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Properties and value for a man of stone Sapphire - magical properties


Sapphire is a stone of knowledge of the surrounding world and justice, revealing the secrets of universal wisdom. It has long been one of the five most expensive gems and was considered a stone of kings and priests. Sapphire helps to calm emotions and clarifies the mind, exposes a lie and reveals hidden knowledge.

Interesting Facts

The name of the stone comes from the Greek "blue", because gems, having a uniform blue color, are the most valuable.

The color range of sapphire varies from pale blue to almost black. In nature, there are about 2000 different color variations of this mineral.

There are gems of pink, yellow, green, purple and orange. Such stones are called fantasy.

The formation of the shade of a crystal is affected by various impurities and inclusions. For example, pink stone is formed under the influence of manganese, and yellow and brown sapphires - with a high content of iron impurities.

Sapphire has the ability to change its color when heated and X-ray irradiation. So, almost colorless stones exposed to X-rays become saturated in color. But when heated, on the contrary, the crystals become discolored.

Mineral history

According to legend, sapphire is a drop of the elixir of eternal life, which has turned into a stone of extraordinary beauty.

It was in those days when gods dwelt on Mount Kailash. Simple people came to her foot with prayers and requests for help. Then Brahma poured the elixir of eternal life and youth. His droplets, reaching the ground, froze and became beautiful sapphires. Since then it is believed that sapphire is a stone with divine power.

Gem was very loved and revered in ancient Egypt. Products with sapphire wore nobility and priests.

In Russia, sapphire was considered a symbol of power and mercy. Products with this stone were worn by representatives of the royal dynasty. They also decorated royal clothing and weapons.

Sapphire magic

The stone has great magic power and is a powerful talisman. He is able to protect his owner from magical influences, curses and envious people, reveals deception and restores justice.

Blue gems are considered a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, spiritual development and inspiration.

The magic power of this crystal is huge. It is believed that sapphire embodies all the strength and power of the universe. Sometimes the pattern of this stone resembles a hexagram - the most ancient magic sign that symbolizes the unity of the masculine and feminine, heavenly and earthly.

Sapphire has such magical properties:

  • It allows its owner to come into contact with otherworldly entities from parallel dimensions and the spirits of nature, enhances telepathic abilities.
  • Protects against witchcraft rituals, the evil eye and damage.
  • It improves memory and sharpens in a person the desire to learn about the world.
  • Star sapphire eliminates passivity and laziness, opens its life purpose to its owner, and contributes to self-realization of the individual.
  • The stone attracts loyal and reliable friends and protects against detractors.
  • It helps to find true love and create a strong and harmonious union.
  • Tames passion, brings thoughts and feelings into a state of balance.

Sometimes sapphire can be dangerous for its owner:

  • A stone with spots is a threat and dooms the owner to a joyless life.
  • Grained sapphire bears poverty and hardship, causes disease.
  • A crystal that has cracks can lead to aggression from wild animals.
  • Fibrous mineral can cause premature death and ruin.

Sapphire is a powerful talisman against any negative. As an amulet, it is best for women to wear a pendant or brooch with this stone. This will help to reveal their feminine appeal and charm.

And men are recommended to choose a ring with sapphire. It should be worn on the left hand in order to attract success and success in your life.

Periodically it is necessary to clean the mineral from the accumulated negative. To do this, it is recommended to wash it in red wine, after which - leave a stone on the window in the moonlight until the morning. After such a ritual of purification, the magical properties of the crystal will be greatly enhanced.

The healing properties of sapphire

Sapphire has long been famous for its healing properties and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. But you need to be careful with sapphire treatment, because some stones can have a detrimental effect.

Sapphire can exhibit such healing properties:

  • It has a positive effect on eye diseases.
  • Contemplation of the stone relieves stress and migraine, helps with insomnia.
  • Heals heart disease, normalizes blood pressure.
  • Used to cleanse the blood.
  • It helps with diseases of the joints and bones.
  • Treats skin diseases: eczema and various dermatitis.

When used properly, the mineral helps to cure various diseases, including bronchial asthma and diabetes.

Who is sapphire?

It is believed that sapphire jewelry will suit all signs of the zodiac with the exception of Capricorn. Representatives of this sign under the influence of sapphire can even more withdraw into themselves and become unsociable.

Sagittarius stone will help find their life purpose and make them purposeful, will strengthen the leadership qualities.

Aquarius sapphire will help to cope with stress and depression, strengthen their spiritual potential and help you make the right decision.

Aries under the influence of sapphire will gain wisdom and prudence.

Virgins and Gemini gem will support in communicating with people and help you find true friends.

Taurus under the influence of sapphire will become more responsible, will gain strength of will and optimism.

Scorpios stone will help to find inner harmony, tranquility and prudence, sharpen intuition.

Cancers will gain self-confidence and overcome suspiciousness, which often complicates their lives.

Weights and Pisces stone will protect against accidents and detractors.

An amulet with sapphire is recommended to be worn by all people who are striving to achieve their goal, to find their life purpose and to meet true love.

Since ancient times, sapphire was considered a stone healers. Nowadays, gem is the patron saint of all people related to medicine.

Sapphire also protects all executives and entrepreneurs, helps them achieve success and enhances leadership qualities.

Who should not wear sapphire?

Sapphire is not suitable for young and immature people. It is best to choose an ornament with this gem after 35 years, when a person has already accumulated a certain life experience and has determined for himself the main values.

When purchasing sapphire, make sure that the mineral does not have cracks and flaws, which can lead to dangerous consequences.

Sapphire does not suit people cruel, cunning, crafty, duplicitous and selfish, who do not care about the interests of others. The stone will only strengthen these negative qualities. Only a person with a pure soul and thoughts can carry it, because it is to him that this magic crystal will give its magic power and support.

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