Historical background of the wise

The healing practice of wise comes from ancient China and has more than 2,000 years. At that time, people who were engaged in healing believed that simply maintaining food was not enough to maintain the normal functioning of the body, but a special type of energy derived from outer space was vital.

The process of circulation of this energy occurs through special channels, the meridians, through which it is carried along the body, reaching different organs and tissues.

In the same situations, when failures occur in the meridians, the energy “feed” no longer reaches the place that needs it and as a result, the internal organs begin to suffer and work in the wrong way. This is due to a number of different factors: negative environmental conditions, genetics, frequent stressors, but the result always remains the same: pathologies of different planes arise in the body.

Through the hands and fingers of a person pass the basic 6 energy channels that affect such important organs as: heart, lungs, brain, liver, spleen, vascular system, large and small intestines. That is why such an impressive healing power is hidden in our hands!

And if you learn to place your hands in special combinations, you can activate these or other meridians, due to which the energy will begin to spread throughout the body, normalization of the energy flow will occur, and the affected organs will be healed.

Rules of execution wise

The positive thing is that the practice of wise is simple enough, it is easy for anyone to learn. To do this, simply follow certain rules:

  • Perform mudras in a peaceful atmosphere, it is important that the face be turned to the east. If an urgent need arises, practice is also wise in public places - in parks, in transport, even during working lunch breaks. The same result is achieved by doing wise in a sitting, standing position or even on the go.
  • Keep your hands in a calm, not tense state. Some practitioners are wise to actually perform, even without getting their hands out of their pockets on the street or being in gloves. But, of course, it is best to do the exercises at home, after being prepared for them.
  • Another very important factor when performing healing wise is the right attitude. It is so important that when you start practicing you feel calm and maintain complete confidence in a positive result. Free your mind from all troubles and frustrations, in your thoughts ask forgiveness of all those whom you could offend, and sincerely forgive all your offenders.
  • In case you adhere to some kind of religion, before starting the exercises, you must pray, asking the Higher Forces for help for yourself, and at the end of the practice be sure to thank them for the session.

When mudras are used, there is an improvement in energy flows not only in human orgasm, but also in the whole surrounding reality. This means that, thanks to the wise ones, it is possible to heal other people, even if they are at a considerable distance from them. To do this, you only need to sincerely wish to assist the needy person.

If, at the present time, this person is with you, you need to approach him, so as not to attract increased attention to yourself and start practicing the mudra that is most appropriate now.

And staying at a distance, you should simply visualize the image of the person you are interested in, holding it in thoughts for the duration of this exercise.

Being engaged in the choice of healing wise you should not forget that with the help of the exercise you can only eliminate the symptoms, but not get rid of the root cause of pathology. For example, you can suffer from headaches not only because of high blood pressure, but also because of problems with digestion, osteochondrosis, and other pathological conditions. Therefore, for a complex effect on your body, you should follow several healing practices at once.

Examples of healing wise

Now it's time to move on to the mudras themselves, the specifics of their use and the features of competent execution.

Mudra "Shell"

Another name is also called shankha, which is an attribute of divine Shiva, the name of a naga snake, whose dwelling is a kingdom under the ground.

With this practice, you will be able to get rid of all the pathologies of the throat and larynx, as well as from hoarseness. In addition, the mudra increases the strength of the voice, so that singers, artists, teachers and speakers should turn to it for help.

How to do it correctly: you need to combine 2 hands to get the image of the shell. With four fingers on your right hand, hug the thumb on the opposite hand. And with the thumb of your right hand, touch the pad of the middle finger of the opposite hand.

"Mudra knowledge"

Its importance in practice is difficult to overestimate. It will relieve a person from psycho-emotional overstrain, increased anxiety, anxiety, melancholic states, grief, depression and other depressive states. Plus, her regular practice will have a very positive effect on the thinking process, improve memory, as well as concentration.

Another reason to start systematically performing this mudra is the presence of sleep problems (lack of it or, conversely, increased drowsiness). With the help of this wise you will be able to be reborn. The practice is popular with many thinkers, philosophers and scientists.

How to: combine your index finger and thumb pad. And those 3 fingers that are not involved, must remain straight and not strain.

"Mudra of the sky"

This mudra should be addressed to all those who suffer from ear pathologies and also have reduced hearing acuity. Sometimes this healing practice helps to restore hearing very quickly, and when systematically performed, many ear pathologies almost completely disappear.

How to perform: bend the middle finger and touch it with a small pad to the area of ​​the base of the thumb. With a thumb, press the middle one. All other fingers should be left in a straight and unstressed position.

"Life-saving wise"

She is a first aid if a heart attack occurs.

It is important that you and all the people in your environment are able to perform this mudra, because in time to make it you can save someone's life.

Indications for this practice is the presence of pain in the region of the heart, heart attacks, palpitations, discomfort in the region of the heart, anxiety and depression, as well as myocardial infarction.

If you have diagnosed the conditions listed above, without delay, begin to perform this mudra, using both hands at the same time. At the same time, the condition will improve as soon as possible. In its effect, mudra is very similar to a nitroglycerin tablet drunk.

How to perform: the index finger is bent at such an angle that its pad falls on the base of the thumb. At the same time, the middle, ring and thumb fingers also connect with pads, and the little finger must remain unchanged.

"Mudra of life"

Its implementation allows you to increase the energy of the person, as well as increase the amount of personal power. Thanks to this, the ability to work increases, the person becomes more vigorous, resilient and energetic, feels much better than before.

It is shown to seek help from the wise in cases of increased fatigue, lack of vitality, with poor eyesight, the presence of eye pathologies.

How to: combine the pads on the ring finger, little finger and thumb, and do not bend the remaining fingers. The process involves two hands simultaneously.

By practicing these mudras you can improve your well-being and heal from various pathological conditions. And more wise you can find in the following video: